The introductory class in psychology

Freshman (College 1st year) ・Psychology ・APA

In psychology

The introductory class is very informative and insightful. As such, I have learned from this class many things, including the various forms of psychiatric disorders. These include the coping techniques that can be used to deal with the disorders. Awareness of the growth, causes, and prognosis of these health conditions that affect humans is important knowledge.

Relevant information and knowledge about the personality

of individuals was provided by the psychological class. This is related to the brain growth process and people's actions. The information is vital in my career in psychology since I will have the resources and capability to understand the functionality and behavioral traits of individuals while they are in the community. Further, such information will be a good source for the establishment of the key psychological problems, which the society faces because of the traits of people. Hence, it will be possible to generate a solution, which will be of great benefit to the entire society and individuals.

I believe that the current knowledge in psychology

will help me in answering the unanswered questions, which are related to the functionality of the brain. These include the development of language, stress, mental illnesses, and memory. Moreover, I will focus on understanding more on the functionality of the brain and how it affects individuals in society. Furthermore, I will have the chance to understand the brain and the character and nature of the future and current generations.

As an investigator,

I am focused on comprehending the disorders that affect people in society in a more detailed manner. The aim is to ensure that I will have the competency to assess these complications among people and formulate the appropriate remedy for the conditions. Hence, my skills and knowledge will contribute to solving psychological community problems in society.

Psychology will be a great ingredient

in my professional life. Thus, I focus on using the knowledge and skills in engaging in teaching, research, and volunteer ship to serve the needs of the community. The aim is to ensure that the problems, which are commonly faced in the society and identified and perfect measures adopted, which will help in solving them successfully. Time and money are the best investments to have in life. These are things that I hope to use as the key resources in learning about new concepts from psychology classes, which will be of great benefit to my future life.

Currently, there are several changes

which are occurring in the field of psychology. These will have a great impact in modeling the future leaders. Thus, the course will be a great source for self-evaluation on the strengths and weaknesses, which I have as a psychologist. The aim is to ensure that I am able to identify areas that need improvement, develop ethical behavior, and shape my future for the best. Furthermore, I focus on thinking critically and asking questions where I can inform leaders on opinions and concerns, which relate to the best life for the people in society.

Psychology will also help me to have a broader perspective

on the academic work and daily practicum. Thus, I will have the professional competencies and skills, which will ensure that I am able to achieve my degree successfully. Further, I will get a chance to receive feedback from several professionals through interactions and socialization on how to become a successful person in this career. Such will entail identifying mentors and leaders who will guide on how to become successful and utilize individual resources effectively.

Psychology involves the study of the functionality

of the mind and body of a person. Therefore, the psychological knowledge is helpful in the process of decision-making and ensures that an individual has the chance and capability to avoid situations that are stressful in life. Hence, people are able to manage their time, set and achieve goals, and live effectively. Thus, I believe that the science will ensure that I will become a successful person in the future. Further, my health will be good since I now understand issues related to mental illnesses. Consequently, I will adopt measures and living styles, which do not subject me to challenges of mental disorders, which could negatively impact my state of well-being in society.

Psychological studies also involve drug development.

Therefore, I will get the opportunity to diagnose several diseases that include Parkinson's and Alzheimer, which are a common social problem. Furthermore, the course will be of great impact to me since I will have the opportunity to write on several subjects and topics that I need. These are issues related to the well-being of the community members while using psychological approaches. I now know that whenever I have a problem, I can handle it better. Hence, psychology creates an opportunity for me to handle problems in an effective and successful manner in society.

I intended to use psychology

on my daily life as I associate and interact with other members in the community. Thus, my psychological knowledge will help me in establishing and building strong relationships. Such I because I will have the chance to understand other people in the society and know their behavior. Therefore, I will work with them effectively without major challenges in life. Psychology will also help me to become an efficient communicator. I will understand the behavior of other people and their way of thinking. Thus, I can read their actions, emotions, and gestures, which will create a chance for me to communicate to them successfully or provide an appropriate feedback related to the situation at hand.

The subject will build my self-confidence

which will ensure that I understand my personality. Thus, personal weaknesses are identified and strategies are formulated to address them in order to achieve success in society. Such includes enriching my career and understanding the social behavior of coworkers and colleagues. Hence, I will be able to handle the actions, which contribute to enriching my career and becoming a successful person in society.

Making plans, setting goals, and changing the lifestyle

are things that first develop in the mind. Thus, the psychological processing of the notion that something new has to be done acts as the first step to succeeding, accomplishing, and changing. Thus, psychology will be the source of my motivation on the physical things that I do in my life. The mind has to decide that I will do whatever I want and motivate me to achieve success at the end of the tunnel. Therefore, I will have the chance to avoid issues related to depression and self-esteem. The motivation of the mind is enhanced when new elements are added to the set goal. Further, I will ensure that I set clear goals and reward myself so that psychological enhances my motivation to undertake the different tasks and responsibilities that I need to do in my life.

I believe that financial decision is an integral thing

to consider in my life. Therefore, the decisions that I make today affect my tomorrow. Psychology will be a key factor to ensure that I make financial decisions, which are accurate and reliable. These decisions relate to the establishment of the strategies, which one has to adopt in order to be successful in life. Thus, psychology will help me in changing my mindset such that I can understand the difference that exists between needs and wants. Spending money is a psychological addiction. Therefore, there is a need to understand when to spend money and when to save. Hence, psychological lessons will create a good opportunity to learn on how to distinguish between the different times for saving and spending money. This will ensure that my financial plans are okay and I do not face challenges related to finances in my life.

The course will enlighten me on the psychological processes

which are involved in the process of making decisions in my life. Thus, several strategies have to be adopted to ensure that decision making is implemented and it does not become a regret in life. Furthermore, I will use psychology as a means to weigh the pros and cons of the decisions before jumping into conclusions, which can make me regret in the future. Such includes looking at the repercussions of every decision that I make.

Psychology will also play a significant role

in improving my leadership skills. I am a person who is interested in leading others towards achieving set or common goals in society. Therefore, I aim at embracing distinct leadership styles, which will make me a successful person in society. I need to offer clear guidance, identify problems and propose solutions, and stimulate ideas that reward creativity. All these elements I will learn from the psychological classes.

The brain is an integral organ in the body of a person

I will use psychology to ensure that I improve my functionality of the brain by having good memory of what I have been doing. Such will entail being positive on life circumstances and events where I focus on the information, I engage in elimination of distractions, and I rehearse what I learn. The outcome of these activities is that my memory will be improved significantly. A good memory will make me to be a reputed and respected person in society since people will not label me as a person who often forgets things easily.

I am one person

who is concerned with better performance and productivity. I will use psychological knowledge and skills to ensure that I become more productive in my life. Through psychology, I will ensure that I eliminate distractions, I focus on the tasks at hand, and I avoid engaging in multitasking activities, especially when handling complex tasks. The aim is to ensure that I remain successful and productive in my life in all my endeavors. Therefore, psychology will be the tool that I will use to shape my life in all my daily activities.

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