How to Celebrate St.Valentine's Day on A Student Budget. Infographic.

posted by Andy Preisler 02 Feb 2015

When you are student limited in budget and time, it does not necessarily mean that you have no chances to make this Valentine’s Day unforgettable. There is no better time than today to let your beloved know about your feelings.

infographics on budget-friendly st valentine`s day celebration

Here, we decided to share our romantic ideas on how to spend this day:

Prepare a dinner for her or him and then result is guaranteed.  Light up aroma candles, decorate the room with rose petals, prepare His favorite meal and do not forget about the dessert.  Legendary hits by Frank Sinatra will help you to create the perfect romantic atmosphere for all the evening.

  • If the weather is fine, take your Valentine to the most beautiful place in the city. Spend this day outside, enjoying fresh air, lovely landscapes and each other.
  • It is never too late to grow intellectually. Visit a museum or art gallery will guarantee you a good atmosphere and her interest in you as a sophisticated person. Carefully, museum of arms or genocide is not the right decision this Day. Remember the main rule: you should make her smile all the day. So, it is better to choose museum of chocolate or wax or any other not related to deaths and atrocities.
  • If you are not the one who always forgets about the Valentine’s Day until it comes, you can prepare incredible adventures for your beloved. All you need is time to devise a plan in advance, make up some funny quests and puzzles for him/her and draw a treasure map, hiding little gifts for him/her here and there. Good mood is guaranteed.

Another important thing is what to gift and when to gift. Obviously, you cannot afford to buy a necklace in Tiffany’s or Swiss watch. That is not a problem at all. Today, the best present for your Valentine is you. So, you can easily choose something less important and expensive, but with meaning and heart wide open:

  1. If you have enough time and this is not your first Valentine’s Day together, make a photo album filled with pictures of the happiest moments spent with each other. It is always a pleasure to leaf through the memories of your first date, first kiss and first quarrel.
  2. If you have ever been playing any musical instrument, write her a song or play her favorite one. It doesn't matter whether it is guitar or tambourine; she will appreciate your efforts and will never forget this day.
  3. Always rhymed the words when was a kid? It’s time to refresh this talent. Create a verse for him or her about your sincere feelings. If you are absolutely unable to create rhymes then try to remember your custom essay writing skills and print some small narrative about what you love in him or her on a coffee cup.
  4. Do the gift yourself. Remember, that your attitude is the only thing that matters. There is no wrong way to express your feelings, let your fantasy make up something really impressive!
  5. Still searching for new ideas on how not to spend this day not like the rest of the planet?

We have a couple things to offer:

  • Take your Valentine to a trip through your own town or take her/him to the neighbor one. Night in the camping is quite romantic. Horror stories near the bonfire will add your strong feelings and reasons to hug.
  • Do some charity this Valentine’s Day. When everyone make love, take a care of those who are alone, visit a nursing home or a shelter. When all the planet celebrates the day of love, there are still many people that do not even have the one to talk to. Do not forget, all your good doings will be paid you back.
  • You wanna spend this day outside, but camping is too much for your Valentine? Not a problem at all, take her to the dog park. Carefully: staying in the dog park for too long may cause irresistible desire to get a dog, at least the small chihuahua.
  • On a windy day, grab your old kite or make up the new one and get outside. We all have a child inside. Let this Valentine’s Day be funny and carefree.

If that was not the best year for relationship and you have not found your Valentine yet, do not be sad, we have TOP-5 ideas how to spend this day without a couple:

  • You can always call your friends and make them out for a dinner. Life becomes better when you spend it with friend laughing and having fun.
  • If you are good organizer, make an even in the campus around the pitfalls in the relationships or the importance of self-respect and love.
  • Every year there are Valentine’s Day parties in the clubs. If you are tired from being alone, join such a party. Who knows, maybe The One will also search for you there.
  • Go to the cinema to watch some horror movie or action and forget about all that bustling around the Valentine’s Day. Good piece of advice: do not watch romantic comedies or drama. They will make you feel even worse.

Whatever way you choose to spend this day, remember: Love is in the air… everywhere you look around... 

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