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How to Write an Essay Introduction – Being a Great Salesman

October 09, 2015 - Posted to Writing

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So, Now To Wriritng An Essay Introduction

To be a writer is to be a salesman. One of the very basics in writing – a novel, short story, paper, essay, or blog post – is the need to sell the reader on the idea that what you have written is fresh, interesting (even exciting), and, quite frankly, what they need to sink their teeth into right now. And if you really want to do this, then you have to being with learning how to write an introduction for an essay, a fictional tale, a paper, a post, or an article. And this is not to say that the rest of the piece is not important, for it is. What this is to say is that if your introduction to an essay or any other work does not immediately “sell” the reader, the important stuff that you have to say will never get read anyway.

How to Write an Essay Introduction – First Consider the Three Key Elements

When you have totally mastered the art of an introduction for essay writing, that art will transfer over to whatever else you may do with writing – more essays, research papers, news articles, fiction, blogs, and so on. Every time you write an essay, you have three very important things to decide before you begin – your topic, your purpose, and your audience. These three things will determine the content you include and exactly how you write that content, as well as how you introduce it in your introduction. For example, you may wish to write a persuasive essay regarding the need for a dog park in your community. Your topic of course is the dog park; your purpose is to persuade; your audience is comprised of adults in your local community who can make this happen, either city officials or citizens who can pressure those city officials. The content will pertain to the benefits of dog parks in general and a park in your community specifically. Now, if your essay has a topic on the need to improve the environment by eliminating plastic bags in favor of paper or re-usable, your topic and purpose are clear; you audience, however, is much larger than your community and the people who have to be convinced are local, state, and national officials as well as the general population.

These three elements of any essay will also determine your introduction of an essay. How do you “sell” your essay at the very beginning, so that the rest of it will be read? In the case of the two topics above, you may want to begin with some startling statistic. “As of 2012, there was an estimated 1.4 million tons of plastic in our oceans. That same year, 40,000 seals died from plastic entanglement.” Wow. That’s shocking. It also has captured your reader immediately, who now wants to hear more about this.

Types of Introductions

The above statistics on plastic pollution is a good example of how to start an introduction. You really do want to startle your reader. In doing so, you have ensured that the essay will be read all the way through to the conclusion where you then ask him to take some action – purpose achieved!

Another type of introduction that can be just as effective is an anecdote. Suppose you are writing an essay on the inequalities of education in suburbs vs. poor inner city neighborhoods. You might want to begin this essay with an introduction that encapsulates one school day for a child in an inner city school. People love stories, and they will be “hooked” right from the beginning.

Mastering the Introduction

The only way to really master the art of the introduction is through practice. Of course, you can read great essays and other writing as well, but when it comes down to it, you just have to write, write, and write some more. This is especially true if you intent to engage in writing essays for money. Freelance writing is a huge industry now, and many people who have become expert in writing make a great living this way. But to make writing a successful career, you have to have the ability to capture readers. And to capture readers, you have to be a master of selling by the introductions you write.

Start Right Now

Whether you are a student still writing essays and papers for coursework assignments, a budding author who is trying to get published, or a freelancer exploring where to use your writing skills, start practicing those introductions. Pick a random topic, any topic. Think about purpose an audience. Write an introduction for that topic. Rinse and repeat as often as possible. The more you practice the more masterful you will become.

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