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Hilton Hotel and Resorts is a global hospitality company with Hilton as its flagship brand. It provides full hotel and resort services. Conrad Hilton founded the company in 1919, and it now has over 570 hotels and resorts spread across eighty-five countries on all six continents (Kim 2014). Hilton Hotels & Resorts properties are managed, franchised, or owned by independent Hilton operators. Today, Hilton is one of the world's most forward-thinking, stylish hospitality leaders, providing customers around the world with a contemporary and authentic experience (McNeill and McNamara 2009). The company recognizes the importance of food and drinks to its clients, and it, therefore, provides a broad range of delicious and accessible meal options to satisfy the dietary needs of all its guests or customers (Samanta 2009). This paper presents a report for Hilton, providing a view of how the company sets about trying to create a “real meal experience” for its customers.

How Hilton Might Establish the Right Environment for Dinners

The Hilton Hotels and Resorts might create the right environment for dinners by recognizing and emphasizing its ethical, social, and environmental responsibilities that arise from its operations as well as the welfare of its suppliers, customers, employees, and the communities in which they operate (Oktadiana and Kurnia 2011). The establishment of the right environment for dinners at Hilton would require the company to get committed to operating in an open, ethical, and honest manner so as to sustainably and responsibly deliver dinner menus and services of the highest quality to the customers (Mansour 2016).
Additionally, the company might create the right environment for dinners by designing its dinner options with the customers in mind. A more friendly and beneficial environment for dinners should allow the customers to enjoy nutritious light bites, different innovative dishes made with fresh ingredients, as well as a broad range of beverages (Chen, Wang, and Chu 2011). Besides, the company should create dinner options that favor all its diverse customers, from pre-dinner drinks to dinner meals. The establishment of the right environment for dinners would also require the company to consider making its customers enjoy their dinners from the convenience of their hotel rooms. The company also needs to design its menu in a manner that ensures the availability of meals for everyone, with several healthy choices (Opara 2016).
Hilton might also establish the right environment for dinners by creating an environment and offering food options that inspire conversations among the customers as they enjoy the company's thoughtful, creative meals and drinks. That would require proper incorporation of various locally sourced ingredients into the meals while providing support towards ensuring environmental sustainability. Additionally, the company should consistently avail an extensive menu that covers all the customers’ dinner, lunch, and breakfast options (Nasution and Mavondo 2008).

Hilton’s Food and Beverage Service Systems

Hilton’s food and beverage division forms one of the world’s largest bars and restaurants, serving over twenty-two million guests annually (Mensah 2013). The company’s food and beverage division works closely with the Hilton brand’s restaurant concept departments with the aim of developing hotel food and beverage solutions for the company, as well as enhance the real meal experience for the customers. Such solutions offer award-winning and unique concepts that are capable of providing customers with exceptional, memorable meal experiences (Phalippou 2014).
Additionally, the company offers unique foods and beverages across its global branches, and its Restaurants Concept Department ensures the provision of unique restaurant and service concepts to all the company's hotels (Kim 2014). The company further enhances the real meal experience for its customers by providing the clients with a broad range of dishes and drinks from which to choose most favorable meals and beverages, as well as embrace various restaurant concepts such as Fox Sports, Palm Steak House, and Morimoto among others (Kim 2014).

Hilton’s Current Competitive Environment

Hilton currently competes with various global players in the hospitality industries such as Marriott International, Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Choice Hotels International (CHH), the France-based ACCOR Group, Hyatt Corporation, and Intercontinental Hotels among others (Mansour 2016). Some of the Hilton’s key criteria for hotels include global operations, quality of rooms and services, and the attractiveness of its locations. Apart from the UK, Hilton also has a strong presence in the United States, and the company continues to expand its global operations to increase its market base (Opara 2016). Additionally, the company is enhancing its reliance on the franchisee-based growth model as a means of remaining relevant and competitive in the market. Such a step would allow the company to earn more revenues without incurring other costs in constructing hotels and purchasing real estates. Such a strategy further allows the company to concentrate its efforts towards creating a strong brand that provides a real meal experience for its global customers (Opara 2016).
Hilton has a competitive advantage over its competitors due to its service differentiation, which makes it provide better services that enhance the customers' real meal experience. The company specifically distinguishes its services by maintaining quality meals, as well as ensuring the highest level of service standards (Mansour 2016). Besides, Hilton integrates its information technology systems into different service provision aspects. Another Hilton’s major competitive advantage is digital hospitality (Mansour 2016). The company embraces digitalization by ensuring the availability of digital booking channels, customer experience and privacy, data-driven personalization, as well as mobile services. Besides, the effective integration of such digitalization components contributes significantly towards enhancing the customers’ real meal experience (Opara 2016).

