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posted by Laura Callisen 29 Nov 2021
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The hardest part of writing an argumentative research paper is coming up with original argumentative research paper topics. These tasks can truly be a thrill to write, especially if you love what you’re writing about. Students and academics agree that doing meaningful research and proving a hypothesis you've previously set is an exciting task they gladly do. And, even though it's complex and time-consuming, it's satisfying and fulfilling at the same time. However, some students struggle with finding an idea that’ll inspire them to work hard and write better. Below, you’ll find useful info about writing an argumentative paper and finding the best prompt ideas.

Argumentative Research Paper: General Info

Before we go straight to the writing and choosing of good argument topics, let’s first take a quick look at what exactly is an argumentative research paper. Here’s the general information you need to know.

An argumentative research paper is a genre of academic writing that requires the writer to do extensive research to investigate a subject they've selected and prove a point. The writer needs to collect evidence, assess it, generate new facts, and prove them using their own findings. It is quite intricate and complex and requires hard work on the college students’ side.

How to Select a Stellar Topic?

A key to a great paper is picking the right topic. One of the hardest tasks when writing is to find unique ideas for your research papers. There’s so much work and research already done or being done in the current academic field, that you may find it difficult to be original and inventive.

Still, some steps may help you find the issues to argue about. Here are the steps you could follow and the process to go through to select a theme you’ll enjoy writing about.

  1. Choose the Area of Study. Start by choosing a field you love. Narrow it down from general to more specific. For instance, if you want to do an argumentative research paper in Psychology, specify it a bit more and choose Children’s Psychology.
  2. Explore. Next, you’ll need to check what’s already being researched and done in your selected area. You don’t want to be repetitive or boring. So, do some extensive reading and look into the work of other authors, students, and academics.
  3. Choose Your Focus. Now it’s time to choose the focus of your argumentative research. It may be any notion or sub-branch of the area you’ve chosen. So, for Children’s Psychology, you may want to focus on Early language acquisition or Early signs of Autism.
  4. Define Topic. Finally, you’ll need to go even deeper and decide what is it that you want to question, prove, or do research on. Defining your means asking a question that you’ll work on answering in your paper. Focus on specific ideas and raise specific questions that will define your subject.

List of Unique Research Argumentative Topics 

Naturally, all of the above is easier said than done. Sometimes, you simply won’t be able to find the inspiration for writing and no compelling topics will cross your mind. Luckily, you can find research paper help online or do some online research to find themes that may interest you. To help you out, we’ve made a selection of paper prompts for different academic levels, purposes, and areas of study. Let’s break it down.

Argumentative Research Topics for College

College-level argumentative research papers require you to choose original topics. Some students struggle with this kind of task, so they ask for help from a college research paper writing service. Hopefully, our list helps you complete this task easily. Here are our top ideas for argument research paper:

  • Is Covid-19 Changing Higher Education in the US?
  • How Does Social Media Shape College Students Socialization Habits?
  • Technology in Education: How is the Technological Advancement Changing Education?
  • Feminism Today vs. Feminism in Recent US History
  • Do College Students Suffer Discrimination and Equal Rights Issues?
  • Do SATs Cause Stress and Depression Among College Students?
  • Peer Pressure and Fear of Speaking in Public
  • How Does the College Environment Affect Students’ Development?

Controversial Argumentative Topics

There are topics that some people may feel uncomfortable reading about but are worth everyone's attention. Here are the controversial topics to write about:

  • Could Gay-Identity Be Shaped by Environment or Class?
  • Are Abortion Rights Basic Human Rights?
  • The Impact of Gun Control Laws on Violence Rates
  • Is Animal Agriculture Inhumane?
  • A Moral View on Euthanasia
  • What is the Public Opinion on the Death Penalty?
  • How is Artificial Intelligence Changing the Way We Act as Consumers?
  • Is Politics a Noble Activity?

Argumentative Research Paper Topics for High School

High school students are no strangers to various assignments. They, too, deal with such writing tasks and are expected to produce high-quality papers. Those who have weak writing skills often decide to buy a research paper online. However, maybe these light issues and themes to discuss will help you write on your own. Here are some ideas for a high-school level argumentative research paper:

  • Should Sexuality Be Introduced as a Mandatory Subject in High Schools?
  • Importance of Learning a Foreign Language for Brain Development
  • What is the Connection Between Your Music Taste and Creative Skills?
  • How Do Video Games Impact High-School Students’ Social Skills?
  • Do Violent Video Games Promote and Encourage Violence?
  • Is Permissive Parenting Style Effective on High-School Students?
  • Do Kinesthetic Learners Learn Faster Than Others?
  • Do Bilingual Children Have Better Communication Skills?
  • How is Spending Time Outdoors Connected to Brain Development?


Easy to Write Argumentative Topics

Sometimes, all you want to do is choose one of those argument writing topics that are easy to research and write. These ideas require less hard work than others and will simplify the process of producing a great argumentative essay.

