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Philippe Starck

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Philippe Starck

Philippe Starck was a great artist   in the year 1949.  His father was an aircraft engineer and deal with design and this is why Starck was interested in a similar career. His designs were admired by many people and this is how he was known by the then President of France. His talent on artwork attracted Pierre Cardin as the director of his publishing business. The designs by Starck illustrated the materiality in the society and this is what attracted many people.

After growing professionally, Starck started his own company and started dealing with manufacturers. In this market, he used the democratic design where he designed products that were to be produced in large quantities. The believe was that this design led to minimization of costs of production, as opposed to one off pieces. This also led to improved quality of the industrial products. His good performance in the design industry made the France president to request his minister to get the services of Starck who would design the refurbishment of his apartments.

Philippe Starck is known for his democratic design that involved design of products that would be produced in large quantities saving costs and improving quality. Later, he was recognized for his style that is called democratic ecology. His design for chairs is still remembered all over the world. He used plastic in making of furniture that had different appearances. The designs were then used in various places. Apart from furniture and industrial products, Philippe is known to have designed many buildings, including residential apartments, hotels, and bars. The items he designed and made sometimes had some political messages that people could read.

In conclusion, Philippe Starck was a successful designer considering that his designs can be found in museums both in America and in Europe. His talent had an impact all over the world. He was a wealthy man with famous hotels in Miami and Hong Kong, which were designed by him. It means that his talent helped him create much wealth.


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