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Make your college paper stand out! The most controversial topics

March 04, 2016 - Posted to Writing

Content make your college paper stand out  the most controversial topics

When it comes to writing the best college paper, no stones need to be left unturned. College papers are important because they will assist you in learning how to do research, as well as learning how to apply a coherent thesis in writing. It is not meant as something that teachers can just put a grade on or waste your life with it because they’re bored. But rather, they are an important stepping stone to your life which will open the doors to many other new opportunities.

Writing a college paper is different from writing a high school one. You need to pay close attention to many details you never even knew existed in high school. Controversial topics for college papers are the ones that are most appreciated in college because they lead to debate and conversation. They attract enough attention so as to keep your examiner interested. But keep in mind that those aren’t the only steps one needs to take to make the perfect paper. Many students may express a lack of ideas for college papers, but once you know the template behind it, it’s going to be much easier to write your paper. Here are some guidelines for a good college paper that every student needs to know:

1. Grab the attention of your reader with the first paragraph

The first paragraph needs to attract the most attention because that is how you pick their interest and keep them reading your paper. There are various techniques you can use when you want to grab your reader’s attention, some of them being:

  • The use of a bold statement.
  • Put the reader in the middle of a debate.
  • Use a question.
  • Add an interesting quote.
  • Make it appear that you are talking directly to the reader.

The way you phrase the first sentence may as well be what gets your paper through. Follow these guidelines for a good college paper and get your A+.

2. Come up with some controversial topics for college papers

Coming up with controversial topics for research papers seems like a difficult thing to do until you actually get down to it. First, you will need to study your teacher. What are they mostly interested about in their lectures? But most importantly, how can you relate the subjects that attract you with what attracts them? You need to reach somewhere around the middle line to make both your teacher and yourself happy. Most students might choose the easy way out and research ideas for college papers online, but if there isn’t that middle ground where your own interests meet, then your paper might become plain and lifeless. This is why your subject needs to mirror what you like most about the course.

Here is a list of unique examples that will most definitely catch your reader’s attention:

  • Should individuals with low IQs be sterilized?
  • If the global population grows, should it be forcibly limited?
  • Will technology be a solution to our problem, or will it cause more issues instead?
  • Were the United States justified in bombing Hiroshima and Nagasaki?
  • Should doctors allow and assist suicide in the case of Alzheimer’s patients?
  • Should schools force their students to pray in school and go to religion classes? 

If you come up with such interesting subjects that rise debates, you are more than likely to have a successful paper in your hands. Once you add some controversy to your essay, you are more than likely to win your reader.

3. Make an Impression

When delivering your paper, try to be a real person rather than an anonymous author. When you write your essay, try to add your own personality to it, so that your reader can connect on a higher level with what you just wrote there. There are many places from where you can buy research papers which will hold all the information that you need, but what it will not hold is your identity within the paper. When writing a paper with your own words, your reader is bound to think, “Ah, there’s a real person talking to me through this document.” Add some humor (this always works), make it interesting, make it alive and show the way you think.

Also, avoid trying to impress by being exceedingly intellectual, lest you might risk becoming boring. Write it in an interesting way, as if you’re trying to ask your reader on a date. In order to do that, you will need to be naturally funny, smart, unique and definitely not boring. If you let it drag, your paper might also suffer from this.

4. Approach different angles in your essay

In order to make your paper look unique, you also need to add some special techniques to it. For examples, if there are any negative approaches you can answer your questions with, maybe you can tell the reader what is it that you hope NOT to do. Or you can take your introduction in different directions, like creating a bit of mystery without answering it immediately. Hide your answer within a story or a moral, which will intrigue your reader.

College papers are important as a stepping stone for your future, which is why they shouldn’t be taken lightly. By using controversial topics for research papers, you are guaranteed to leave your reader with a lasting impression.

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