100 Best Biology Research Paper Topics for Student

posted by Andy Preisler 29 Nov 2022
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Biology academic papers are difficult to write, especially if students cannot find good biology research topics. It is important that your biology research paper has a narrowed down and precise topic that brings novelty to the field. Your research must be new, useful, and scientifically proven. Our Biology expert team has prepared a list of the best topics that you can choose from. Get inspired and complete an effective research paper.

Choosing a Good Topic for Biology Research Paper

When searching for perfect and interesting biology research topics students should keep in mind a few points. First, follow the instructions provided by your teacher, professor, or writing advisor. Double-check research type required - basic, translational, or applied. Secondly, pick a topic that goes in line with your major or specific subject. Remember that, usually, the common areas for research are biophysics, animal biotechnology, food science, immunology, and forensic science. Thirdly, focus on the topic you’ll enjoy writing about and will be genuinely interested in so that the writing is not a burden. Finally, it’s wise to look through biology essay examples online, use them as inspiration sources, narrow them down, and see the research and data used.

List of Biology Research Topics For College Students

Writing papers on Biology are difficult if you choose wrong topic. Picking a topic is also tricky as it must follow your teacher’s requirements, be unique, valuable, interesting as well. To make it easier, our best writers have created a list of best prompts for your biology paper.

Topics for College Students

Even if you only start studying the subject, a research paper must not be generic. Here are the most popular biology research topics for college students to choose from. Pick a prompt or simply buy research paper from an expert.

  1. Populations of living organisms and their main characteristics (statistical, dynamic, genetic)
  2. Evolutionary factors (stabilizing selection, driving, disruptive selection, gene drift).
  3. Mechanisms of speciation.
  4. Theory of Ch. Darwin. Role of paleontology and molecular genetics in substantiating evolution theory.
  5. Human evolution. Stages of human evolution.
  6. Theories life origin.
  7. Non-cellular life forms. Positive and negative impact on all life on the planet on humans.
  8. Prokaryotes. Positive and negative impact on all life on the planet, particularly humans.
  9. Unicellular eukaryotes. Positive and negative impact on all life on the planet.
  10. Human infectious diseases and methods of combating them.

History of Biology

Biology, like any science, has a long development history. Since ancient times, as a nature part, man has sought to study animals and plants surrounding them. Their survival depended on it. The first attempts to organize accumulated data on the structure of animals and plants, processes of their vital activity, and diversity belong to scientists of Ancient Greece. Check some biology research paper ideas about biology history.

  1. First biological research ever conducted in history.
  2. Main personalities that changed the field.
  3. Viruses: when and how it started.
  4. Formation of parasitology and ecology as separate sciences.
  5. Appearance of the microscope, microorganisms discovery, and cellular structure study of organisms.
  6. Ancient Greek scientists who influenced Biology development.
  7. How Biology laboratory looked in the 19th century.
  8. Main discoveries in Biology that saves many lives in the 21st century.
  9. How people became biologists in 18th century.
  10. Struggles and achievements in Biology: 16-17th centuries.

Evolutionary Biology

Biological evolution is a historical process of adaptive transformations of living nature at various levels of its organization, characterized by irreversibility and general progressive orientation. Here are some evolutionary biology research paper topics that you can use and develop into more interesting or narrow topics.

  1. An individual developed organism (ontogeny).
  2. Embryonic development and its main stages: zygote crushing, blastula, gastrula formation).
  3. Regularity of heredity that was established by H. Mendel.
  4. Checking hybrid individuals' genotype: methods, tools (analyzing crossing).
  5. Multiple actions of genes. Results of genes’ manifestation. Interaction of genes. Linked inheritance.
  6. Chromosomal theories of heredity.
  7. Genetic bases of sex determination. Chromosomal determination of sex.
  8. Sex-linked inheritance. Chromosome analysis for detection of abnormalities in the cells.
  9. Hereditary human diseases and defects. Famous hereditary scientists.
  10. The role of interaction between genotype and environment.

Animal Research Topics

Zoology is a part of biology that studies the biodiversity of the animal world, systematizes and classifies them. This is a great field of study for those who dreamed of becoming a veterinarian. Dive into interesting but complicated biology paper topics about animals.

  1. Organizational peculiarities of animal bodies. Animals’ organ systems and their main functions.
  2. Diversity of body covering, respiratory organs, secretions, animals’ sense organs.
  3. Forms of reproduction, fertilization of animals. 
  4. Animal development types, two-layered and three-layered animals.
  5. Adaptive meaning of animals behavioral response. Animal behavior, its biological significance.
  6. Animal migration, orientation, communication. Usage of tools by animals.
  7. Signs of an animal's adaptation to parasitism: arthropods and warms.
  8. Seasonal phenomena in animals’ life cycle (fish, reptiles, mammals, birds comparison).
  9. The reasons for animals distribution are different taxa and globes.
  10. Interrelationships between animals and other organisms. Infection ways of people by parasitic animals.

Botany Research Topics

Check the best biology topics for a research paper for Botany. This branch of biology studies plants: their structure, vital activity, reproduction, diseases, development history, geographical distribution, classification, etc.

  1. Selection method and tasks. Peculiarities of microorganism breeding, plants cultivation, animal organisms.
  2. Meaning: legal geneticist for selection; polyploids in plant breeding.
  3. Biological significance of heterosis phenomena. Heterosis causes.
  4. A method of overcoming the sterility of interspecies hybrids.
  5. Creation principle and usage of genetically modified organisms vs. chimeric organisms.
  6. Research directions of biotechnologies’ modern achievements.
  7. Structural peculiarities and multicellular and unicellular algae life processes.
  8. Structure of prokaryotic cells. Organizational, nutritional, respirational, reproductional features of prokaryotic organisms. Significant archaea and bacteria.
  9. Flower, inflorescence — reproductive organs.
  10. Vital functions of plants and vegetative organs.

