Transgender in Life of a Teenager

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Transgender refers to a group of social people that vary in their gender identity, gender speech, gender behaviors and do not adhere to the sexual gender assigned to them. It is because of the disconnection between the primary and secondary characteristics of individuals as one transitions from childhood to adulthood. Transgender life, particularly in socialism and building trust among peers, is difficult for a teenager. There are several ways in which transgender people are identified as heterosexual. Some may refuse, however, to predict their sexual orientation.
Another transgender idea is that a person is born with physical features that do not adhere to the notion of their male or female body. To comprehend more on transgender; Transgender congruence is defined as to the point at which individuals feel genuine and comfortable with their external appearance and embrace their gender identity. Most of the transgender people or teenagers have gone to the extent of getting hormonal treatment that is relatively expensive which may entail, sex reassignment surgery or psychotherapy.

It is to concern that most of the transgender face discrimination in the workplace, accessing accommodations, health care and no laws are put apparently to help out in such situations.
This paper typically tries to show how the transgender life is in a life of a teenager Mostly focusing on the sex, sexuality and the presence of transgender as a whole. What effects are brought as a result of transgenderism? What challenges are faced? This paper provides a research of transgenderism in one’s life especially for the teenagers who are trying to fit in the society and prove themselves worthy.

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To understand most out of the transgender in the life of a teenager. We need to grasp what is transgender identity. Which will be the door to the knowledge of sex and gender. Sex refers to the biological sex that is represented in his or her chromosomes. The sex assigned at birth mostly aligns with chromosomes. However, in transgender, the child may be presented as a female, but she has the male chromosomes thus bringing the transgender variation. While gender refers to the presentation of the sex. Cultures across the world have different ways of determining the gender of people.
Some theories exist explaining why some f the people are transgender. During the transition of sexuality in a teenager may seem hard due to various factors put in place since some of the gender roles play an influential role in the determination or justification of rape, social ills and much more. During this stage trying to embrace the reality seems hard especially for a teenager who wants to be associated with a particular gender whereas the transgender becomes a barrier to him or her. It brings to gender-queer which is when a person does not wish to be identified as a male or a female.
Transgender life is challenging to a teenager in many ways from the corner of discrimination among other. Where the bias in this fact being from rape cases, domestic violence and employment discrimination. Since most of the teenagers with transgender are not identified with a specific gender and any rights governing them for protection and such becomes hard to comprehend when such activities of rapes occur. Most as they seek employment may get a discrimination due to lack of proper identification that leads to a dilemma in the life of a teenager who has to work to feed him or herself.

In the case study done it has shown that most of the LGBT community who have committed suicide or murdered more than half are transgender since are much vulnerable to all type of discrimination. May it be a risk of violence at home or in the street. Lack of employment due to the factors f gender imbalance. From a tragic story of a teenager by the name Leelah Alcorn who committed suicide is that she was forced by her parents to live with boys that brought a psychological detriment since she was a trans teen.

The only way to ensure that the transgender especially the teens feel secure and bring sense to them. It is better for the transgender to choose what gender he or she would like to be associated with. Secondly the fact of the names it is better to refer a transgender by names and not He or she or it which may be offensive to them. Given the rampant discrimination, it is better to avoid being the apart of the problem by embracing them in the manner they want. Do not force gender roles at any point let them choose on their behalf.

There have been various issues arising from transgenderism in teenagers. The embracing of the transgender is not natural especially to one and the world at large. In the US most of the transgender issues are being brought up by politicians and the people behind computers. It has led to various suicides from the teenagers. From the case of Leelah, we focus on another case study of a teenager Elizabeth who advises her been terrified through the marriage of the anxiety of the worst things that can happen. What will the employer react? How will my coworkers treat me?

