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Creative Scholarship Writing Can Be Your Ticket to College

May 06, 2015 - Posted to Writing

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If college costs are just more than you can afford, and you are looking for ways to highly reduce or eliminate financing your education by student loans, then you should be looking everywhere possible for scholarship opportunities. The biggest mistake students often make, in fact, is that they assume scholarships are only for those with high GPA’s, when nothing could be further from the truth. A basic Internet search will bring up thousands of scholarship opportunities, and if you modify that search even more, you will narrow your search to a more manageable level. Consider, for example, some of the criteria for college scholarships from various organizations throughout the country:

  1. Are you Native American or have at least ¼ Native American heritage? There are all sorts of scholarships available.
  2. Are you of Polish descent? There are scholarships for you. In fact, there are scholarships based upon almost every ethnic heritage.
  3. How about military service in your family’s background? There are innumerable scholarships available for children of military parents and certainly parents who died or became disabled as a result of their military service. And some of these are even war-specific – Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan.
  4. There are also specific scholarship awards from such organizations as Daughters of the Confederacy if you had an ancestor that fought on the side of the South during the Civil War.
  5. There are scholarships offered by organizations based upon one’s chosen major. For example, several writing associations offer creative writing scholarships for students who intend to major in English writing; there are scholarships for student whose career goals relate to music, art, print or broadcast journalism, some areas of medicine and research, and so forth.
  6. Other scholarships are based upon a student’s “citizenship,” their participation and leadership roles in both in-school and out-of-school clubs and activities. Check into organizations such as your local Kiwanis Club and similar groups.

Your job is to spend a significant amount of time pursuing all scholarship opportunities for which you may qualify. And you must remember this: While no single scholarship may provide enough to pay for all of your college expenses, your goal is to win as many awards as possible to reduce your total costs. Even a $500 award can be meaningful, and consider the possibility that you may indeed receive several awards that, in total, will cut a big chunk out of your costs.

The Requirement to Write an Essay for a Scholarship

You will not be able to apply for any scholarship with writing an essay and if you do not know how to write a scholarship essay, then you have some learning to do. Let’s start with what will be expected.

  1. You will most likely be given an essay prompt which you must address.
  2. There will be length parameters provided
  3. The expectation will also be that your essay will be well-written piece, coherent, fluid, and free of grammatical errors.

This is the bare minimum of what will be expected, and all essay submissions will probably meet these criteria. So how to write winning scholarship essay entries, when most are essentially the same? The answer lies in the ability to be creative and compelling in your writing. Your style must make your essay so different from the others that it becomes completely engaging and one that the readers will not forget. So here are a few tips that write that memorable essay.

  1. Be certain that you read the prompt very carefully and be certain that you completely understand what you will be writing about. You cannot veer from the topic no matter how much you might want to.
  2. Brainstorm all of the things you might want to include in your essay. This may be a several day period of time, so keep your brainstorming paper with you at all times.
  3. Carefully analyze all of the brainstorming ideas, delete the ones that do not specifically relate to the prompt and combine those that are closely related.
  4. Prepare an outline which divides the points you intend to make into logical paragraphs.
  5. Write your rough draft of just the body paragraphs.
  6. Think carefully about your introduction. Remember this is the very first impression and your opportunity to “hook” the reader right away. It is usually best to start the introduction with a short, simple, rather startling statement. Barring that, a really compelling anecdote may engage your reader too.
  7. Find and use figurative language when you write descriptions. These stimulate lots of interest, because they appeal to readers’ senses.

If you are nervous about how to write scholarship essays, then you are smart to seek help. is certainly here to assist you as you prepare these essays. In fact, we have an entire department of creative writers engaged in writing scholarships for high school students looking to win awards. Even if you need to write several such essays, all you need to do is place an order for each one, give us information about the organization offering the award, the essay prompt, and the personal information about yourself that relates to that prompt. Each essay you order will be turned over to a creative writer in our admissions and scholarship writing department. Most of these people are journalists and authors who have great experience in composing compelling writing that will certainly “pop.” Place your order, simply say, “Write my scholarship essay for me,” and one of our stellar writers will create a piece that will thrill you and any reader.

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