Argumentative Against Gun Control

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The paper addresses the drawbacks of neighborhood gun control policies. Apparently, the subject has sparked a never-ending controversy, with both sides justifying and passionately defending their positions. Furthermore, the paper begins by revealing controversial problems concerning gun rights and gun control before moving on to address the drawbacks of gun laws in various countries. The merits of alternative weapons are debated, as well as the security aspect for citizens, illicit firearms business operations on the black market, and lawbreakers' use of alternative weaponry. It then goes on to address the importance of gun rights to restraining the government excesses, equality and taming robbery incidences, enhanced awareness of the weapons and security agencies responsiveness to situations, reduced crime rates and impact of moral uprightness to gun violence. Finally, research provides final remarks and makes a recommendation regarding gun control.


There have been consistent arguments on the issue of gun control in many countries across the globe. This paper explains the availability or absence of guns in the cities, towns and other parts of the country owned by civilians for several reasons (Safavi et al. 146). The premises of firearm control are built on the facts of the safety of both the gun holders and other citizens not in possession of guns. Nevertheless, gun control is not the solution to crimes and security of citizens but has emerged to be a counter-productive exercise (Safavi et al. 147). Therefore, the paper discuses the merits of eliminating gun control to give insights to most countries which have been grappling with this issue due to lack of explicit understanding of its relevance.

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Insights about gun control

Gun control proponents have endless rhetoric and exaggerations skewed at denting the freedom to own firearms. However, there is nothing wrong with people possessing firearms for several pluses. In fact, security of people through self-defense is the critical element supporting this policy of right to firearms (Webster et al. 299). Moreover, implementing gun control regulations does not stop people from using other methods to committing suicides (Webster & Wintemute 24). They will still proceed and take their lives even through planning accidents, taking poison, and others. Factually, gun restrictions do not significantly impact on the number of suicides or attempted suicides. The policy that seeks to regulate firearms has remained a controversial topic for decades across the globe because of strong contested views. However, rights to gun ownership have overwhelming benefits to both the citizens and the government authorities as discussed below.

The Merits of the right to firearms by civilians

Sense of security

Gun ownership is a policy allowed due to the basic reason of home protection. Possessing a gun gives the attacked and opportunity to resist aggression by a burglar or home invader. The gun rights give the owner a level ground as the attacker thereby instilling fear to potential perpetrator (Webster & Wintemute 27). Otherwise, the victim not in possession of firearm becomes vulnerable to attacks which might cost them their lives or sustained injuries. Gun ownership is the fundamental right to secure individuals from any kinds of attacks or aggression that might cause injuries or deaths to the victim. The rights to a firearm are one of the vital factors for self-defense and promoting own security (Webster & Wintemute 33). Additionally, gun control practices expose ones to danger making them vulnerable. The few people with the privilege of acquiring the firearms in whichever means will have the luxury to attack, terrorize and harm others.

Increased firearms business in black market

The policy to control gun ownership will only shift the business to behind the scenes. Therefore, it is evident that people will conduct the business of buying and selling firearms away from the authorities’ sight which makes it even more dangerous. Moreover, the citizens will proceed to perform much more illegal activities by smuggling the weaponry into the country and conduct their businesses (Zeoli). It is, therefore, safer and organized for the authorities to give its people the rights to firearms than leaving the business to be conducted illegally.

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Resolution to alternative weaponry

However, banning firearms in a country does not reduce or eliminate crime or illegal acts by perpetrators. People who want to commit suicide will achieve their intentions even without the use of guns (Webster et al. 293). Therefore, banning guns does not act to resolve unlawful incidents because they will still happen with alternative weaponry.

Restraining the powers of a government

Allowing civilians to own guns is a vital factor to check the excesses of the authorities. The government in this situation does not have the monopoly of power and armory and would, therefore, treat its citizens with caution (Webster et al. 297). Equally, the citizens can take advantage of owning this weaponry to resist any forms of injustices including dictatorship and oppression for the good of the whole country (Zeoli). They can fight back or threaten to strike thereby containing misadvised ambitions of the authorities.

