110 Coolest Expository Essay Topics for Your Choosing: Pick One!

posted by Laura Callisen 15 Sep 2023
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Looking for Interesting Expository Essay Topics? Look at 110 Free Options!

There is a huge number of expository essay topics students can choose from, but as experience shows, when the need strikes, they can hardly think of even one. Where to look for these topics and how to make the best choice? For starters, you need to understand what kind of task you’re facing. An expository paper is a piece of writing that seeks to explore, analyze, and illustrate a topic. You have to maintain a proper academic tone and use reliable sources, but picking a theme is the first step. With our help, you’ll be done with it in a few minutes!

Tips for Choosing Inspiring Expository Essay Ideas

Many students believe that choosing a solid topic is a piece of cake. They are wrong. It might be easy to hire professionals and tell them, “Please write my essay for me and come up with a theme for it,” but things get complicated when you’re working on your own. No worries, though, because we prepared tips to help you choose wisely!

  • Look into your interests. Search for the best expository essay prompts among your interests. There has to be something you like or wouldn’t mind researching. Think of your favorite books: Which topics do they explore? Consider your browser search history: What subjects did you discuss or investigate last? Answering these questions will give you direction.
  • Pick a general topic first. Select a wide category of potential expository topics. It could be education, traveling, literature — simply decide on which sphere you’re interested in. Once again, this will give you the initial push you need before you can pick something specific.
  • Do limited research. After you settle on potential general topics for expository essays, do some minimal research on them. You could limit yourself to Wikipedia articles or get a professional APA paper writer to collect vital tidbits — the point is in gathering enough info to understand if this is the theme you’d like to explore properly in your essay.
  • Narrow your choice down to something more specific. Now that you have an idea for a topic for expository essay, start narrowing it down. As an example, if you picked the latest medical discoveries, settle on a concrete one or two. Always go from a wide category to a smaller one — this tip never fails to be useful.


110 Most Interesting Expository Writing Topics in 2023

Our experts developed 110 exciting topics for expository papers and sorted them into 11 categories. This should help you look for the themes you personally find invigorating. Pick any topic and use it however you’d like.

Expository Essay Topics for College Students

College can be demanding. This often pushes students to get academic ghostwriting services to write their papers professionally. With these topics, you’ll quickly find your inspiration again!

  1. Development of Safety Measures at Campuses
  2. How Most Students Feel About Leaving Home
  3. Explore the Belief that College is the Best Time in a Person’s Life
  4. Does College Education Help Get a Better Job These Days?
  5. Importance of College Degree Is Overstated
  6. Reasons that Make the Majority of Relationships between Students Fall Apart
  7. Correlation between the Taste of Your Least Favorite Brand of Juice and Its Marketing Effort
  8. Is It Possible to Bring Pets to College Campuses?
  9. Why College Students Need Afternoon Nap More Often
  10. How Common Is It for Students to Study and Work a Job?

Expository Essay Topics for High School

Studying at school is harder than most people remember. We prepared simpler topics that students will appreciate.

  1. Schools with Campuses: Are They More Comfortable than Regular Schools?
  2. Explore Rules for Bringing a Pet to Your School
  3. Modern People’s Need for Massages vs. Their Financial Capabilities
  4. Impact of Having a Cell Phone Available during Lessons
  5. Travelling with Parents Is Better than Doing It Alone
  6. Subjects that Are Considered Vital for All Children
  7. Expose a Popular Program as a Spreader of Misinformation
  8. Ideal duration of Summer Holidays for Students
  9. Explain How Your Cell Phone Works If You Go Abroad
  10. Where the Idea of Killing Spiders Being Bad Comes From

Expository Paragraph Topics on Ethical Issues

What is wrong, and what is right? Explore possibilities with these ideas.

  1. How Often Parents Favor One Child over Another & Reasons for It
  2. Risking a Country’s Safety to Help Another Country Fight the Aggressor in the Example of Ukraine
  3. How Convicted Child Abusers Get Released Early for Good Behavior
  4. Ethical Dilemma: Should Trump Be Allowed to Participate in Elections Despite His Crimes?
  5. Ideal Course of Action for Cases When a Person Falls in Love with Their Twin’s Partner
  6. Link between People Hating Police & Police Repeatedly Violating Their Privileges
  7. Why Exploring Space to a Big Extent Is a Bad Idea
  8. Did Elon Musk Truly Buy Twitter as Revenge for His Daughter Being Transgender?
  9. Professional Ethics When It Comes to Relationship between a Boss and Their Employee
  10. Should a Person Flee Their Country during War, or Should They Stay to Help It?

Topics for an Expository Essay about Health

The medical field always has new insights. Investigate some of them.

  1. True Dangers of Covid without Exaggerations and Myths
  2. Physical Effect that Negative Feelings like Hatred Have on a Person
  3. What Makes Some People Reject the Idea of Vaccination
  4. What Makes People Eagerly Agree to Vaccinations
  5. Novel Drugs and Cure for Late Stages Cancer Treatment
  6. People in Countries with What Ecology Live Longer
  7. Eating Insects Is an Effective Way of Staying Healthy
  8. Is It Medically Beneficial to Swim in Icy Water in Winter?
  9. Expose a Common Myth about a Specific Product or Drug Being Useful
  10. What Genetic Problems do People with Mental and Physical Disorders Pose to Their Children

Science & Technology Expository Writing Ideas

If you like science and technology fascinates you, this is your opportunity to discover more.

