Marriages of Teenages

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Teenage marriage has been a topic of debate among parents and other stakeholders across the globe for several years now. Teenage marriages are legal in some countries while illegal in others. Teenage marriage is an ancient practice that should not be encouraged in this modern society to allow the youth to pursue their studies and have a career to compete with the advancing technologies and growing economies. Teenagers are not fully developed to get into motherhood and overcome the health complications that are related to childbirth and marriage; therefore, teenage marriages should not be encouraged. Teenagers should be allowed to complete their studies and not get married at an early age because this has detrimental effects on their future.

Marriage is not all about being in a relationship, and love, as many teenagers tend to believe. It has a much more grounded side whereby the people getting married should be financially stable to be able to support their families. However, many teenagers are more dependent on the parents financially. In addition, most of them at that time they want or are forced to get married, they are in college and yet to finish their studies meaning they cannot fend for themselves since they still rely on their parents for financial help. Therefore, teenage marriages should not be encouraged because these adolescents are not ready to take care of their financial needs, as they are still dependent on their parents for their financial needs. Problems related to money or lack of finances can ruin a young family.

Teenage marriages are one of the leading reasons why many adolescents are unable to complete their studies. Early marriages deprive most adolescents the chance to graduate from high school and join their college of choice, and for this reason, it should not be encouraged. Moreover, these marriages force them to give their youth without even having a clear understanding of what they are getting into. Most of them will drop out of school just to get married then after having children; they face severe financial problems, which later on lead to domestic violence and afterward divorce. Therefore, teenage marriages should be discouraged because most of these unions will always end up in divorce when the teenagers are unable to handle problems that come with a married life.

Most teenagers are forced into marriage due to poverty in their families. In countries where teenage marriage is legal, parents will always force their young children into marriage for financial gains, and this is very wrong. All countries should review the idea of teenage marriages to protect vulnerable teenagers from being forced out of school by their parents to get married. This mostly affects the girl child because their parents are just greed to get money from the marriage. Hence, this should be discouraged in our societies to protect the vulnerable teenagers from being forced into early marriages.

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Teenage relationships and marriages have always been glamorized and romanticized by many. Even though the relationships are legal, they can have serious detrimental effects on most adolescent couples because marriages entail the highest degree of responsibilities that adolescents are not able to undertake. Not to mention the problems conjoined with unwanted pregnancies, which can get them into several financial issues, yet they have little or even no chances to get employment since some of them are also yet to complete their studies. Therefore, teenage marriages are a decision that should be revisited and revised by many states to allow our young people to achieve their studies and have careers.

I choose this topic because I wanted to understand more about the effects of allowing teenage marriages. I want people to know more about teenage marriages and how they have adverse effects on the young people who are allowed to get married in their teenage lives. Teenage marriage is a problem that is affecting the adolescent in the society today, and it is a matter that should be reviewed by countries that have made these marriages legal. Early/teenage marriages deny the adolescents excellent educational opportunities, leads to poverty, domestic violence, and other marital problems in addition to having serious adverse effects on their health (girls). Therefore, teenage marriage should not be encouraged in our society today.

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Annotated Bibliography

Adedokun, Olaide, Oluwagbemiga Adeyemi, and Cholli Dauda. "Child Marriage and Maternal Health Risks among Young Mothers in Gombi, Adamawa State, Nigeria: Implications for Mortality, Entitlements and Freedoms." African Health Sciences 16.4 (2016): 986-999. Print.

This is a study about early marriages in some parts of Nigeria. The aim of the study it to liberate the girl-child from early marriages and motherhood. This article is vital for my paper because it contains all the information about the effects of teenage marriages including maternal health problems. According to the authors, most of the married teenagers only have a primary education and a good percentage of them will always experience complications during and after birth thus bringing serious health problems. This source is right in supporting my research question that teenage marriages should not be encouraged. I am going to use some of the information in this article to show my audience the adverse effects of teenage marriages.

Chandra-Mouli, Venkatraman, Camacho Alma Virginia, and Michaud Pierre-André. "WHO Guidelines on Preventing Early Pregnancy and Poor Reproductive Outcomes among Adolescents in Developing Countries." Journal of Adolescent Health 52.5 (2013): 517 522. Print.

This article spells it clear that early pregnancies are a serious public health concern in developing countries. The authors note that due to this, the WHO has launched evidence-based guidelines to address the issue of teenage pregnancies by preventing it and encouraging the teenagers to complete their studies. Even though this article deals mainly with the adolescent pregnancy topic, it is directly related to my research question, and I believe it will be a helpful source that will help me further my research on teenage marriages. This study contains most of the data I need to use while arguing that teenage marriages should be stopped and adolescents given the right to complete their studies. I could use this article for information about the outcomes of early pregnancies.

Cockburn, John, Dessy Sylvain, and Diarra Sétou. "How Much of the Incidence of Child Marriage Is Explained by the Demand for Child Brides? A Quantitative Assessment1." (2015). Print.

In this article, it is evident that child marriages exist in most developing countries. According to the authors, parents who wish to gain financially from the marriage always instigate teenage marriages in developing countries. This article states clearly that teenage marriages affect both girls and boys because after getting married, they drop out of school and resume the responsibilities of married couples. This article is vital for my research because it provides the background of early marriages, its effects, and strong reasons why it should never be encouraged.

Goli, Srinivas, Rammohan Anu, and Singh Deepti "The Effect of Early Marriages and Early Childbearing on Women’s Nutritional Status in India." Maternal and Child Health Journal 19.8 (2015): 1864-1880. Print.

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This is a study in India of early childbearing in India. The report provides the readers with a clear picture of the effects of early childbearing in teenage marriages. Most young girls are forced into early teenage marriages, and this means that they have to become parents at an early age yet they are not ready to the task. The study finally concludes that teenage marriages should be prevented in India because of its adverse effects namely increased maternal and child mortality.

This study contains useful data that I will use while arguing against teenage marriages.

Vang, Pa Der, and Bogenschutz Matthew. "Teenage Marriage and the Socioeconomic Status of Hmong Women." International Migration 52.3 (2014): 144-159. Print.

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This article contains information on the relationship between education, marriage patterns, and earnings among Hmong women in the US. A survey in this report reveals that there are high rates of marital abuse and poverty in couples who got married as teenagers compared to those who waited until adulthood to get married. With this data, I will be able to argue that teenage marriages are prone to domestic violence and poverty compared to adult marriages and for that reason, marriages among adolescents should not be encouraged. Even so, this source contains useful information and data that will help me support my claims against teenage marriages throughout my paper.

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