Effects of Unhealthy Foods

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Diet is partly thinking to be responsible to some of the top noncommunicable diseases such as cancers. While some sorts of food are harmful to health, others make the body wholesome by boosting individual’s immune system and keeps hazard for noncommunicable diseases as low as possible. Consumption of unhealthy food on a regular foundation is likely to cause health complications. Research continues displaying negative effects of healthy food, e.g., greater research is needed to understand the impact of diet on cancer risk. For wellness functions and optimal health, its encouraged to eat a balanced food regimen with abundant fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Fast foods have proven various health impacts amongst the consumers. This essay aims to discuss the impacts of unhealthy foods.


Obesity is a health condition closely related to diet. It doesn’t just happen overnight but is caused by too much eating and limited movement.  If there is a switch from the balanced diet of whole food to fast foods, the most obviously expected change to be manifested is increasing body weight. Fast foods are largely high-calories consumed, and much is likely to be taken. Because one needs to burn more calories than consumed, high-calorie diets such as fast foods in combination with physical inactivity is likely to cause weight gain. If one consumes high amounts of energy from the diet but fails to consume that energy, the surplus energy is likely to be converted into fats if not burnt through physical activity and exercises.  Foods containing large amounts of trans fats, saturated fats and sugars all contribute to excess weight gain. To enjoy health benefits, it’s important to eat breakfast and avoid skipping meals. Frequent consumption of fast foods is discouraged.

Fast foods are affecting kids; childhood obesity occurs at a doubling rate and similarly triples among the adolescents. These children have the capability of recalling fast food ads. There is a close relationship between childhood obesity rates and advertisements.

Heart health

The nature of food consumed has a significant impact on heart health.  Fast foods contain fats and slats that may be detrimental when consumed largely on a regular basis. Salt intakes should be similarly regulated. The foods to be avoided include fried foods, meat, chips, and burgers. Skinless poultry encouraged if possible.  Fats common in fast foods are those made of saturated fatty acids, solid at room temperature and are extracted from plants and animals. For example, cheeseburger has a lot of such fats. The impact of this is raised blood pressure due to increased cholesterol levels. High cholesterol levels similarly lead to increased risk of cardiovascular diseases. Cardiovascular complication is the reason why one needs to kick out the fast foods and start consuming a balanced diet.


Diabetes is a condition that causes blood sugar level to be high. There is type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes. Blood sugar level is under control by the hormone insulin which moves glucose from the bloodstream into the cells; this is where it’s broken down to produce energy. Lack of the hormone causes diabetes making the body unable to break down glucose into energy.

Fast foods contain high sugar levels and are responsible for weight gain. Typically, fast foods are served with soft drinks. For example, beverages and juicy drinks are useful.  The sugars added to these nonnutritional drinks are likely to promote weight gain thereby compromising heart health.  High sugar levels also increase insulin resistance, promote excess weight and act as a major risk factors for type 2 diabetes. Reducing sugar levels in these drinks can potentially increase the quality of life.


Hypertension is also high blood pressure. It is a force exerted by blood against its vessels.  It has the potential of negatively impacting on health and increases the risk of heart complications.  Sodium in fast foods can cause increased blood pressure. Sodium has a flavor enhancing property that makes it an applicable ingredient in fast food restaurants. Much of dietary sodium is sourced from packed to restaurant foods.  When there is high consumption of sodium ions, blood pressure increases hence risk for heart complications and hypertension.  High sodium intake is not only linked to high blood pressure but also stroke and proteinuria.

Cancer and diet

What are the major causes of cancer? How do exercise and diet affect the risk of cancer? Poor diet and failing to be active are the factors increasing the risk of cancer. Reducing the risk of cancer thus involves staying at a healthy weight throughout life and doing physical activities regularly. Most of the cancer cases diagnosed in the world have been related to physical activity, fatness, alcoholism and poor and unhealthy food.

Staying at a healthy weight is significant in reducing cancer risk and other chronic health conditions such as heart conditions and diabetes. Obesity or overweight increases the chances of cancer and one of the ways is the excess weight produce and circulate more hormones. e.g., insulin is produced thus causing cancer growth.

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