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How to Find a School-Life Balance

August 12, 2016 - Posted to Study

Content how to find a school life balance

How to Find a School-Life Balance

Different aspects in life demands different things, resulting in different levels of pressure and can greatly impact our daily routines. An overscheduled student who is dealing with academics while participating in other extracurricular activities, handling domestic issues, juggling romance and social life, may either find it hard to focus on his/her studies, or may withdraw from social life to concentrate solely on academics. No matter how good they are in managing their time or at multitasking, there are still some aspects in their life that they must focus less on or totally let go of in order to achieve a healthy school-life balance.

Carefully examine where to shift your focus

To improve your life you should know which activities to prioritize and exert more effort on. Athletes, working students and overachievers are the ones having a hard time balancing their time due to a bunch of activities they have to do. It is best to think of which ones to prioritize and which activities require lesser time and effort.

List down your priorities and rank them accordingly

If you have a long list of things to accomplish on your to-do list, and do not know which ones to d first, it helps to list them down and rank them according to the level of priority. This eliminates conflicting schedules and provides you with some downtime to relax. Above all things, it is best to always prioritize your health. Make time for yourself, eat and exercise regularly, and make sure you get enough sleep to recharge yourself. You’d accomplish more things if you are healthy.

Manage your time and handle your stress

Time management is a great skill to manage. Not only will it help you accomplish your tasks, it can help manage stress as well. Here are some tips to effectively manage your time.

  • Make a weekly to-do list.

  • Be realistic about things that you can handle.

  • Plan each day ahead.

  • Break large tasks into smaller and more achievable tasks that can be done in lesser time.

  • Set goals and deadlines for projects to avoid cramming.

  • Assess which activity can waste more time and if it’s worth it.

  • Learn how to say no to other time waster, and mean it.

This is not to say that you should only focus on academics alone. Engaging in other activities is necessary in achieving a school-life balance and makes you a well-rounded individual. It is also a way to manage stress and boost other skills necessary for growth.

Other tips to manage stress:

  • Meditation is effective in managing stress and calm the mind. Positive talk and breathing exercises also help.

  • Spend time with your family and loved ones. Remember they are also affected by your demanding schedules. This is to avoid yearning or another summer dream away from all the stress.

  • Exercise regularly.

  • Laugh and have fun.

  • Continue your hobbies and ignite your passions by doing creative things. Listen to music and create pieces of art.

  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle. Remember that your well being plays a big role to your success.

Take note of your emotional well-being as well. Know your limitations. You should know when to stop especially when you feel like you are burning out or if your other needs are not being met. This can affect other aspect of your life. Your relationships may get ruined by withdrawing from the outside world, and brings more damage to your emotional well-being. Observe your behaviors. Notice the signs when you are getting too overwhelmed or pressured like getting depressed or lack of enthusiasm. Even changes in your appetite can tell you something is wrong. Balance in everything is key to a fruitful and successful life.

“Busyness” is not equivalent to productivity

Some overachievers commit the mistake of over packing their schedules for the sake of productivity and competition. What they do not realize is that it brings more damage than good. Research shows that more and more millennial students experience anxiety; sleep deprivation and depression due to pressure and stress. It is also linked to stress-related health problems like heart diseases and disruption of brain development. It also leads to a decline in academic performance and strain relationships.

Aim high but do not be a perfectionist. Remember the saying, “You can have it all, but not all at once.” Set standards that are high but achievable. View mistakes as opportunities to learn for growth and learning. Have an open mind and react positively to constructive criticism.

Know when you need help and use your support system when necessary. Remember that you can get help and buy essays online. Do not forget to have fun and reward yourself for getting a job done. Remember that some sacrifices are only temporary. All your efforts and hard work will pay-off in the future.

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