  • How Does Owning a Dog Impact Your Social Skills?
  • Why is Gardening the Perfect Hobby for Elementary School Children?
  • Should Parenting Be Taught in High-Schools?
  • How is Sleep Deprivation Related to Depression?
  • What is the Role of Physical Activity in the Overall Health of Students?
  • The Role of Individuals in Stopping Climate Change
  • Do Prisoners Have the Rights They Deserve?
  • English vs. Spanish: Which Language is Simpler to Learn?


Argumentative Topics Education

Education may be quite an inspiring and interesting area of study and find brilliant argument topics to write about. Below, we’ve chosen some you might find interesting:

  • How is Artificial Intelligence Changing Higher Education?
  • Are High-School Teachers Following Technology Trends?
  • College Life and The Mental Health Crisis in Students
  • Which Learning Style Suits Introvert Students the Most?
  • Pre-K Teachers and the Creative Approach to Education
  • How is COVID-19 Related to Poor SAT Results
  • Which Study Methods are Best For SAT Preparation?

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History Argumentative Topics

Next, we’ve lined up History argumentative writing topics that are more than interesting and relevant, regardless of your level of education. Here they are:

  • Is Martin Luther King Still a Significant Figure?
  • Best US President Speeches: An Analysis
  • Which US President Was Most Loved by People?
  • What Caused the Great Depression in the USA?
  • Abraham Lincoln’s Role & Influence During the Civil War
  • How Did the Industrial Revolution Impact Today’s Living Standards?
  • Women in the Civil War: How Did They Contribute?


Medical Argumentative Topics

Another popular field that often calls for an argumentative essay is Medicine.  Argument paper topics for a medical paper we've selected below might inspire you to write one yourself:

  • Should Medical Schools Continue Practicing Animal Dissertation?
  • Why is COVID-19 Vaccination Creating Controversy?
  • The Positive Health Effects of a Vegan Diet
  • How is The Application of AI in Medical Systems Benefiting the Staff?
  • Acupuncture vs. Acupressure: Which one is More Powerful?
  • Is There a Link Between Diabetes and Our Eating Habits?
  • Can Communication Devices Cause Cancer?

Psychology Argumentative Topics

Look no further if you’re looking for help with psychology essays or an argument research paper. Here’s what you consider writing about:

  • Can Parents Prevent Their Children from Becoming Victims of Cyber-Bullying?
  • What is Causing Stress and Depression Among College Students?
  • Early Signs of Autism in Newborns
  • What Mental Health Illnesses Are Most Widely Spread Among Generation Z?
  • How Can Eating Disorders Be Prevented?

Music Argumentative Topics

Who would know that you can find a great research argument topic in Music as well? The paper prompts below to prove our point:

  • What Does a Country’s Music Say About Its People?
  • How is Popular Music Shaping Today’s Culture?
  • Is There a Hyper Production of Music Today?
  • What Are the Positive Effects of Music on the Human Brain?
  • What are the Basic Skills of a Successful Musician?

Technology Argumentative Essay Topics

Technology is a great sphere where various argumentative ideas thrive. It is everywhere nowadays and is influencing all aspects of our lives. The popular variations below might inspire you to make a research contribution yourself:

  • Technology and People: How is it Changing Us?
  • Is Artificial Intelligence Harming Us?
  • Is Technology Enhancing Cyberbullying?
  • How is Social Media Shaping Our Self-Image?
  • Genetic Engineering in Agriculture

Art, Music & Movie Topic Ideas

If you want to take a more artistic approach to your argumentative topics, then consider selecting something from the list below:

  • Kazuo Ishiguro’s Contribution to Contemporary Literature
  • What is the Greatest Movie of All Times?
  • The Importance of an Original Soundtrack for the Success of a Movie
  • Dali’s Clocks: What Makes it so Special?
  • What Are the Basic Principles of Futurism?
  • How is Quentin Tarantino Using the Color Red in His Movies?
  • How is Art Therapy Helping War Veterans? 

Economics Argumentative Essay Topics

Economy also has some debatable topics for research paper that you can cover. Here’s what we found interesting:

  • Why is Consumer Demand Important for A Small Business?
  • What are the Most Important Principles of Economy?
  • The Effects of Interest Rates on Family Businesses
  • Why Should Companies Adopt a Four-Day Workweek?
  • Data Security in Economics: The Best Practices
  • What are the Effects of Inflation on the Economy?
  • How Does the Employment Rate Influence the Economy?

Social Issues Argument Topic Ideas

Finally, you can choose a topic in the area of Social Issues. Here are the most argued topics you could cover:

  • Is There Still a Significant Gender Gap in Business?
  • Can We Prevent Sexual Orientation Discrimination in High Schools?
  • Why is Paternity Leave Still Causing Controversy?
  • Should Punishment Be Used in Parenting?
  • What Stereotypes Are Harming College Students?
  • The Importance of the Black Lives Matter Social Movement
  • The Challenges of Remote Education For Elementary School Teachers

Final Thoughts

You can't write a solid argumentative research paper without investing your time and energy into finding the perfect topic. It needs to be compelling, innovative, and inspiring for you and those reading your paper. Hopefully, the tips and examples we’ve shared above will be helpful for your next argumentative research paper project. Use it to find the perfect topic to cover, for each next argumentative research paper.


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