20 Interesting Argumentative Research Paper Topics

posted by Laura Callisen 27 Sep 2016

I’m sure you must be well acquainted with argumentative essays having been writing them in school. Usually, the teachers are the ones who’ve been suggesting topics for your argumentative research paper topics. What would you write about if you were asked to propose your own topics and write on these? To many, this would be a tricky endeavour. Besides the fact that these topics are diverse, there’s a lot to consider before choosing a topic. First off, think of what you’re really passionate about, what you can do best, amount of time on your plate (for research) and your target audience. The chosen topic should NEVER be too obvious or be a fact that’s not debatable. After choosing your topic, develop a great research paper thesis statement that outlines your stance of the debate, introduce your argument, provide evidence for both sides then create a logical argument to support your side of the debate. That’s the way to develop argument topics for your research papers. Also, there is an easy way - get research paper help online. Below, you’ll find unique ideas for your research papers.

  • Should School Hours Be Reduced?

This topic is actually interesting for most students. This is regardless of the fact that most teachers and parents will definitely be on the opposing sides. For such a topic, the trick would be to discuss how important it would be for school hours to be increased if not remain as they currently are.

  • Is Cheating Is Getting Worse in Schools? 

Cheating in schools is on the rise. Discussing such a relevant topic will show how much you’re updated on current issues. You could adopt a retrospective design by looking into couple of years back statistics of exam cheating, look for the factors, evaluate the correlation then finally propose some course of actions.

  • How Important Is College Education?

Needless to say, some antagonists of college education might not find the need for college education. Start your argumentative research paper with a strong thesis statement before getting to the introduction and the main body of the essay.  

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  • Who Should Be Allowed to See a Student’s Records?

This issue revolves the broad topic of privacy. Ranking of students and displaying of their records might seem to be an invasion of this privacy.

  • Should Tracking Devices Be Hidden in A Student’s ID Cards?

Again, this revolves privacy and security matters. Protagonists of the tracking devices might claim it’s for the students’ safety whereas those against the issue might claim it’s an invasion of students’ privacy.

  • Do Social Media Platforms Create More Isolation Than Networking?

If you play your cards right, this might turn out to be a very interesting topic for you. You’ll be surprised at how many people think social media creates more isolation than it’s perceived to create.

  • What Influence Does Technology Has On Your Education?

If I was the writer of this topic, I’d lean on the good that technology has done for me as an individual. Although it has its negative impacts, I think access to world class information is now faster than ever.

  • What Should Be Done to Counter Cyber-Bullying?

Though I might have stated my stand in the point above # 7, I think cyber bullying is quite a bad thing that technology has brought to the human race. When choosing such a topic, be keen to have conducted thorough research to support your position.

  • Has The Internet Improved Our Lives or Diminished Them?

This is pretty wide and you can come up with lots of ideas to either support or refute.

  • What Approaches Should Be Adopted to Fight Sexual Violence Amongst Too Young or Old Women?

I believe there are already existing policies to fight these vices but how effective these have been, I don’t know! I think it’s time someone looks into the matter and proposes alternative course of actions.

  • What Are Your Views On the Concept of Equal Rights for Both Genders?

The issues of gender parity and equality are sensitive ones amongst some countries and/ cultures. You might argue for gender equality of argue for one gender or against the whole equality thing.

  • Would You Rather Work from Home or in an Office?

Most people would rather work at home but there are those who might as well want to work in offices. You could start your thesis statement by stating that most people would rather work at home because of (strong reason).

  • Should Videogames Be Made a Legal Sport?

Nowadays, students and many teenagers are very fond of these games. What effects do they really have on students? Are there some legal considerations that can be put in place?

  • Should Students Be Taught Sexuality or Parenting in School?

You can be sure that this issue will raise a heated debate if it was actually to be debated in person. This is simply because both parents and children are sensitive about it and no one seems to be doing something about it.

  • Do Violent Games Make People More Violent in Real Life?

This are would require you to dig a little bit deeper and establish the actual connection between the violent games and a violent behaviour.

  • Do You Think Rich People Get Off Easier After Committing Crimes?

I know most of us already have the perception that when you’re rich, you tend to be very connected. This position is seen to predispose a person to lots of favours, some of which go up to the judiciary and law enforcement too.

  • Should Low Income Retailers Be Taxed?

This might seem inconsiderate on the retailer’s side but in most cases, the federal governments don’t take this into consideration. It’s up to you to persuade the government not to tax low-income traders or otherwise convince the traders to pay up.

  • At What Age Should Juvenile Criminals Receive Life Sentences?

Isn’t it a little unethical to sentence very young individuals for life? What is wrong with the current age and what can we do to improve the situation?

  • Should Marijuana Be Legal?

Now that marijuana has been legalised in several states and countries, why can’t we also join in the whole affair and legalise it already.

  • Should Cigarette Smoking Be Banned?

Cigarette smoking is harmful to our health. At least that one we know. Now, should the whole thing be banned just because it’s harmful? Or shouldn’t people be the ones to decide whether to use it or not?

Final Say

In this article, we’ve looked at some tips for argumentative research paper writing. Also in it, we’ve learnt a few pointers to help choose the best topics for writing. The ball is now on your side. Get writing! Also you can always buy a research paper online here!

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