100 Catchy Exploratory Essay Topics

posted by Andy Preisler 18 Sep 2023
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100 Fresh Exploratory Essay Topics

Throughout the years we’ve spent in the academic writing industry, we’ve witnessed the same phenomenon: students think it’s easy to find compelling exploratory essay topics, but when they start their search, they realize they have a problem. Yes, exploratory papers seem like a great task: all you need to do is to choose a good subject and investigate it, exploring its nature, issues, and possible solutions to them. But the wide array of options can be more grating than you realize.

When you can pick any topics for exploratory essay in the world, which one will it be? We are happy to help you narrow this choice down. You could always contact us with the words, “Please help me write my essay and come up with a topic for me,” or you could peer into our list with suggestions. It’s free, and you’ll definitely find what you’re looking for!

Four Great Ways to Choose Your Ideal Topic

How do you pick good exploratory essay topics? Our experts do not simply write papers for money at your request, they also prepare a few tips that every student will benefit from. Follow them and get rid of the writing block.

  • Go through your list of interests. Every student has a hobby. Try turning yours into a good exploratory topic. Think about where you like to spend your vacation: you could explore this other city, state, or country, focusing on their biggest problems. Consider the issues in your own neighborhood. Is there something that bothers you? Come up with exploratory topics on this basis.
  • Move from a broad group to a smaller one. Start with picking a broad category of topics. As an example, you might contact a scholarship essay writing service with a request to write a paper about your life. This is a general theme. Good writers will narrow it down, settling on a topic like experiencing the first loss, choosing a profession, etc. Do the same with topics for exploratory essays.
  • Look at special websites. Sites like ours offer great examples. Browse them, and you’ll find your inspiration.
  • Turn it into a game. Make a boring process into something fun! Close your eyes, then open them and name the first five things you see. Try coming up with a topic about each and choose the most successful one.

Your List of Exploratory Essay Topics: 2023 Selection

We divided a hundred great topics into 10 categories. This should help you find the themes you want quickly. Check them out.

Topics about World Problems

1) Is it possible for most developed countries to unite and prevent any war from happening?
2) Are myths about vaccinations dangerous, and if so, how do we overcome them?
3) What could make people more amenable to legalizing prostitution?
4) Difficulties of the youth in telling fiction and reality apart
5) How purity culture threatens the world with new waves of censorship
6) The problem of casualties among civilians during wars
7) The cost of houses and the impossibility of most people to buy them
8) Hunger is the remaining problem in multiple countries
9) Role of the Internet in the trend of people perceiving someone else’s tragedies as entertainment
10) Censorship in YouTube content and comments: should it be fought?

Exploratory Essay Questions on Education

11)  What are the reasons for the ever-falling level of education worldwide?
12)  What are cases of sexual harassment for male/female students and teachers?
13)  Would it be possible to make most students truly interested in what they are studying?
14)  Are anti-bullying policies at schools in your state effective? What could improve them?
15)  Does class performance improve when teachers remove their students’ phones?
16)  Explore the benefits and drawbacks of college homework the way it exists now
17)  Does online education contribute to a reduction in the number of qualified specialists?
18)  Has cheating become easier with education digitalization?
19)  How can the government lower drop-out rates among high school students?   
20)  Would division into different houses at Hogwarts be a good idea?

Exploratory Paper Topics on Family

21)  How marriage institutes keep encouraging abuse within families
22)  What should spouses do if they have children but no longer love each other?
23)  How could the problem of a single person wanting to adopt a child and being denied be solved?
24)  Is sending one’s elderly relatives to a nursing home acceptable?
25)  What are the problems with some women’s desire to be surrogate mothers?
26)  How good is it for a child to have pets when they are growing up?
27)  Is leaving a child with a nanny acceptable instead of raising them personally?
28)  Could having a sibling help a social-issue child adapt better?
29)  Should the government impose birth restrictions on people to stop overpopulation?
30)  Do same-sex parents have happier children because they cannot get pregnant by accident?

