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Bullying is an offensive and unwelcome activity that happens mainly in schools and includes mistreating others with the aim of proving superiority (Dan, 2013). Before delving into this action, it's critical to consult the students' guide to understand the ethical consequences. However, because the topic is sensitive, and because readers of my final product may have been directly or indirectly influenced by bullying, or have someone close to them who has been affected. The American Sociological Association (ASA) developed guidelines and rules for writers and reports to obey in order to prevent writing or publishing anything that would cause people in society to suffer. In the research, I will carefully follow the guidelines and the law as stated by the ASA. My first thing is to look at the research question and plan how the research could be preserved by the readers and address it without any ethical implications. Bullying has been the order of the day in our schools ever since. It is even practiced among adults nowadays. Bullying relates to different types of bad behaviors, both for the bully and the victim of the act. It is evident that the desire of bullying is ignited from someone somewhere directing it to an individual (Low et al., 2014).

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If for example a child is brought up in an environment with deviant behavior, the child has he grow up will display the same behavior he was brought up in. Bullying is not transferred genetically; hence it’s just a practice that is developed by an individual. Bullies have now ended up showing some other negative behaviors such as drug abuse, taking alcohol, sexual harassment, and robbery. These behaviors are defiant and should be dealt with within the community.

A subject being bullied might not become a bully himself. But bullying leads to problems both the one being bullied and the third party that is the one who is watching others being bullied. Bullying can result in mental problems, depression, anxiety, stress, and fear. An individual being bullied about his body structure may make him or her to feel useless or being nothing in the society which may lead to developing mental disorders such as body pressure and could result in serious health problems.

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Effects of Bullying in a learning Setting

In schools, bullying does not only affect the victim but also observers and bullies themselves (Dan, 2013).

Effects of Bullying on the Victim

When bullying is experienced at school, the students affected tend to get shy and less aggressive due to fear. The students who were shy tend to worsen hence their class, and social participation is reduced which alters their growth both mentally and psychologically. Bullying will also cause a victim to develop the fear to interact with fellow peers or even fear to attend school due to the panic of experiencing notions of bullying, this may cause one to miss classes, and academic performances will be dreadfully affected.

Bullying leads to physical harm as the victim may be assaulted and beaten and this may cause scars and bodily harm which causes unwanted and unnecessary costs such as hospital bills which come from seeking treatment (Kowalski & Limber, 2013). Bullying also causes anger problems which may cause dreadful fights between the bully and the victims which sometimes even result in death.

Effects of Bullying on Bullies

Although a bully perpetrates the act, s/he is also compromised as risks are also accrued on his end. Bullies also develop a problem of being feared by others due to their behaviors which makes them feel lonely and have problems in getting help from other students in the class. When they are avoided in class, the education is also affected as when they are stuck on a question they lack help from classmates which affects their performances.

Bullies also end up bulling fellows you have anger problems, and they grow resistant leading to fights which in some cases bullies also get hurt when they are not fought back, they are reported to the administration, and they end up being suspended or permanently removed from school a move which adversely affects their educational development.

Effects of Bullying on Observers

Bullying always happens in high school in places that are accessed by other students, i.e., the bathroom, the parking lot or classrooms. Although observer students may not take action against the bully due to fear of being the next target, observer students develop trauma and fear that they might be victims of the bullying sometime and this may affect their normal living as they will live in fear at school which may alter their education. For students who may enjoy the bullying, they are at a risk of developing bullying tendencies which pose the risks described earlier on the effects of bullying on bullies.

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Psychological Effects of Bullying

Bullying causes fear as discussed before; the fear leads to anxiety and depression which leads to some mental disease which has adverse effects on the victims, bullies and the observers (David & Maria, 2016). Diseases such as major depressive disorder are caused by traumatic effects which are bred from life experiences such as fear which is created in a bullying situation. Major depressive disorder is bred for depression, in a high school which takes a long duration, students who experience bullying may get depressed to the point of developing MDD disorder.

Major Depressive Disorder

Major depressive disorder (MDD) is commonly referred to as depression. Depression is characterized by low mood, low self-esteem, loss of interest in commonly participated activities, pain and low energy. With bullying in school, students develop fear and anxiety which causes them to be stressed and depressed developing the disorder if the issue is not addressed. Depression can also be separated by years of happiness while others have continued symptoms present which negatively affects their normal living and may also develop suicidal thoughts which may lead to death if counteractive measures are not adopted in time (Nathan & Gorman, 2015).

The word depression is often mentioned in our daily day to day conversations, i.e., a student feels disturbed due to bullying experience may describe the bullying scenario as depressing. A person who is feeling worried or sad would often refer to the situations as depressing. Just like any mental disorder, depression affects individual’s happiness so that sadness prevails at all time; sleeping time disturbance is also affected where one may lack sleep during the night. MDD is mainly caused by past traumatic experiences such as fear which breed stress leading to the disorder and is also genetically inherited. Just like a bipolar mental disease, MDD causes a subside in anger management and one can get angry and temperamental.

Students who end up developing MDD will have a problem concentrating in class for the reason that the disease effects such as changing sleeping times may cause a student to be drowsy during class times hence reducing their concentrations which also affects their future careers as some may fail and even end up dropping from school (Hannah, 2013).

Ways to Stop Bullying

Bullying can be avoided in a number of ways, but the first action would be to educate every person involved on the disadvantages of bullying so that bullying is combated by all parties involved, i.e., prefects, teachers and fellow students. In fighting bullying in high school, the following measures can be adopted.

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Anti-Bulling Awareness

Awareness is the most important move where awareness on the adverse effects of bullying are communicated to students so that bullies realize that their actions can cause long-term harm to their victims and why they should avoid bullying tendencies. When effective promotions are carried out by educating on the catastrophic effects brought about by bullying, the act will surely cease. Some bullies just do bully students for fun with no motive behind for the fact that they do not understand how deep their words or physical action run deep on a victim, with education on the subject matter, such bullies will feel sorry and change their ways (Philip, 2016).

Setting Strict Measures for Bullies

To cut on bullying, schools can enact measures that scare away perpetrators of the act. Suspensions and expulsions seem to have become an order of the day that student bullies do not fear such punishments hence more strict measures such as being arrested for interrupting someone’s peace should be implemented. Teachers should also be keen on addressing any bullying issue reported as the ignorances by the teaching staff escalate bullying cases (Burger et al., 2015).

Encouraging Bullied Victims to Report Immediately

Teachers sometimes hear of bullying cases very late when the effects have dug deep, to avoid such scenarios, teachers should encourage all bullied victims to report any cases of bullying immediately when they occur for the first time which will ensure that the perpetrators are taken action against before negative effects start altering with the normal living of a student. Bullies should then be dealt with in a manner that will scare other bullies within the setting (Philip, 2016).

Asking Parents to Discourage Exposing their Children to Activities that may initiate Bullying Behaviours

Bullying is not genetic hence is sparked off y some behaviors such as watching action movies or watching parents or neighbors fight (Philip, 2016). Movies always depict the tough fighter as the ultimate winner, and this makes students perceive that being the toughest in fighting makes you the boss around the school, parents should be advised to keep their children away from such.

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Bullying as discussed above brings about adverse implications on both the victims, the bullies, and observers. Bullying, therefore, needs to be eliminated in our schools to have a healthy learning environment. Parents and teachers should sit and have a lasting solution to the problem in our educational institutions. The government should also enact laws and regulations concerning bullying and to warn those involved of severe punishments if found in the act and for sure if we give it all, this inhumane practice will be eradicated in the end. Yes, we can!

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