The American Revolutionary War

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One of the most important eras in American history is that of the American Revolutionary War.

The Americans succeeded to defeat the British in a war in which all the odds were against them. So, in addition to Baron von Steuben's efficient training, there were many other factors that contributed to the triumph. As a result, strong leadership, a boost to morale, and tactical alliances are some of the key factors that contributed to the win. Therefore, the primary causes for the American victory in the Revolutionary War will be examined in this essay. Effective leadership was essential for the American forces. George Washington, a well-known commander, was among them. As a leader, Bailyn (82) emphasizes that he was strong, decisive, and effective at choosing the various army leaders. As a clear example, George Washington was influential in the selection of Baron von Steuben as a trainer of the army.

Failure of General Sir William Howe to Pursue Washington in 1776

In reference to Bailyn (88), Sir William Howe had a good opportunity to defeat and crush Washington's army in 1776. As such, Howe managed successfully to flank Washington's army at Jamaica pass, and the resultant battle of Long Island saw Americans beaten and having to retreat. Instead of pursuing the defeated army, Howe was reluctant and chose to visit his mistress in New York. In reference to Bailyn (89), the failure to pursue the American army while defeated allowed Washington and his army to escape to Manhattan and regroup.

Baron von Steuben as a Leader

Baron von Steuben was astute in his analysis of the patriot army (Weigley 26). Through interacting with the soldiers, there was the realization that the British techniques for drill coupled with discipline would not be effective in the American society. Further, there was the problem in the assigning of roles of drill coupled with discipline in the American army, which was left to the sergeants. Therefore, through his keenness in comprehending the need for a disciplined and well-trained army, he incorporated techniques learned in the Prussian army. As such, deemed by Elliott (107), as the "right man in the right place", he was given the role of inspector general in 1778 by Washington. The new role was a pivotal milestone for Baron von Steuben's vision of transforming the patriot army to a well drilled and disciplined army.

Battle of Saratoga and Involvement of the French

Despite the numerous battles, the turning point of the Revolutionary War occurred in 1777 in the battle of Saratoga. Located in upstate New York, the win by the Americans was an encouragement of the French to offer their support. The establishment of the Franco-American Alliance in 1778 set forth a path towards tactical and army personnel resource to ensure success in their war (Bailyn 80). Admittedly, the French alliance with Americans further led to the Spanish to pledge their allegiance. In the previous years, the Spaniards had been providing the Americans with munitions and suppliers. Nonetheless, their entry as combatants strengthened the American army.

General John Burgoyne – Ineffective Leadership and Arrogant British Troops

After the defeat in Saratoga, there was an increase in skirmishes between General John Burgoyne of the British army. The prospect of his diminishing position due to his ineffective leadership led to disillusionment among the British soldiers (Middlekauff 102). Most importantly, the British army had underrated the Americans, which has resulted into their defeat. With the increasing riots from his troops, the General resolved to surrender to the Americans, who had already increased in size.

Daniel Morgan as a Strategic Leader

Despite not receiving significant praise and commendation for his efforts, Daniel Morgan was effective towards the various successes of the American army. Well adept of the operational strategies of the British, since he had worked as a Wagoner, he was strategic in the implementation of guerrilla tactics to impede the efforts of the British (Middlekauff 102). Most specifically, Morgan was involved in Sniping activities, whereby he would kill the Native Americans, who were the guides to the British. Further, the process of sneaking behind the enemy and attacking, which had been deemed as uncivilized, was effectively adopted by Morgan who led to numerous British casualties. The most famous event of Morgan's career in the army was the battle at Cow Pens, whereby 300 of his army defeated a better trained British army led by Colonel Banastre (Middlekauff 116). Morgan's knowledge of British tactics and the terrain were critical towards securing victory in the battle.

Benjamin Franklin as a Spokesperson for the Americans

Franklin, in reference to Middlekauff (42), was extensively eloquent in his diplomatic relations. As such, his most influential talk was in Parliament in 1766, whereby he managed to encourage the leaders to undertake the war against the British. His eloquence in speech led to his role as a diplomat with the French. Through diplomatic relations, he managed to convince the French to join the American course while in Paris. In the previous years, the French had been persuaded that the Americans would not win the war. However, Franklin with his eloquence and provision of facts about American victories, he managed to convince the French to join the Americans.

Treaty of Commerce and Alliance

American army faced significant challenges in regards to ensuring that they had enough supplies, and the personnel were paid. The alliance with the French led to the transformation of their plight positively. According to Weigley (26), the treaty of Alliance with the French or the Franco American Treaty was a successful undertaking towards ensuring that resources were available to the Americans. Specifically, the Treaty of Amity and Commerce of 1778 led to access to finances and ammunitions emanating from the French. Ensuring that there were enough supplies coupled with payment to the American soldiers was influential and a source of a morale boost to the American army. Most importantly, there was an increasing optimistic approach by the soldiers in their perception about victory over the British.

Bastille Key

The offering of the Bastille Key by Lafayette to George Washington was a symbolic gesture that was influential on the Revolutionary War. Through offering the Key, the French leader exuded his support to the Americans in their war. As a sentimental reflection of the allegiance of the French to the Americans, the Key was symbolic and effective to the Revolutionary War. In reference to Weigley (26), the Bastille Key offered at Mount Vernon was transformational on the perceptions of the soldiers regarding the French and their intentions towards the Americans.

Southern Campaign 1780-81 and Yorktown Oct. 1781

Since the commencement of the American War, there was the recognition and fear about the warm weather of the south. As such, the Southern Campaign in regions such as Florida and Georgia were feared by the British and American army. Despite the extensive losses suffered by the Americans, the British were the losers in the battles (Middlekauff 102). Accordingly, the southern fever took a toll on the British soldiers significantly undermining their health, which transformed into increasing surrender by the British.

Charles Cornwallis as an Ineffective Leader

Charles Cornwallis was a decorated leader in the Revolutionary War operating under the British army. Despite his successes in New Jersey and New York, he came under extensive mutiny in his battle in North Carolina. Facing a growing American and French army, he resorted to ineffective leadership that was characterized by poor defensive position (Middlekauff 102). The mistakes in his battlefield strategies led to his defeat in Yorktown.


The victory of the Americans in the Revolutionary War was a combination of various aspects. Effective leadership of George Washington, Baron von Steuben, and the strategic alliance with the French are some of the reasons for the victory. Therefore, accrediting the victory to one aspect is inaccurate. It was the combination of the aspects of leadership, army tactics, alliances, and motivated personnel that secured the independence of the Americans.

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