The Role of Innovation at Hilton

Hilton has an integrated system of innovative solutions and employs the use of advanced technologies that work together towards driving the company's increased business as well as lowering costs without compromising the quality of the company's products and services. Innovation, therefore, contributes significantly towards giving the company its global performance advantage (McNeill and McNamara 2009).
Through the use of technology, Hilton allows its customers to choose and control their meals and rooms, thereby improving the overall hotel experience for its customers. The technology allows customers to use their mobile phones, computers and other electronic devices to access a broad range of services including remote check-in, pre-ordering food items, and pre-selection of specific rooms among other services (Mensah 2013). The use of technology at Hilton not only enhances the customers’ real meal experience but also improves effective engagement training of the company’s employees (Mensah 2013). The company recognizes the importance of continuous and optimal team training, and its contribution towards enhancing the quality of the customers' experience. The company emphasizes the incorporation of various digital advances so as to enhance its existing team training programs, and in turn, improve the real meal experience for its customers (Phalippou 2014).

How Hilton Monitors Its Internal Performance

Hilton's management team recognizes that driving the company's future growth and development depends significantly on their ability to attract more customers, improve their services, and train their staff with the aim of improving the company's overall performance. The company believes that its success depends on the promotion of knowledgeable, well-trained, and capable management team within, as well as the continuous motivation of its teams in all its global branches (Oktadiana and Kurnia 2011).
One of the Hilton’s efforts towards monitoring its internal performance is the provision of equal opportunity for training, employment, and career development, as well as promoting its staff without any form of discrimination (Kim 2014). The company also operates to high employment practice standards and has a broad range of policies which help in ensuring the availability of promotion, career development, and training opportunities. The company's recruitment practices prioritize internal promotions, and when it lacks suitable internal candidates, the company uses a combination of various external recruitment agencies as well as contracts and industry knowledge to select suitable individuals for various vacant positions (Kim 2014).
Hilton also monitors its internal performance by establishing an ethnically diverse workforce and giving each subsidiary the responsibility of achieving and maintaining proper communication and consultation with all the employees to as to gather information regarding various issues affecting the company. Besides, Hilton employs different external consultants with the aim of enhancing its overall performance through the improvement of the customers’ real experience (Chen, Wang, and Chu 2011).
Hilton also monitors its internal performance by committing itself to ensuring integrity within the company premises. Ethical standards contribute significantly towards improving the company’s performance, right from the way it conducts its business operations, by ensuring that all the company’s employees behave in an ethical manner and adhere to the organization’s ethical standards at all times (Mansour 2016). Besides, Hilton has a whistle-blowing policy which allows its staff members to confidently raise any concerns relating to any potential or actual improprieties regarding financial matters or any other aspect of the company’s business. Hilton also has Anti-corruption and anti-bribery policies which ensure the maintenance of integrity within the company at all times (Kim 2014).


Ensuring an exceptional customer experience requires Hilton’s management team to consider not only what they offer, but also when, how, and why they provide various services. The efforts to driving the customers’ real meal experience to higher levels, if employed effectively and thoughtfully, get felt throughout the company, down to every customer and employee. Additionally, staying on the forefront of offering the ultimate customer experience requires the company to embrace continuous innovation, which involves the integration of new technologies and continuous improvement of team member-related training. Besides, customer interactions remain an essential tool towards realizing proper customer relationships with the business. Hilton also needs to refresh its business premises with little or no customer disruption as a step towards improving the customers’ relationships with the business. The company also needs to build strong and relatively long-term relationships with all its suppliers and partners as a means of improving customer relationships. The optimization of customer feedback systems can also contribute immensely towards improving Hilton’s relationships with its customers.

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