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Equality to civilians

When close to everyone with the need to own firearms possess one, everyone will be tactfully leveled. Which means some bad elements will lack the courage and aggression of attacking others for whichever reasons for fear of repulse and getting hurt themselves. Right to firearms balances the equation making everyone to feel safer. Further, thugs will be hesitant to attack (Safavi et al. 147). Criminals will always find a way to obtain their guns, leaving law-abiding citizens without any weapons to use in defense.

Reduced cases of robbery

With gun weaponry, resources and assets of individuals will be protected without the involvement of the authorities. Consequently, this will ease the burden of service of the police who will dedicate their time and resources to other pressing and urgent needs of the community. Again, effective collaboration between the citizens and the cops enhances cohesion and support to the government.

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Defense from external aggression

The right to own firearms can be justified through repulse of an attack from terrorist that is developing to a hostage situation (Simonetti et al. 1705). Even though it is the responsibility of the government security agencies to intervene and rescue its citizens in hostage, armed hostages can play a key role in ending the situation through repulsing.

Enhanced awareness of the weaponry

With the rights to firearms, people will gain more knowledge on the lethality and danger of the weaponry. The teenagers through responsible parents will learn to understand how dangerous the firearms are and be educated on how to handle and use them to avoid accidents.

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Security agencies responsiveness to attacks

It defeats logic for citizens to be denied the right to own firearms for self-defense yet the security agencies are often slow to respond to situations (Simonetti et al. 1706). In most countries, the security personnel is often behind schedule to intervene and rescue people attacked by assailants because of many and variant reasons including the logistics challenges and the inability to know the attacker's preparedness and weaponry. Therefore, it is sensible for governments to allow its citizens to own firearms which will make them the key to fighting back and containing such situations.

Reduced Crime rates

Crime rates are majorly controlled by the possession of illegal firearms. A country has a lot to benefit from allowing its citizens the right to own firearms because of several reasons linked to both their security and that of their resources or investments. Additionally, it is not possible to achieve an absolute gun control (Simonetti et al. 1704). Some criminal elements will still work around and procure guns for themselves posing a risk to others who are without the weapon. Due to this fact, the government should try another strategy to avert and control potential firearms ordeals.

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Impact of morals on gun violence

One of the arguments supporting gun control stems from the fact that gun violence cases are on the increase because close to everyone owns guns. Moreover, fairly huge number of the gun holders has not been screened on their background and mental capacity. Consequently, these people would misuse the weapons to cause terror attacks. Nevertheless, gun violence should mostly be blamed on ill morals. Cultivating good morals is paramount to rooting possible cases of gun violence (Santaella-Tenorio et al.). The government should redirect its efforts to ensuring that the relevant stakeholders start supporting what is right in the community and rewarding good practice and integrity. Besides, it is advisable that before the government implements and adopts other laws, it should improve the existent ones. The authorities should make it complicated undertaking to own a firearm or else lift the ban on gun ownership to every citizen with the capacity to possess one (Santaella-Tenorio et al.). Furthermore, if firearm owners registered their weapons, it would be simpler for the law enforcers to use the necessary information to keep track of gun purchases and make sure that all sales are legal.


The argument of the rights to bear firearms is subjected to bias and convenience with either side being adamant on their stand. However, the paper supports the right to possession of weapons on the premises of security to citizens’ investments and their lives. Another common argument posed by firearm control activists is that the government has the responsibility to the community and the people to keep firearms away from those people that should never be in possession of weapons that would deny people of goodwill and motive their rights for self-defense making them vulnerable. Conclusively, gun rights policy is necessary to procure a safe environment in the community which is essential because gun control policy will endanger the lives of people when faced with aggression by thugs, burglary, terrorists rendering them defenseless. Therefore, government agencies should adopt the policy on gun rights entirely and subsequently make the punishment for the offenders harsher.

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