Thee are the most question that a teenager is focused on in every area. Being it backlash from the landlord to friends and society at all. Treatment of teenagers with transgender has not been easy at all who possess a significant challenge to their growth. The neglect by the community is also a considerable factor bringing to disownment from the teens with transgender. According to matt, the transgender people should be accorded with the same respect as anyone. They should not be judged on what is between their legs but what between their ear. Their bodies are their own.
The pronoun conundrum is another effect facing the life of a transgender teen as from the case study of a teen Ryan cassata aged 21 years who felt like a boy rather than a girl. Her mu showed Ryan love and acceptance which is most needed in a teen of 21 years. It shows that the transgender people like to be accorded with the gender which they identify themselves.
The act of emotional is prevalent for the transgender, especially teen. It is, however, advised to resist overreacting emotionally.

A life of a transgender is complicated in much due to various factors of the identity of gender and the world we are living today. The segregation of the transgender may have worked well in some countries though it is not good where some of the school forces the transgender to sign in with their names that may provide an offensive nature to the teens. However, some of the states have enacted various rules and have tried to end the segregation basing on the transgender. Gender dysphoria has become the topic of the day among the trans teen life.
Gender dysphoria is described as the diagnosis of the transgender people. Therefore, trying to change the child’s or teens identity through denial, punishment or reparative therapy is ineffective which is dangerous and can lead to permanent damage to the teen's mental health. The conversion therapies are not also useful and have been condemned by the American physiological association as psychologically harmful. Psychological fear is one of the challenges facing the teens.

The suffering of mental health has been an issue to the teens who have not embraced the transgender effects and the looking of the world at large. Psychology distress provides an excellent breeding ground of denial and misunderstanding among the teens which possess significant problem to the health and the general life of a teen who is a trans. An example of a teen who struggled with gender identity for years known as Leo Etherington a 15-year-old. His death is attributed to the denial at school which brings a psychological distress and leading to self-denial in school from teachers and friends.

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Being a transgender teen is not by choice but the life lived in is what matters. Most of the problem facing the life of a Transgender youth are numerous though can be brought down to the most common one in school, social amenities. Some of the everyday stresses that a transgender youth may face include: Peer harassment and bullying. According to previous studies, it shows that the life of a teen bullied replied that it is because they did not fit in. Since they are a member of the minority group, the transgender teen may be surrounded by the feelings of not fitting in at all.
Sexual harassment is more prominent on transgendered youth than a non-Tran gendered teenager. From a case study showing that 75% of the trans teen is abused verbally which is psychological distress. Bullying can bring long terms effects on a trans teen like skipping school and abandonment of their future goals. Secondly, substance use can be attributed to a teen. Trans teen s who are mostly bullied or harassed use substance abuse as a way to copy them and try to fit in. It is shown that most of trans teen use substance use such as cigarettes, alcohol, and marijuana.
From these two stresses in the trans teen shows that the life of a youth who is transgendered is not pleasant. Therefore, the environment they live in can become vulnerable. Teens need an well-presenting climate to ensure a good life and good embrace of their gender on a neutral base. Creating real home and community spaces among the trans teen and providing support to ensure liberal minds and a curtain on the psychological and sociological stress.

Apparently, the transgender issues have trended over a decade mostly being the affected area teen as they try to cope up with their gender identities and the social world altogether. It is not easy for the teens to fight the reality than embracing it. Many have died due to known reasons being of a different caliber from school bullying, self-denial, gender association. It has been noted form the statistics that most of the transgender teens are vulnerable and experiences unemployment thrice the rate of general population.
Mistreatment among the teens, being fired, denial of promotion is the order of the day on workplaces due to their gender identities. The attempt of suicides is much higher among the trans teen in their lifetime which has been about 40% of the survey conducted on suicide rates. Since there are no legal protections currently for the transgender in housing, employment, healthcare and other areas they may face discrimination.

In conclusion, the life of a transgendered teen is greatly endangered there should be legal protection rights put in place to ensure survival and the embracement of the trans teens in the society. Through proper education and raising awareness among the teens who are struggling with the transgender issues is much vital and very helpful to spearhead the development among the youths. Transgendered teens should be accorded with respect, understanding and mutual support to be provided to smoothen their well-being. Parents and the society also should understand them fully and accommodate them as well as the government. I believe we should not be judged on our sex or gender identities but rather be embraced as one.

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