Critical Media Literacy

Junior (College 3rd year) ・Government ・APA ・9 Sources

Part 1

Question (a)

This story is negative towards President Donald Trump. He is referred to as a political laughingstock in this story. His election win is reflected as astonishing and unthinkable, rising from laughingstock to a global leader. The story claims that the Trump’s victory may bring about the upheaval of economic, political and military (Robison, 2017). This is evidenced by the crashing of Canada’s immigration website and Dow’s future market falling. Trump is also said to have a free hand to dismantle the achievements of the former president, several being executive commands and governmental actions. These include rejection of the agreement made in Paris on climate, the appointment of one Supreme Court Justice among others.

Question (b)

The writer implies that the huge volumes of illegal immigrants attempted to access the Canada’s immigration website trying to flee America, when he tells us that the website crashed when Trump looked like winning the election. The site became temporarily inaccessible due to the increased number of users. This implies that people were willing to migrate from America in the event that Trump wins.

Question (c)

This story does not sufficiently explain as to why Donald Trump won the elections. Trump’s victory was as a result of Americans choice. There are many factors which led to his victory other than the reasons given here. These include the Americans attitude to accept misogynist than a lady in the White House. The citizens opt for the customary masculine appearance of governance.

Question (d)

The victory of Trump appeared sure to aggravate the ethnic and political divergence that has compelled the country throughout the Obama era. Despite the many contacted opinion polls favoring Hillary Clinton, people came out and voted for Donald Trump in masses. Trump managed to win even in places where Republicans have never won since 1984 like Wisconsin. He as well won in North Carolina, where it is claimed that polls were not seriously taken. Trump’s support overwhelmingly dominated in the white rural areas and the exurban too. Donald Trump also won in the areas where his opponent Hillary Clinton was thought to have an advantage. Trump remained focused in his campaigns in spite of significant opposition from the Democrats (Stone, 2017).

Part 2

Question (a)

The metaphor made by Friedman Erdogan meant that his personality and policies were similar to those made by Donald Trump during his campaign time. Mr. Erdogan believes that the Victory of Trump will ensure that there is no military coup in Turkey like there was an attempt made during the Obama era. Erdogan in this metaphor means that the tactics utilized by Trump were similar to his.

Question (b)

The jailing of reporters endangers democracy by posing a denial of freedom of expression. Erdogan’s worldview of journalism is that the Trump’s presidency may put to an end freedom of the press (Trump, & Leerhsen, 1990). Mr. Trump, particularly given the positions he has gambled out, would signify a grave menace to the practice of a sovereign free journalism in the United States. Both Erdogan and Trump are seen warning journalists who attempt to portray their negative side. These actions imply that democracy of journalism is at stake in both countries (Jenkins, Thorburn, & Seawell, 2003). The freedom of journalists during this Trump ruling is under siege since there are great fears of getting into trouble by reporting matters related to the president (Geer, Schiller, Segal, & Herrera, 2017).

Question (c)

Trump's power exhibits the degree to which that suspicion does not hold anymore. It demonstrates that popular press in the US no longer have control over what is satisfactory for a political contender to state out in the open. There are two explanations behind this. The first is that the financial decrease of traditional media achieved by the web makes the survivors urgent to lock on to anything that may stop the decay in groups of onlookers and publicize income.

Question (d)

The media area is amidst an innovative upheaval that is undermining customary plans of action. The ascent of the web and long range informal communication and other marvels have hugely affected the substance, publicizing, brands, and the route these are conveyed. This is a part experiencing significant change, with both commercial and innovative drivers constraining the pace of progress (Romm-Livermore, 2012). The commoditization of voice communication gives a marker of how media markets will change. Voice communication is of practically no esteem now. Voice experienced an entire rebuilding and saw bunches of arrangements and unique venture methodologies. Media organizations are hoping to make sense of a plan of action that conveys esteem.

Part 3

Question (a)

Rolex high end watches and golf have been intricately linked for more than 50 years. Rolex has also sponsored some of the best golfers of the last five decades, publishes a list of their picks for the world’s 1,000 best golf courses and sponsors the rankings for the world’s best female golfers. There are even Rolex golf balls and other Rolex logo equipment for the game (In Heel, 2014). One Rolex golf commercial says, Rolex is about strength, precision and spirit, whether you’re talking about watches or championship golf. Furthermore, it will reflect the advertising strategy, how standardized or remind consumers-directly or indirectly-about the products and brands that they sell (United States Golf Association, 1948).

Question (b)

This advertisement of Rolex with a big picture of golf course illustrates how the Rolex Company supports golf (In Heel, 2014). It is a strategy of promoting the Rolex watches and the golf balls and other equipment with Rolex logo. The big picture is meant to draw attention of the spectators and at the same time promoting all the products associated with Rolex. This advert not only displays that the product is luxurious, but also of high value just like the golf course.
This advertisement of a Rolex watch and a big picture of a golf course are effective. The big picture of the golf course is meant to capture the attention of the viewers who later learn that the advert advertises not only the golf but also the watch. The watch is displayed as a valuable commodity like the golf course. The love of golf as depicted by many fans in the picture also implies that Rolex watches are also loved by many people. The watch is claimed to be a legend for having witnessed the legends of golf (Mintzer, & Grossman,1997). This symbolizes how old and durable the watch is. All this are meant to attract more people into buying this type of watch.


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