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Psychology is a field of science that deals with conduct and the functioning of the mind. This encompasses all facets of the subconscious and conscious awareness (Smith & Haslam , 2017). There are a number of divisions in psychology. Educational, behavioral, developmental, applied, industrial and organizational psychology are among them. Abnormal, experimental and social science are additional main groups (McDougall, 2015). The main aim of this paper is to explore the role of social psychology in the study process, how it varies from other types of psychology. One major experiment will also be discussed in this paper and its importance to social psychology will be clarified. Social Psychology can be defined as a branch of psychology that is involved with social interactions as well as their effects and origins on a specific individual. It can also be defined as the scientific study through which people’s feelings, behaviors and thoughts are influenced by imagination and the presence of other people (Smith & Haslam , 2017). Social Psychology differs from other forms of psychology greatly. 
Social Psychology greatly differs from other forms of Psychology. Unlike other forms of Psychology; it uses scientific methods to explain how people’s behaviors and feelings are influenced (Smith & Mackie & Claypool, 2014). Social psychology differs from personality psychology since its main focus is on how a situation may affect a behavior. Personality Psychology focuses on the behavior of Human beings based on their individual difference.
When we compare Social and industrial Psychology there is a great difference. As discussed above; Social Psychology is focused on discussing the social relationships that exist between Human beings (Smith & Mackie & Claypool, 2014). In this case, Industrial Psychology variates in the sense that it is focused on studying the behavior of Human beings at their work places.
Developmental Psychology differs from Social Psychology since it is not collective. Unlike Social Psychology; it is concerned with studying children and infants. Their behaviors and roles in the society (Smith & Haslam , 2017). Over the years; this branch has expanded to study how Human beings age and how they develop throughout their entire lifespan.
As much as Social Psychology and personality Psychology share a lot of similarities. They also have their own differences. Both of this branches study the behavior of Human Beings on individual and social levels (Smith & Mackie & Claypool, 2014). The only difference between this branches is the fact that Personality Psychology deals with intrapersonal factors while social personality deals with interpersonal factors (Smith & Haslam , 2017). Both of this branches have different approaches when it comes to the study of Human beings and their behavior.
Educational Psychology differs from social psychology since it is based on the study of Children in an Educational setting. It also aims at studying how children are able to learn or obtain/grasp information from their lectures (McDougall, 2015). This branch of psychology is also interested in studying the materials that are used in the teaching and learning process. The Aptitude assessment and cognitive development process.
Unlike social psychology, General psychology is concerned with the study of the mind as well as different aspects that make up the mind such as emotion, cognition, perception and behavior. Social Psychology is a much more limited branch that deals with the study of Human behavior only (McDougall, 2015). It does not deal with other aspects such as emotion, behavior and cognition.
Social Psychology is also different from cognitive Psychology since it does not deal with the study of the mind and its mental function. Cognitive Psychology deals with matters that affect the mind such as perception, decision making, conceptual development and memory attention (Smith & Mackie & Claypool, 2014). As discussed earlier; social psychology mainly deals with the behavior of an individual. Lastly; Social Psychology differs from abnormal Psychology which deals with the study of behavior using a different pattern or approach. Abnormal Psychology deals with the study of behaviors using patterns that are unusual as compared to social psychology.


Research is a very important aspect in social psychology. As a result of different researches from various scholars; it is easy to understand how Human beings relate with one another. Human beings are social beings that cannot live without one another. Most of the researches under this branch of psychology enables us to understand the social interactions between different people; the reason behind the interactions and how the people involved interact with one another (Smith & Mackie & Claypool, 2014). The research is also aimed at providing answers based on the effects and origins of social interactions.
In most cases, research is normally used as proof. It is used to prove that certain facts are true. In this case, research has been used to explain the main reason behind the behavior of different people. It also aims at exposing how different attitudes, personality and motivations are responsible for influencing an individual’s behavior. 
Without the research process, it would have been difficult to understand how the behavior of Human beings is influenced or determined (McDougall, 2015). We would not be able to understand the reason behind Human beings having emotions that are mixed up, different personalities and attitudes. Generally; it is safe to say the fact that Research plays an important role in understanding Social Psychology. 


Philip Zimbardo is one of the most significant contributors in reference to Social psychology (McDougall, 2015). He is one of the most famous Psychologists that the World has ever seen. Very many experiments can be related with this individual. The main purpose of this sub topic is to discuss the importance of a given experiment and explain its relevance to social psychology.
Zimbardo is linked with the Stanford Prison Experiment. This experiment was conducted in the year 1971 (Smith & Haslam , 2017). Its main aim was to show the dramatic consequences that are related with putting normal and healthy students in a prison. This experiment was also aimed at revealing how social roles can be used to influence the behavior of different people
The Stanford Prison Experiment is one of the most significant researches of all time. It helped unlock answers that had not been achieved for years (Smith & Mackie & Claypool, 2014). During this process of experiment; the subjects of study were made to play the role of a guard or prisoner respectively. Apart from revealing social roles among people. This experiment had a great impact on Social psychology since it helped reveal whether people are obedient or disobedient. It was also used to demonstrate the impressionability of people (Smith & Mackie & Claypool, 2014). Generally; this experiment was very important when it comes to understanding how Human Beings relate with one another as well as interpreting their social roles.


Just like any other branch of psychology; Social Psychology has its own sub branches. They include the idea of group dynamics, self – concept and the study of attitudes (Smith & Mackie & Claypool, 2014). The main purpose of this sub topic is to discuss the relevance of a given sub field of social psychology. Based on the idea of self-concept that was propagated by Abraham Maslow and Carl Rogers. Based on this scholars; the idea of self-concept is very important. 
Previous researches on the idea of self – concept have shown that this sub field is very important when it comes to understanding oneself (McDougall, 2015). This idea also helps one to understand their personal and social identity. They key to understanding your body and its functions is by understanding your social identity. Different researches on the self – concept have also helped in understanding the self-structure, self-identity and perspective of different people.
As a result of the idea on self – concept. People are now able to be aware of their actions (Smith & Haslam , 2017). Generally; the idea of self-concept has helped many people understand themselves better. It has helped them understand the reason behind different behaviors.


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