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Planet hunters proceed to find the far world that resembles the art. Some of the many exoplanets that have been observed currently have similar temperatures or sizes. Others have assist atmospheres and rocky surfaces. However, no world up to now has given an unambiguous sign of the feature that nonetheless places the apart the light blue dot.

Identifying the signs of a planet in the earth like planets will be possible due to the fact there is progress in the detection of planets and their atmospheres. The presence of planets is revealed with the aid of the atmospheric gasses when they move past the the front of their host star. The atmospheric gasses absorb some of the Starlights, hence displaying the planets. Also, water vapor, oxygen, and other gasses which do not belong to the dead world are enough evidence that life exists elsewhere.

Frank Drake wrote Drake Equation in 1961 to address the question of radio-communicative alien life. The equation summarizes the factors determining the number of civilizations that are possibly contacted. These factors are the number of stars in our galaxy having planets and the period length that the advanced alien civilizations would be emitting the radio signals into space.The equation gives an easy way of calculating the number of civilizations that have the possibility of enhancing the interstellar communication which shares the Milky Way Galaxy with us. The equation has been reviewed to focus on the just the existence of alien life. It is useful in determining the estimated number of planets having detectable signs of life discoverable in future (Dartnell, Lewis). The following is the Drake equation in a simplified form:

Number of Civilizations=NHP×flife×fciv×fnow4

The meaning of each factor in the equation are outlined below:

NHP is the number of planets which have the potential of sustaining life, i.e.,the number of planets which are habitable in the galaxy.

flife is the portion that has life in the planets which have the potential of supporting life. For instance, if its value is 1, then it means that all the planets that are habitable have a life. If it is 1/1000, it means that there is only one planet having a life among a thousand of them. Therefore, NHP×flife is the product that gives the number of planets that bear life in the galaxy.

fciv is the part of the worlds that bear life, and there is a possibility of interstellar communication. Assuming that its value is 1/100, it means that the civilization has been in existence on one planet out of a hundred that have a life. The remaining 99 have not had any species that learned to develop high powered lasers, radio transmitters or any other interstellar communication devices. So, NHP×flife×fciv is a product giving the number of planets where intelligent beings have undergone evolution and build a civilization for communication at some time in the history of our galaxy (Dartnell, Lewis).

fnow is the portion the planets that bear civilization which occurs in the present as opposed to happening in several years in the past. It is a major factor since we believe in contacting only those civilizations which broadcast signals we can receive at present. Estimation of fnow is based on the assumption that the time of travel of light for signals from other stars has been considered. Therefore, NHP×flife×fciv×fnow4 gives the number of civilizations that being can potentially make contact with at present.

The first term, NHP is the only term in the equation that whose result is not calculated. Instead, we can only make a reasonable approximation.

Work Cited

Dartnell, Lewis. Life In The Universe. 1st ed., Oxford, Oneworld Book, 2012.


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