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A not-for-profit organization is one in which all contributions and money raised are used to keep the organization going and accomplish more of its goals, rather than being paid to the owners as dividends or profit. The Red Cross is an example of a non-profit organization. The Red Cross is a humanitarian organization that has devoted time and energy to saving lives through blood donation, social care, and disaster relief around the world. Employees, generous donors, and volunteers all work for the same goal: ensuring that people all over the world do not suffer any longer (American Red Cross, n.d.). Giving or contributing towards an organization such as this does not only involve financial aid but comes in all manner of ways for example through volunteering in a community exercise, donating blood and also the donation of material items. Giving can be done through individual giving, sponsorships and charitable events. Individual giving makes up the largest percentage of the contributions for most non-profits. Sponsorships allow a partnership with other organizations. Charitable events for example galas, auctions, runs or walks offer an opportunity to create community awareness and indulge them in the activities of the organization. Participation through sacrificing time is also a form of giving. Anyone can give depending on their measure of capacity (Allison, 2017). According to Goldie Hawn, “Giving is as good for those you’re assisting as it is for you, because it gives you purpose. A happier person is one with a purpose driven life,” (as cited by Jenny, 2017).

Importance of Giving to a Worthy Cause

Winston Churchill said, “People make a living out of what they get and people make a life by what they give,” (Jenny, 2017). Red Cross, for example, has reached thousands of families across the globe. From helping build safer communities, providing health care facilities, providing shelter, food and clothing to disaster struck families and donation of life-saving blood. Provision of assistance without discrimination to alleviate suffering and protect life is a worthy cause that one should be a part of (American Red Cross, n.d.). Showing love and care creates friendship, understanding and peace among people and who wouldn’t want that? Your giving could help in imaginable ways and also be of benefit to you. To clear up doubts whether your donation to an organization is used, research is available to help one clear the questions. The following are some of the effects and significance of giving to a worthy cause.

Being a Part of Something Bigger

Through giving, you will be able to support a cause that you feel is important directly. You may not be a physician, but through the donation of saving blood, a child with leukemia or anemia will be saved. Many accidents and disasters happen across the world leading to hospitalization with thousands in need of blood transfusions. Donating food to help feed a family in a hunger stricken area and provide clothing to that low-income family is a noble cause. Donation even without physical presence is satisfactory, and though it may not seem much when it is combined with those of other people, it translates to something immense. When you see videos of children and their families in deserted areas drinking clean water provided by the organization you helped fund, your world view is changed, and you become motivated to give more just to create a better world for someone else. Your little giving will always make a big difference (Amy, n.d.).

The Benefit of Tax deduction

Although tax deduction is not a good reason and should not be the main drive to your giving; altruism should; it is an additional bonus in some countries, for example, the United States of America (Amy, n.d.). Money or property you give to an organization could be itemized on your tax forms. Paying on capital gains can be achieved through charitable giving. You should not throw out furniture, equipment or old clothes as they may be of help to someone else especially when they are in good condition. It is, however, vital to ensure that you are acquainted with the rules of charitable contribution deductions as not all the non-profit organizations have this privilege.

A Grateful Attitude

Many people do not see the importance of what they have until they lose it. Across the globe, people do not have the luxury to drink clean water or have three meals a day. Giving to a worthy cause helps you appreciate the blessings that you have and also motivates you to give more. Giving teaches a community to be there for each other and also teaches the value of being content. A grateful heart enables a peaceful mind (Jenny, 2017).

Setting a Good Example

The perfect role model for your children is you. Giving to a not-for-profit organization will teach the younger generation values of gratitude and instill in them a desire to share. Children are said to be the future of a country. With them learning the core values of sharing and caring about others other than themselves, the world would become a better place with leaders who are not greedy and value people. Other’s lives will be touched by a child’s generosity, and this will last throughout their lifetime remembering that charity always begins at home (Amy, n.d.).

Improvement in Health

Studies have shown that volunteering helps you score better in key health measurements, for example, blood pressure levels and flexibility during physical activities. Red Cross puts aside a day to assemble all members and volunteers for a charitable walk, actively engaging everyone. Walking helps you exercise your body while contributing to a much greater cause especially among the elderly in the community. It also reduces the time you spend watching television and the practicing a sedentary life that may lead to other chronic conditions plus weight gain. Volunteering helps in relieving stress as a change in scenery helps you have a fresh and different perspective on things. You can also get to appreciate the different skills you have to offer outside your profession to people who are in dire need of it for example construction of schools in remote areas or latrines to improve sanitation. Giving and volunteering help in maintaining both mental and physical wellness (Smith & Davidson, 2014).

Social Exchange

Giving especially by offering services combats social isolation as it brings people together. The Red Cross Society also has days for community service which includes parks, beaches and towns clean-ups ensuring sanitation and better living environments. Sparing some time to join others in doing a noble cause helps you connect with other people. Researchers have proven that people who tend to be isolated die young than those with strong social connections (Jenny, 2017).

Improving the Community

You have to be the change you wish to see. Giving to community nonprofit organizations helps to guarantee assistance during times of need and also ensures safety nets during emergencies. The Red Cross society has constructed children’s day cares and elderly care facilities. These facilities were built by volunteers using funds from donors and other members. You participating in such activities helps in supporting families which include the young and the elderly. Being a part of after-school and mentoring programs shows support for the youth and helps them become responsible and reliable adults in the society. Dedicating your time to teaching students in places where there are no institutions helps reduce illiteracy levels and hence empowerment (Smith & Davidson, 2014).

Career Advancements

Giving in many ways especially taking part in a not-for-profit organization activities helps you improve your career and also gain experience in the field that you’re interested in. For example, if your interest lies in nursing, organizations like Red Cross helps in offering health care services for people who cannot access it. Therefore, offering services to better a community either far or near also helps to improve one’s skills (Smith & Davidson, 2014). Taking part in various volunteer work also may give you opportunities to get internships that could benefit you in your career as said in a Chinese proverb that goes: “Happiness for an hour comes through taking a nap, fishing brings happiness for a day, inheriting a fortune brings happiness for a year but lifetime happiness comes through helping somebody,” (as cited by Jenny, 2017).


Various forms of giving whether, through the donation of material things, money, time or services, a difference in another person’s life is made. Giving is a human connection and not a business transaction. Giving benefits extend far beyond altruism and tax benefits. The psychological, financial, emotional and social benefits of giving to a worthy cause outweigh the satisfaction of spoiling yourself and your family members.


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