Cultural psychology

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I would say that the scenario described above was a cultural choice. Essentially, cultural selection can occur as a result of a shift in one's living environment, particularly when a new character is introduced into the neighborhood. Biologically, the composition of the environment around the organism may vary, causing it to change its behavior. Cultural psychology is the interconnection of different practices and behaviors in relation to community practices and beliefs. It is concerned with cultural beliefs, possible ideologies, and theories. In reference to the monkeys who initially lived in vast plains of Africa, they had a primitive kind of life like for example they would have some conspiracy between the big male monkeys and the small ones this was the major form of bullying amidst them. They would spend their time going around the forest in look for foods, the big monkey would disturb and distract the kids from eating their foods, and they would force them to leave their food due to the fear of the bigger one.

Eventually, the human beings started living near and around them. This contributed to their change of behavior to that of humankind; they could eat food like human beings which contributed to the greater change in their way of life and interaction. Their feeding habit changed and eventually their food changed, they could even undergo some health complications due the food eaten: the raw food. After the people visited the crowds of the monkey and taking photos, the monkey saw and copied the people’s living style and that contributed to their behavioral change. The monkey’s new way of going around the forest and settling in one place where people used to throw their waste foods, the big monkeys stopped snatching the foods from the small monkeys; they started being kind to them and the life changed bountifully. There was a mystery that the big monkeys died first from the contaminated foods. But the step was taken by the government and their normal life was restored. Fights amongst them reduced and kinder living was experienced.

All the above discussion shows that the behavior of the monkeys changed, this was contributed by the fact that the introduction of a tourist resort opened in the vicinity. The only thing which could be seen around the monkeys’ environment was the new behavior of the human being. They highly contributed to their behavioral changes. As earlier discussed that environment change makes a great impact on cultural selection adaptations.

Does innovation and transmission of the novel sign language argue for cultural evolution or biological evolution?

Innovation and transmission of the special education for the deaf students in Nicaraguan capital Managua can be used to argue for Cultural Revolution. Biological evolution occurs due to change in the environment of living. After the introduction of a new curriculum, the learning structure of the school change through the program was on basis of vocational program the children would learn in various languages including sign language. There is a theory which tries to explain that the cultural sensitivity in relation to an environment of influence and forms its basis on the revolution of cultures.

As for the instance explained the introduction of a vocational school for the deaf students in an environment where there existed normal learning for the normal students contributed to the change of their learning environment in that they could witness other forms of learning and due to high affinity of human character to change with the environment they found themselves developing the sign language skills. According to Lamarckian on an inheritance of acquired character, he points out that nature contributes to successfully every diverse component of living, as well as environmental motivated character advances contributing to the being’s change of behavior (Jablonka & Marion 29).

Does the language correspond closely to Lamarckian evolution characterized by inheritance of acquired character?

The language in this case corresponds more closely to Lamarckian evolution characterized by ‘inheritance of acquired character’ as he explains that for the influence of some factors allowing for an action due to their influence in a being an organism can be internally restructured and reorganization of their mindset and fixes themselves into the system of the induced behavior.

This contributes to a change in their living styles and justifies why people change according to the change in environment. In the case of an introduction of a new language as a vocational training, it led to change in the mindset of the children even without guidance. There becomes a capability for the organism to respond to the change of the environment of influence leading to the modified composure of living.

Is it ethical to keep Chimpanzees in a zoo or to conduct medical research using Chimpanzees?

Conducting medical research using Chimpanzee can be argued to be unethical depending on the grounds of argument. Mainly the process is done without the consent of the animals, they normally undergo persecutions in the process of capturing them, and it can also find that there is seclusion of the animal for the purpose of doing the medical research which interferes with the general living style of the chimps. But on the other side, it can be and indeed it is important to use chimpanzees for conducting medical research this is because there are a lot of similarities between chimpanzees and human beings. With reference to their genetic composition and chromosomal make-up, this is almost the same.

There matters a lot in the phylogenic similarity between humans and the chimpanzees in my argument. It is very clear from the above discussion that due to genetic similarity and the only reason as to why the researchers use chimpanzees for the medical research is because of the many similar characters we have.

It is majorly the reason why it becomes a better way to do the research. The results gotten from the research are used to give medical solutions to the human beings after the successful results. Evolution explains that it’s probable that the diseases which human being is likely to contact a chimpanzee can as well contact. This justifies the argument that it is good and advisable for the medical research to be done on the chimpanzees. This gives an easy explanation of the new disease in the eruption and makes it better to explain some child complications and sickness in relation to the results of the research.

Does the phylogenic similarity between humans and chimps matter for your argument? And why or why not?

Ultimately, the researchers need to do this in order to save the lives of people for the human being is perceived to be less animated than other animals specifically the chimpanzee. Reportedly there has been a record of diseases identified in chimpanzees which is similar to human beings. History shows that HIV virus case was first identified to have attacked chimpanzee, this virus currently is most conspicuous among human being this clearly shows an intimate chromosomal relation between human beings and the chimpanzees. Out of the similarity again we get to know more about the evolutional psychology.

Human beings, chimpanzees are classified into the same class and for we all exhibit same emotional feeling, we need some solution to various problems and complications of life, the only better way of achieving some medical problem can either be through the use of other related animals to look for the combating method. Using chimpanzees for the purpose of medical research will be important. Our lives are nearly related to those of chimps and for the purpose of resolutions, it's ethical and advisable.

Work cited

Jablonka Eva and Marion Lamb. Epigenetic inheritance and evolution: the Lamarckian dimension., 2013, pp 17-31

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