  1. Why Chat GPT Has Quickly Become a Problem for Multiple Specialists
  2. Research a Point Where Science Goes Too Far
  3. Why Obsolete Music Records Have Been Gaining Popularity Again
  4. The Ultimate Benefits & Dangers of the Internet
  5. Based on Current Technology, Is It Possible to Suggest People Might Learn How to Speak with Animals in the Future?
  6. Why Cats See in Their Dreams When They Start Moving
  7. Why All Apple Tech Is Severely Overrated
  8. Is There a Place for Comics in the Modern World of Technology?
  9. How e-Readers Simplified Life for Avid Human Readers
  10. Have Personal Diaries Become Obsolete, or Have They Evolved to New Formats?

History Sample Expository Essay Topics

Research the past with the help of these interesting topics.

  1. What People End Up Writing & Documenting History
  2. Repercussions of Russia Spreading Made-Up History among Russian Schools
  3. History of Diets: How They Appeared & Evolved
  4. Explore a Scenario Where Hitler Would Have Won in WW2
  5. What History Tells Us about Trying to Appease Terrorists & Fearing Escalation
  6. Development of Feminism Starting from Ancient Times
  7. Why Alexander the Great Should Not Be Called Great
  8. Explore the History of Your Neighborhood & House
  9. Habits from the Middle Ages that We Still Implement
  10. Problems with History-Related Tests Students Have to Pass

Poetry & Literature College Expository Essay Topics

Delve into gifts of literature by browsing the topics below.

  1. Divide between People Who Watch Movie Adaptations with and without Reading Source Material First
  2. Religion in Yeats’ Poetry & Its Current Impacts
  3. How Literature Has Been Treating the Topic of Sexuality
  4. Can Any Person Become a Good Writer with Enough Practice?
  5. Why Hatred for the Twilight Book Series Is Vastly Overblown
  6. Why Sarcasm Is Considered the Lowest Form of Wit
  7. Explore the Conditions in Which Your Favorite Book Was Written
  8. Shakespeare’s Works Do Not Live Up to Their Popularity in Modern Days
  9. Why Bad Writers Become Wildly Popular Sometimes
  10. Problems with Finding Good Literary Agents in the USA

Topics for Expository Writing on Social Issues

Explain what aspect of society poses the biggest problem.

  1. Why the Richest Percentage of Population Does Not Try Solving Africa’s Problems Once and for All
  2. Low Salaries & Standards of Living in Ex-USSR Countries
  3. Why Abuse against Men Is Often Ignored
  4. Explore the Psychology of Marauders Who Activate during Tragedies
  5. How Insufficient Laws Regulating Animal Abuse Contribute to the Rise of Serial Killers
  6. Investigate How Many Convicted Murderers Had Abusive Childhoods
  7. The Real Possibility of Closing the Gap between Poor and Rich People
  8. Why US Government Increasingly Implements Anti-Transgender Laws
  9. Why Suffering of One Group Benefits the Other
  10. Problems with Green Energy Conversion Ideas

Ideas for Expository Essays on Education

As a student, you have some interest in education. Act on it.

  1. Why Getting Higher Education Is Becoming an Impossibility in the US
  2. How Many Years Do Students Need to Pay Off Their Debts for Education?
  3. Bullying Continues to Exist in Schools Despite All Policies
  4. What Kind of Students Receive the Most Perks When Applying to College in the US?
  5. The Most Lucrative Specialties Students Could Choose
  6. How Easier or More Difficult It Is to Study Now as Opposed to 50 Years Ago
  7. How Colleges in Small Towns Become Underrated
  8. Control over Food in Canteens and Other College-Based Food Locations
  9. Expose the Intricacies of the Education System in Poland
  10. What Students Can Graduate Earlier than Their Peers

Examples of Expository Essay Topics on Religion & Philosophy

Look at these topics and investigate religion or philosophy of your choice, diving deeper into the matters people argued over for centuries.

  1. Did Religion Save More Lives than It Took?
  2. Explore the Philosophy that You Consider the Most Controversial
  3. Reveal What the Future Might Hold based on the Bible
  4. How Cycles of Abuse Keep Breeding More Violence
  5. Explore Evidence Proving that Jesus Christ Was a Real Person
  6. Does Anarchy Mean the Truest Freedom?
  7. Should Children Be Introduced to Religion from Their Birth?
  8. How Muslims and Christians Affect Each Other’s System of Beliefs
  9. Introduce Your Personal Philosophy & Compare It to Existing Ones
  10. Does Existence of God Presuppose the Existence of the Devil?

Good Expository Essay Topics about Personal Experience

Write about yourself, using your personal experience as a source of inspiration.

  1. Your Experience as a Customer in a Large Store
  2. Reveal How Encountering Loss Influenced Your Current Beliefs
  3. Describe How You Volunteered Anywhere
  4. What Caused You or People You Know to Become Vegans
  5. Explore How People in Your Life Experience & Express Love
  6. Living through War: Explore the Impacts based on Personal Experience
  7. Track Changes in Your Psychology through Your Life
  8. Events that Teach People to Become Resilient
  9. Your Road to Fighting a Migraine & Other Health Problem
  10. Expose Your Experience of Choosing the Ideal School and College

Use Free Ideas and Start Creating Your Essay

You have every chance to pick the best expository essay topic and start brainstorming immediately. Go through our list or use the tips we shared. We are certain that at least some ideas will appeal to you: take them and twist them to suit your needs. If you’re struggling anyway, hire our fast essay writing service and let us handle your task. Make your life simpler, and learn to enjoy writing by working with topics you genuinely like!

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