Anorexia - Eating Disorders

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This is an eating disorder marked by factors such as the fear of weight gain, a deep urge to become a slim and massive weight loss, thereby reducing the total meals that individuals take to achieve the target.


Bulimia is a disorder in which binge eating and purging is characterized by the individual affected by the person. Binge eating is a disease in which a person consumes a significant amount of food within a short period of time. Purging, on the other hand, is a disorder in which the infected person attempts to get rid of the food items that have already been eaten.

Binge Eating Disorders

This is a condition in which the affected party is affected by regular practices of being eating. Majority of the people affected by the condition are overweight and obese. Symptoms include the increase in anxiety, shame, grief, depression, disgust with themselves and lack of control during the eating process.  

Causes and Symptoms

For Anorexia, there are a variety of causes and symptoms attributed to the same. According to Spielman, Dumper, Jenkins, Lacombe, Lovett, and Perlmutter, (2014), one of the causes is attributed to Biological factors. For instance, Generically, Anorexia is hereditary among twins and children. Some of the biological factors are inclusive of irregular hormone functions, nutritional deficiencies, and genetic inheritance. Moreover, the condition is attributed to psychological factors such as the fear of food, low self-esteem, anxiety, depression, loneliness, and lack of controls. Sociological factors are also evident to affect the people with the condition.  Some of the symptoms of the condition are inclusive of chronic dieting although the cases of the hazardous underwent, loss of hair, depression, amenorrhea, and ritualistic patterns for eating. Moreover, the condition is characterized by the development of practice to reduce cooking, refraining from cooking or having a continued fixation amount of food.

Bulimia is a condition which is characterized by the rapid growth of eating which is uncontrolled, which is only stopped if the stomach hurts or another person interrupts the eating process. According to Mehler, and Andersen, (2017), some of the symptoms of the condition are that there is fixation in the number of calories consumed, low self-esteem, low blood pressure, lack of energy, unhealthy and dry skins, hair, lips, and nails, suicidal tendencies, a fixation in the overall consciousness of ones with, and frequent occurrences of consumptions of large portions of food at a given time.

Binge Eating Disorders is one of the conditions in which people face symptoms such as eating until one feels uncomfortable, eating alone and secretly due to the amount of food consumed since the party will be embarrassed by the amount of food that is consumed, constant consumption of meals even when one is not hungry and faster rate of eating meals during the bring process. Moreover, the party may experience feelings of being dazed on the mental state and lack the ability of understanding when they ate last and what they were eating first.


Eating disorders are problems that affect people who either have too much to eat or do not eat sufficient meals to counter their hunger. As such, cases of obesity and overweight can be evident in the persons who eat too much, hence affecting their overall health and body size. As such, these individuals become prone to diseases such as the heart failure and similar conditions. On the other hand, for the persons who do note at enough, their health deteriorates, and hence they lack proper body size. As such, they are also affected by major diseases and hence affecting their overall health.

Reasons for Having Eating Disorders

There are a number of reasons as to why people get eating disorders. One of the reasons is to obtain a body shape. People who eat less are known to have the urge to have body shapes that are appealing. For instance, the models may have to starve themselves and be restricted to small meals and various diets which hence affects their overall body size. As such, to realize the goal of the specific body shapes they require, they have to eat fewer meals and hence the development of the condition.

Another reason common to the large intake of meals is for the sweetness of the same. People may opt to ingest large amounts of food for the sweetness and ingredients used in preparing the meal. As such, the individuals end up eating too much over time and hence the development of the high intake of meals. Therefore, these individuals end up having huge bodies owing to the large meal intake.

Despite the genetic factors, social interactions and pressure from friends may affect the overall eating habits. As such, the people may be influenced either to intake many meals or fewer foods. TH influence may be directed at a social practice or based on an agreement by the peers for specific outcomes.

How People Get Eating Disorders

People get disorders of eating through various practices based on either genetic factors, social practices, psychological issues, and other cases. As such, these disorders may affect people based on various outcomes and practices that they have and also due to their practices and genetic inheritance.

Connection between eating disorders and mental health

There is evidence to suggest that there are connections between the health disorders and mental health practices. According to Spielman, et al., (2014), the continued eating of large amounts of meals limits how people think and affect how these individuals make decisions concerning on the foods. As such, there is a connection on how the individuals affected by the eating disorders affect the mental conditions.

Treatment Plan

In treating anorexia nervosa, the primary objective is to enable the individual put on to weight to keep away from medicinal intricacies and the second objective is long haul upkeep of weight pick up (Stice, 2016). However; there has been a little accomplishment in enhancing and keeping up weight pick up. In any case, there have been two medications that have been extremely viable in enhancing the result of people determined to have AN. Subjective Behavioral Therapy (CBT) concentrates on the contemplations, emotions, and practices that sustain and add to the turmoil. CBT can help an individual change their self-observation and help control the demonstration of impulses.

Psychotherapy is one of the treatment to Bulimia especially with the integration of CTB practices and behavioral. Moreover, medication can be used such as Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, fluoxetine, and sertraline. Such medication is useful in ensuring the traits of the people change and hence the disorders of eating are eliminated. Moreover, hypnotherapy is an alternative medication that is helpful in ensuring the treatment of Bulimia is successful.

The treatment for Binge Eating Disorders is treated by psychotherapy cases of CBT, interpersonal psychotherapy, and dialectical behavior therapy. Moreover, there are medications which can be used to ensure the patients are effectively treated with antidepressants and anticonvulsant topiramate (Topman). Behavior weight loss programs can be engaged in to ensure the individuals are effectively treated. These practices are effective in ensuring the individuals have proper lifestyles and hence developing better.

Real Life Examples

One of the examples of eating disorders is a female patient. She was 32 and had a long-term of ailment. It happened quickly, and she was minding dead almost in a split second. Obviously, an unpleasant occasion and to aggravate it was on her last day of treatment, and she had made gigantic walks in her recuperation and was heading the correct bearing. I really wanted to trust that every one of those times of outrageous cleansing practices had been contributory. It will require enthusiasm to check whether some other case reports surface


I believe that the eating disorders affect how the people eat and hence there are limited approaches towards how these individuals behave and other factors. Through the medication, it is possible that the individuals will have proper outcomes and benefit with the same to avert the eating disorders.



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