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As a pet enthusiast, you might look at that working breed German shepherd next to a cute kitten that is considerably small and think they have not much similarities. The fact that the two animals belong to biologically difference species means that people assume that they have very little in common. The reality, however, is that pet lovers should opt for both because apparently, they have more in common than one might think. Cats and dogs may seem different pets from how humans perceive their behaviors but in reality, they share in their hunting patterns, attraction to humans, territorialism, and their ability to show affection.

Hunting Patterns

A key feature that both cats and dogs seem to share in is that they have similar scavenging characteristics when hunting for food. To support this finding it is noted that cats and dogs both have a strong and innate prey drive. Cats are favored from this role because they have sharp claws that are used when attacking prey. Dogs tend to demonstrate agility because of their sharp canine teeth that are used to grasp prey. Moreover, both animals tend to show the ability to survive when they are not fed. Cats will often look for mice whenever they feel hungry. Dogs cater for their hunger needs by hunting other animals such as antelopes especially when they are walking in pack. Lastly, both dogs and cats have effective structures to assist in hunting. Cats have sharp canine teeth, and a flexible body to navigate sharp bends. Dogs have a strong physique to attack the large prey when hunting. Overall, it is noted that both cats and dogs shares in their hunting and scavenging features based on their support structures.

Attraction to Humans

It is further important to highlight that dogs and cats have a tendency to show affinity to humans. Firstly, it is common that both animals tend not to show aggressiveness to people. Cats do not bite their human subjects unless they are offended. Similarly, dogs do not attack their masters in a typical setting because they are not aggressive unless insulted. Furthermore, the two animals have characteristics that show that they are friendly in nature. Cats often demonstrate playful features and are arguably the most playful organisms among all animals that relate to humans. Puppies also tend to be more relaxed with humans and often show playful behaviors when in the open and can thus be described to be as fun-loving as cats. Finally, both animals have successfully been domesticated for a long period in history and are arguably the most common pets. Cats have excellent interaction with humans as they have a mutual relationship with humans. Similarly, dogs protect their masters who feed them with the relationship traced centuries back. Therefore, considering the attraction that both animals demonstrate to human, it is affirmed that they are similar.


It is also noted that both cats and dogs demonstrate territorialism features. The first justification to this is based on the marking of zones. Dogs mark their zones often when there are other dogs around. Cats define their territories by avoiding other cats unless there is need. Secondly, both animals tend not to move out of their zones when they are satisfied by the environment. It is common for dogs to move around the homestead and not wander aimlessly. Similarly, cats tend to move around the house and cat go for several days without stepping outside. The final similarity is in the consideration of fact that they protect each other. Dogs will often try to protect their puppies from invasion by intruders. Similarly, cats will support each other especially when they are attacked by invaders.

Affection and Bonding

The last correlation between the two animals is that they show affection and bonding amongst themselves. Cats and dogs show similarity in the way they care for humans. Dogs tend to attack anyone who acts as an intruder. Cats also protect humans by attacking mice that are stubborn in the home setting. Moreover, both animals often depict behavior that shows sympathy. Dogs in particular will howl when another dies. Similarly, cats often show concerns when another cat is attacked. Lastly, affection in both animals is demonstrated by the fact that they cherish human company. Cats often sleep next to humans when they have the chance. Similarly, dogs bark in happiness when they see a long lost master. From the analysis, it is affirmed that both cats and dogs shows binding to each other and affection to humans.


In summary, while dogs and cats could be thought to be different, they often have many more similarities than one could perceive. They often show similarity in their hunting skills. They also demonstrate similarity in their affinity to humans. Thirdly, commonality is perceived through establishing territories. Lastly, cats and dogs often share in the feature of bonding and affection. It is thus confirmed that while one could think that cats and dogs do not have much in common, the two animals share in many aspects.

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