A woman's place is in the resistance

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The pictorial artifact, entitled 'The position of a woman in opposition,' uses the influence of symbolic images and vocabulary to carry out rhetoric. The purpose of this article is to provide awareness and visualization of the role of women in society. It argues in the style of rhetoric to illustrate how women ought to resist the chauvinism surrounding them, given that this is the only choice available to them. The choice of colour and texture used in the artifact is all directed at generating a sound and atmosphere that brings the listener into active thought. The condition of a woman in society is well presented by the diction that has been used. The face is worn by the want in the picture and the general blood red color of the artifact, which symbolizes the need to resist, know what the outcome of that resistance might be.

The composition of rhetoric in this understood based on three aspects, the general outlook of the artifact, the accompanying words and the facial appearance of the character in the picture. Pictorial rhetoric is supposed to be understood in a manner similar to that of spoken or written rhetoric. It can be understood as the speech in pictures and few words. The same purpose of using rhetoric in oral speech, conversation and writing are still drawn from the studied artifact. Its composition is, however, different from that employed in other genres of art, but the purpose of its creation is the same. The composition of the visual rhetoric is therefore observed to be a combination of color and words. The artist invests in the use of color to bring a great effect on the mood of the artifact. The seriousness of the matter is automatically understood from the artist’s choice of color (McLuhan, 127). By choosing to paint the woman in the picture with a fade red color, the artist explains brings out his rhetoric and argument that the woman’s power has been veiled by the society’s underestimation and disregard of the feminine gender. The major appeal of this artifact is to get the society acknowledging the power of women. It also drives at rallying the women into a fight for what is believed to be theirs, though the society has veiled it from them.

Through the choice of color as rhetorical composition, the artifact also defends its appeals by arguing that the woman has more strengths and abilities to show than what meets the eye. The disguised beauty, as seen in the artifact urges the society to put the woman in a more enlightened place and find out how magnificent they can be. The shady and unclear presentation of the woman in the picture artifact prompts its audience to strain in a quest to see all that the character has worn in her body. The expression of the character in the picture has utilized a rhetorical style, whereby it appears as if she is denied the light and the chance to express something bothering her. Through the use of this rhetorical style of art, the artists communicate their ideas boldly with barely a sentence. The ideas hitting the mind of the audience can be compared to a novel writing, describing the place of the woman, and her quest in the society.

Notably, it is seen that the artist uses the common features of rhetoric, which include hyperbole and understatement by combining the words and the visual features to communicate the main idea of the artifact. This main idea is received in the form a feministic ideology whereby all the features used drive at creating an understanding of how the world is failing to realize the power of the woman. The argument brought about by the argument is in line with the consistently held ideology of feminism in the society. Anybody looking at the picture and the writings combined would be made to understand that the artifact has a feministic rooting, and its intended purpose is to bring a general awareness in the Feminine power, calling them into action. The ideological implication of this artifact is therefore understood to be rallying of its audience into realizing the need to resist the oppression ad underestimation of women (Mitchell, 175). This implicative is rooted in the artist uses of exaggeration and understatements. By saying that the woman’s place is in the resistance, the text underestimates the constant actions of promoting women in the society and brings the understanding that nothing as ever been done to promote them. It only acknowledges their fight as the ultimate deliverance from underestimation and sexist measures designed through time in the society. The woman in the picture has been a given an angry face, showing the need for women to rise in resistance against any barrier to their empowerment. Despite looking angry, the character in the artifact is also seen to have some shreds of royalty. Another implication gotten from the artifact, as a result of using the rhetoric features of painting visual arts, is the adoption of matriarchy.

By basing the understanding on the use motives and identification to affect ideologies in rhetoric, it is observed from the artifact under study that the artists has identified the primary target of the artifact in women, and therefore brings out the motive of the artifact which aligned with the target audience. An understanding centered upon the ideology of discourse, therefore, gives the artifact rhetorical sense of persuading its audience into resistance as a way out of the undesirable situation they may be stuck in (Charland, 140). As persuasion is a constant feature in rhetoric, the artifact studied proves this from the manner in which tries to edge its audience into a particular ideology. The artistic part of the artifact represents the use of innovation in the event of social and political navigation. The psychic and social consequences derived from the design and innovation within the artifact is, therefore, resistance and more agitation towards the empowerment of women.

The artifact constitutes a call of being the people by choosing to use the woman and not a specific character. It, therefore, represents a larger section of the society, the women, and the people. Instilling the belief and idea of looking at oneself as part of the people is a strategy in rhetoric that aims at rallying and psyching the community with minimal forts. The artist by choosing to use a combination of different mediums to communicate a common idea which is resisting the oppressive patterns subjected to women considers the people, women.

The use of a woman in the picture shows the aspect of identification.  Identification as a strategy in rhetoric has been employed by identifying women as the subject matter in the artifact. This constitutes another major idea in rhetorical art, whereby people are called upon to do something. The call has been seen in the idea of urging women to resist. The only written information in the artifact is that the place of the woman is in resistance. This directly addresses each and every woman, challenging them to combine their strengths, understand the need to fight together and stop the world from looking at them as weak. The women have been targeted by the artifact in a quest to psyche and influence them into resistance, or at least, understanding that they have to resist even if they cannot resist.  Resistance is the only place left for them. The artifact succeeds in constituting a call into the pole who is women and the female community in general.

The major ideology being feminism, it can be concluded that the picture artifact aims at preaching feminism through the use of various rhetorical features. The rhetoric has been brought out through different forms combined into one. Painting is a different medium from writing, but the woe has been combined in the text to push for a common understanding and ideology. The visual appearance of the picture is similarly feministic as the quote accompanying it the choice of lettering, color and contrast work in to promote the rhetorical presented of the content. The use of target identification, call for the people and the idea of communicating through aesthetics is vividly present in the text. All have aided in getting the rhetoric of visual arts plays its role of rallying woman into resistance of oppression.

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