Exploratory Essay Questions about Entertainment

31)  What negative effect does modern entertainment have on people?
32)  Why more TV shows should start including more LGBTQ representation
33)  Is visiting live concerts more beneficial or damaging?
34)  Are people visiting the cinema less often now that they have huge TV screens and the Internet?
35)  Do actors receive too much money, considering the specifics of their job?
36)  Why do some brilliant pieces of media remain underappreciated? How do we change this?
37)  What shapes the majority's opinion on the newest media releases?
38)  Why is getting noticed in Hollywood so difficult for a vast majority of people?
39)  Is theater a dying art form, or how could we preserve it?
40)  Is Netflix doing more harm or good? Explore the problem

Topics for Exploratory Essays on Body Image

41)  Why does body-positive culture sometimes go overboard?
42)  How do you make overweight people feel more relaxed in open spaces?
43)  Are diets as dangerous as the overeating habit?
44)  Why there are more overweight or obese people in the US than in other countries
45)  Is there a realistic way of maintaining a healthy weight?
46)  Why heavy exercising does not always help lose weight
47)  Why deciding on an ideal body image is a problematic practice
48)  Methods for raising self-esteem for people who feel ashamed because of their weight
49)  How does the fictional portrayal of different characters affect universal weight perception
50)  Do men also struggle with thinking they do not have a weight that society would deem acceptable?

Exploratory Topics about Religion

51)  Why do numerous parents oppose their children studying religion at school?
52)  Why do such a huge number of abusers choose religion as their sphere of work
53)  How American dominant religions affect gender roles in different states
54)  Why do Russian people do the opposite of what they believe in religiously
55)  Positive or negative impact of religion on movies or TV shows
56)  Does having faith provide more freedom than restricting yourself to a specific religion?
57)  How to stop people from exploiting religion in their thirst to commit crimes
58)  The idea of people who were not Baptized being locked in Hell for it
59)   How karma affects human behavior for better and for worse
60)  Preventing governments from weaponizing religion

Ideas for Exploratory Essay on Animal Rights

61)  Why kill shelters should be reformed, improved, and supported to save more animals
62)  What makes myths about the danger posed by pigeons harmful and offensive to human intelligence
63)  Explore the problem with animal abuse laws not being strong enough
64)  Why eating meat in such volumes is a problem and potential solutions
65)  Why hurting an animal must have the same repercussions as hurting a child
66)  Hunting for sport is a problem that should be resolved  
67)  How media promotes animal abuse. Ways to stop it
68)  Problem with unintentional animal abuse and methods for spreading awareness
69)  Why some people choose to focus on pets instead of having a human family
70)  Consequences that war in Ukraine has on animal welfare and sea life

Exploratory Essays Topics about Health

71)  Did people’s COVID-related panic kill as much as the disease itself?
72)  The long-term effect war in Ukraine can have on the health of its people
73)  Fighting a strong belief that only absolutely healthy people should have a chance at reproducing
74)  Are more people having mental health issues now compared to the past? Why, if yes?
75)  How to spread awareness among older women about the necessity of regular check-ups?
76)  How does health promotion work, and methods for boosting it further?
77)  The problem of medical services costing too much in the US.
78)  Reality behind dentist visits in France: the lack of access and the need to wait months.
79)  How does corruption in medical spheres keep hurting more people?
80)  How does self-awareness affect mental health and methods for alleviating this problem?

Exploratory Essay Topic Ideas on Politics

81)  Chances of Iran getting nuclear weapons? What can be done to stop it?
82)  Why upcoming elections in the USA are a disaster? What should we do about it?
83)  How does political advertising affect people’s opinions?
84)  The elderly age of most presidents poses a problem that needs a solution.
85)  Corruption in politics and strategies for mitigating it in your state.
86)  What is wrong with the criminal history of some US officials?
87)  How do the politics of developed countries shape the world?
88)  Why Russia’s internal and external policies are suicidal? How could it save itself?
89)  US is not doing enough to help Ukraine in its fight against Russia.
90)  Problems with famous people supporting specific candidates.

Themes for Exploratory Papers on Human Rights

91)  What to do with countries that do not respect human rights?
92)  The problem of mass arrest and execution of Iranian people.
93)  How did human rights violations force people in Belarus to live under a false president?
94)  How do human rights violations keep happening in the US covertly?
95)  When does the right to free speech enters the territory of libel?
96)  Does the existence of true crime discussion forums violate the rights of people under discussion?
97)  Should developed countries dictate how other regions must live?
98)  The fakeness of respect for human rights in Russia: mitigation solutions.
99)  Does hindering immigration mean restricting people’s rights?
100) Is it possible to make human rights a universal concept?

Choose the Greatest Exploratory Essay Ideas and Write the Best Papers

If you succeed in choosing the most engaging topic, you’ll have every chance to write an amazing exploratory essay. Liking your theme means sharing this love with other readers, so this is what you should go for. Look through every option in the list above and settle on something that makes your fingers itch with the desire to start writing. Check out exploratory writing examples — we have some on our website. If nothing inspires you, you could buy plagiarism free essays from professionals. Just get in touch and let us do our magic.

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