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Junior (College 3rd year) ・Mathematics ・MLA
  1. If something can't be a play without being a performance, then being a performance is a sufficient condition for being a play.
  2. If something can't be a play without being a performance, then being a play is a necessary condition for being a performance.
  3. A complex sentence which connects multiple simpler sentences with the word ""and"" is true if and only if: all of its simple sentences are true
  4. What does it mean for a deductive argument to be valid? - Its conclusion must be true if all of its premises are true
  5. If being Y is sufficient for being X, then being X is Necessary for being Y.
  6. Something can't be a flux capacitor if it doesn't have a plutonium transmogrifier. Therefore, being a flux capacitor is a Necessary condition for having a plutonium transmogrifier.
  7. In a reduction ad absurdum argument we derive a contradiction from a set of initial assumptions. What, therefore, can we conclude? - There is a true contradiction
  8. Why does Descartes begin his project of demolishing his previous knowledge? - He knows he has believed false things in the past and he's worried he still believes false things. If he wants to leave something lasting in the sciences, he will need to demolish the foundations of his knowledge and begin again.
  9. Before imagining that there is an evil demon placing all of his thoughts and experiences into him, what other possibility does Descartes imagine might be the case which would also call much of his knowledge into doubt. - Every book
  10. Descartes has ever read was written specifically to trick Descartes into believing something False.
  11. What is psychological doubt? (As opposed to epistemic doubt). - Psychological doubt is our inability to know anything about our own minds.
  12. What is epistemic doubt? (As opposed to psychological doubt). - Epistemic doubt is our inability to know anything about our the minds of others
  13. Descartes eventually regains trust in his senses. How? - He decides that God creates everything and is not a deceiver, and it would have been contrary to God's nature to have created an evil demon.
  14. If Descartes decides that he can doubt a former belief of his, what does he do with that belief?
  15. He suspends judgment in the belief, neither believing it nor disbelieving it.
  16. On a scale of 1-100, how certain must you be in something in order for you to know it, according to Descartes? 75
  17. The theory which says that all that happens in the physical world is bits of matter pushing other bits of matter around is known as: Mechanism
  18. What of the following is not an example of a primary quality, according to Locke? Color
  19. True or false: According to Locke physical objects have both primary and secondary qualities. True
  20. Which of the following is not an example of a way that secondary qualities differ from primary qualities, according to Locke. Secondary qualities are merely ideas in our mind, unlike primary qualities.
  21. Which of the following are the secondary qualities of a Golden Delicious apple, according to Locke? (Pick all that apply) Its golden color you see.
  22. Which of the following are not problems for mind/body dualism (select all that apply). The problem of Mary the scientist. The problem of the violation of the law of the conservation of energy.
  23. What is one reason in favor of mind/body dualism? We have very good reasons for thinking that we will eventually be able to create artificial intelligences.
  24. According to George Berkeley, how are the mind and body related? The mind is separate from the body and interacts with it via the pineal gland.
  25. What is the principle of Ockham's razor? If two entities have different properties then they cannot be identical.
  26. What does it mean if the kind ""chair"" is multiply realizable? There are multiple ways to construct something that counts as a chair.
  27. According to Functionalism, the mind is to the body as ingredients is/are to fully cooked meals.
  28. According to functionalism, what makes a mental item (like a belief that a battery is running low or a fear that I will miss my plane, etc.) the mental item that it is, rather than some other mental item? Its causal profile: What causes it and what it causes. Also, which mental processes/functions take it as inputs and which create it as an output.
  29. According to John Searle, what can the Chinese room and the person inside of it not do. Convince someone outside the machine interacting with it that someone inside the room understands Chinese.
  30. Why is Mary the scientist who knows all the physical facts but who sees something red for the first time supposedly a problem for physicalism? Physicalism can't be true if Mary sees red for the first time outside of her lab, since her complete knowledge of the physical facts would enable Mary to simply imagine what red looks like, even in her black and white lab.
  31. What does induction assume about the past, present, and future? The past, present, and future form not a temporal loop, but a temporal ""corkscrew,"" repeating but still advancing.
  32. How does the ontological argument from God purportedly prove God's existence? It argues that every event must have a cause except the first cause. Since a chain of events cannot be infinite there must be a first cause - God.
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