Human Biology Research Topics

This Biology field studies the form and structure of the organism as a whole and its constituent parts (organs, systems) in relation to their functions and many other aspects. Pick a biology research paper topic that suits your subject.

  1. Genes defenition, genes structure, and their functional role. 
  2. The mosaic structure of a eukaryotic gene; genome concept.
  3. Transcription: RNA molecules matrix synthesis. Transcription regulation concepts.
  4. Biosynthetic proteins (broadcast). Main properties of genetic code.
  5. DNA replication vs. the cell cycles. Interphase vs. cell division. The amount of molecular DNA and chromosomes at different cell cycle stages.
  6. Mitosis is the main process occurring during mitosis.
  7. Meiosis vs. mitosis: comparison of features.
  8. Meiosis functional role. DNA recombination concept during meiosis.
  9. Formed gametes and their union into a zygote during fertilization.
  10. Reproduction gender. The main forms of asexual organisms reproduction like mitosis, budding, reproduction by spores, vegetative reproduction.

Neurobiology Research

Neurobiology studies the structure, functioning, development, genetics, biochemistry, physiology, and pathology of the nervous system. Discover great research paper topics biology and neurobiology professional research paper writers have picked for you.

  1. Nervous system evolution and unique characteristics of the human brain: an evolutionary perspective on mental health and psychopathology
  2. Nervous system development: neurogenetics, neurogenesis, synaptogenesis, pruning, neuroplasticity
  3. A neurobiological model of mental health: differentiation and integration
  4. The social brain: structures, functions, mirror neurons, empathy, social synapse
  5. Neurobiology of relationships: marital, parent-child, psychotherapist-patient
  6. Neurobiology of certain neurodevelopmental disorders in children and adolescents and science-based ways of help: attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, autism spectrum disorders, tic disorders
  7. Neurobiology of the emotion system and its disorders: depression, anger regulation disorders, etc.
  8. Neurobiology of the anxiety system and anxiety disorders: what is the "active substance" of psychotherapy
  9. Psychotrauma, PTSD, and the neurobiological basis of traumatic memory integration in psychotherapy
  10. Drive system’s neurobiology, addictive behavior, and disorders associated with self-control deficits

Immune System Biology Topics

Immunology deals with the protective reactions of the human body to foreign bodies (antigens), their characteristics, as well as the treatment of immune disorders. Select biology research paper ideas for your future paper from this list.

  1. Organization peculiarities and functions of viruses.
  2. The hypothesis of viruses' real origin. Viruses' role in evolution, horizontal gene transfer concept.
  3. Penetration ways that viruses use to get into the body of humans/animals/plants.
  4. Viruses’ interactuon ways with the host cell. Viruses usage in genetic engineering. Examples of biological methods for combating harmful viruses
  5. Prevention of human viral diseases. The concept of vaccination.
  6. The concept of viroids, prions.
  7. Pathogenic bacteria and human diseases caused by them.
  8. Prophylaxis and bacterial diseases treatment.
  9. Immune system and heredity.
  10. What makes immune system weak.

Molecular Biology Research

This list of research paper topics biology was collected by our experts who spent their student years studying biological processes at biopolymers level: nucleic acids and proteins and their supramolecular structures.

  1. Cell and its chemical composition.
  2. Chemical elements classification. Chemical elements that are in organisms. 
  3. Excessive or insufficient chemical elements intake (Ca, Fe, K, F, I). Their consequence on the human body. Ways to eliminate chemical elements’ deficiency.
  4. Role of inorganic and organic compounds in human body.
  5. Water, its main property, plays a role in the body. 
  6. Water as a solvent, hydrophobic and hydrophilic compounds.
  7. Biopolymers: understanding their structure and conformation.
  8. Carbohydrates: monosaccharide (ribose, deoxyribose, glucose, fructose), oligosaccharide (sucrose, lactose), polysaccharide (starch, cellulose, chitin, glycogen).
  9. Ffunctions and main properties of carbohydrates in human organisms.
  10. Lipids, their types and functions: waxes, fats, steroids, phospholipids.

Easy Biology Research Topics

Sometimes the research paper should not have a complicated title but can equally be valuable for the field. Check ​​biology research paper topics below.

  1. Fundamental functions and properties of living things.
  2. Life organization levels of biological systems: molecular, cellular, organismal, ecosystem, biosphere.
  3. Biological research method, their importance in human life.
  4. Characteristics of biology branches.
  5. Human body vs. energy conversion. Metabolism, its general characteristics. The unity of the processes of synthesis and decomposition of substances in the body.
  6. Autotrophic and heterotrophic types of nutrition.
  7. Decomposition of substances in the body (oxygen-free, oxygen). Glycolysis concept, fermentation. The concept of cellular respiration. Mitochondria as the energy station of the cell.
  8. Photosynthesis. The main processes taking place in light-dependent and light-independent reactions / light-dark phases/photosynthesis.
  9. Organic substances’ sources for heterotrophic organisms.
  10. Enzymes’ role in ensuring metabolism process.

Impress Your Teacher With Subpar Research Paper

Whether you need argumentative research paper topics or simple essay ideas, we have got you covered. Our team has many biology experts who complete unique writing guides and topic lists that have helped many students in the past to find their perfect paper prompt. Luckily, they can also handle your research and do it from scratch if you feel frustrated. Do not waste time scrolling online; order your winning research paper today.

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