Technology and Children

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Technology has altered every part of our lives, including how we interact, socialize, and react to circumstances. The effect of technology on children's progress, both physically and emotionally, as well as the way they make decisions and interact with others, is the most emphasized and remembered. While technology has had many positive effects on children, it has some negatives that are correlated with its use (Ian Hutchby, 2013). This has been found in the way children spend their time, communicate with others, and excel in school. The physical growth of children is one of the most well-known effects of technology. A general observation today will give the real details that children do not get as much. A general observation today will give the real details that children do not get as much exercise as they used to. Due to the availability of computers, smartphones and television games, children have stopped going out to play with their friends. The reason for this is that they stay glued to the screens making them forget about other children completely. The fact is that the tablets and computers have become enough companions for them. The aspect of obesity has also increased as a result of this way of living (In Heider & In Jalongo, 2014).

In addition to getting exercise, many children do not experience the benefits of spending time outside. Since they are heavily reliant on technology for entertainment, they forget the benefits that they can get from outside such as exposure to sunlight that helps them stay healthy. The state of technology is adversely affecting children health in some significant ways (Couchenour & Chrisman, 2014). Research has also shown that the devices that children spend glued on emit harmful blue light that causes a headache, eye irritation and straining. Because of this, their bodies cannot efficiently stay fit and prepare for relaxation. Because of this, children could develop long-term health complications that can be controlled now through regulating the time that they should spend on the technological access devices and the extent to which they use them.

Technology has also influenced how children think and feel. It has become so hard for children to focus. Children who spend most of the time playing video games or spend the most time online have a problem in focusing than those who spend minimal time. The reason for this is that technology is full of stimuli and requires paying attention (Rowan, 2013). Consequently, it affects how children process information and make conclusions. Children who are more exposed to technology tend to think of things only superficially and do not develop the ability to think critically or be creative. The natural way of comprehending situations is altered due to much exposure to technology.

More into this, technology has changed the way children socialize due to the tremendous effects it has on their mental and emotional wee-being. It is widely known that high levels of social media use lowers self-esteem and causes moods fluctuations. The reason for the reduced socialization and build on self-esteem is that there is reduced frequency for children to interact with their peers. Because of this, it becomes very hard for them to learn from others and feel challenged in the way they take life (Casbergue & Strickland, 2016). More into this, it makes it difficult for them to pick on social cues. As a result, they experience many difficulties when developing relationships and it could become a long time negative effect as they grow and develop. It is difficulty in developing emotions in a normal way due to the impact of technology and the way they are made to perceive life by the presentations of technology. The fact is that they have indulged themselves into a life of their own where they tend to forget about the existence of others around them. Therefore, they do not think about other people as much of their concentration is on social media platforms and the games to be played (Strasburger, Wilson & Jordan, 2013).

Furthermore, technology has significantly affected the way children perform in school. There has been a consistent drop in the way children perform due to reduced integrity and intelligence. The reason for this is that they spend more time on their laptops and smartphones and less time on their books. Half the time that they dedicate to their books is enough to make a change on their school performance records. However, they do not realize it since their major drive is to stay connected to their computers and other devices that will enable them to play a game or look up things online. More into this, excessive use of technology has resulted in poor relations in schools. Research findings depict that children who spend most of their time on technology have difficulty in creating and maintaining relationships. They are mostly affected by temperamental aspects and occurrences (Clinton & Steyer, 2012). This makes it hard for them to build useful relations with their colleagues and teachers at school. Due to this, it is hard to get any school assistance from other students and teachers due to the tension in the relationship.

Moreover, there is moral erosion on children’s growth due to the features that technology presents to them. Social media is full of videos and postings that are mental eroding such as pornography films among others. Since they are at the children disposal and direct access, it is possible for the children to view them. The effects of this are significant, and the children start up their growth and development life on a moral erosion ground (Blake, Winsor & Allen, 2012).

Despite the many negative challenges that technology present to children does not mean that technology is bad. The reason is that technology provides a wide array of opportunities for learning, entertaining and socializing with children. Therefore, it is a better platform where children can advance their knowledge through research and analysis of what life presents. They would, therefore, grow up informed on world views on certain life aspects and interacting motives (Turkle, 2011). More into this, it helps them stay informed and elevated on the direction that the society is trending. It gives them the ability to set up their life goals based on life stories they encounter over the social media. It is possible for children to get role models through technology use that will make them set a foundation for their lives. In that context, therefore, technology is a useful factor to children growth when used for the right purpose.

More into this, technology enables children to develop connections at an early age. Through these connections, they can create life interests related to the people that they connect with. Because of this, they are in a position to start advancing and practicing their future careers as young as they are. Technology has formed a learning platform for the children. It is possible for the children to handles their class work online. With the help of the Google platform, they are also able to learn out of their class work schedule. The fact that online learning platforms connect class work analysis combined with its real-life application, it is possible for children to connect what they are learning with the real-life aspects. Therefore, technology is working itself out in enlightening and broadening the mental ability of the children as they grow up.


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Annotated Bibliography

Clinton, C., & Steyer, J. (2012). Is the Internet hurting children? CNN. Retrieved February 22, 2014, from

The authors of this article critically analyze the effects of technology on children. They present the exposure of technology as the basis of child growth challenges. The article describes the notions that accompany the life development of children who are exposed to technology. They base their references of the American culture where by the age of 5 years children already have an online history, social media platform accounts and play video games. From what the authors say, it is clear that technology is affecting out=r children negatively on the aspects of having limited attention span, lowered comprehension and risks of depression and problems in developing relationships.

Rowan, C. (2013, May 29). The impact of technology on the developing child. The Huffington Post. Retrieved February 19, 2014, from

Rowan laments on the course that technology is driving the current world particularly in reference to children. He reflects back to the time that children used to spend most of their time on designing and playing games. It was an era of creativity where children used their mental intelligence in designing games that they played. However, today this aspect has been replaced by the aspect of relying on technological based games thus reducing the aspect of the outdoor interaction of children. He also presents the effects that technology is causing on the family structure building. It is no longer a time when children and their parents took the time to talk about their lives and how they spent their day. Most of the time today’s children are locked up in their bedrooms playing games or browsing. There is minimal concentration on food and interest to interact with others. Because of this, the children brains have been reduced regarding attention and focus making it hard for them to relate well with others or expand their knowledge, particularly regarding schoolwork. He therefore critically explores the effects of technology on children and the toll it is taking on family structure.

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