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The Worlds Worst Job Searching Advice

July 31, 2015 - Posted to Writing

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World’s Worst Job Seeking Advice

Your parents, your friends, and the internet all have one thing in common. If you are looking for a job, they probably have lots of bad advice. This is because there are generational differences that made your parents’ job search experience much different than yours, your friends probably don’t understand the nuances of looking for a job in your field, and the internet is simply the internet. So, how do you recognize bad advice and then move on to the good advice? After all, nobody wants to waste their time reading an article titled 8 tips for your next resume only to discover that the information is worthless. But, what about writing resume hacks list? We’ve decided to highlight some of the worst job advice possible and then make some slight changes in order to make the bad advice useful.

1. Be a Go-Getter! Only Loosers go through HR!

This is advice from a past era. Your father and grandfather may have gotten jobs by ripping the help wanted sign off the door and barging into the manager’s office, but you won’t. Emailing and contacting personnel when you have been instructed to follow specific protocol is likely to get your resume sent to the circular file. This is because companies must have verifiable and consistent hiring practices. This means that when you go rogue, you put them in jeopardy. So, follow the application instructions thoroughly.

2. Act as if you Already Have the Job

This is another old school tactic that will come off as obnoxious and not endearing.  The person conducting the interview has a job to do. Their job isn’t to cater to your delusions, it is to properly screen a person to determine if they are qualified and a good fit for the job. Instead of being demanding, do a great job of researching the qualifications and then let the interviewer know what you can do for the company.

3. Your Email Address and Social Media Profile aren’t Important

When you give out your email address, you are best advised to make sure that it is a name that is related to yours. Nobody is going to take seriously. If you choose to have a social media profile, please manage it closely and be sure that it is free from potentially offensive postings and appears as the page of a true professional. If you are not actively on social media, you should still search your name for any abusive or unkind references.

4. Don’t Bother with Resume and CV Writing Services

Here’s the truth. The same writing services who were there to give you help when you felt your essay writing skills are not enough when you were in college, can help you write your resume today. If you invest the money in resume and CV writing services it will be well worth it.

5. Don’t Worry about the Things that haven’t Worked for Other People

Some people may tell you that you can disregard many of the well-known rules about job applications, resumes, and interviews. There is an idea floating around in recent years that you should treat the job search as marketing opportunity and that cute gimmicks will get the attention of recruiters and employers over standard application and interview protocol. One idea involves making business cards with the logo of the company that you are applying at with your name and information and sending that to the hiring manager.

These gimmicks may work for businesses who employ them as marketing campaign, but they are a bad idea for people who are looking for jobs. Folks who attempt these techniques are almost always eliminated from consideration for the jobs they are trying to get. Learn from these rejection cases, and don’t make the same mistakes  yourself.

6. At the end of the Interview – Ask when you can Start

This is based on an old salesman’s tactic that says you should always close out by assuming the customer wants to order your product, or in this case by assuming that the interviewer wants to hire you. This is obnoxious. Please don’t do this. The company has a process in place. In many cases this process is driven by regulation and law. Even if they really like you, they are still going to interview other candidates and follow hiring procedures. Simply express interest in an appropriately enthusiastic way, and then follow up with a thank you email.

In the end, the best way to successfully look for a job is to understand the qualifications, follow the application instructions thoroughly, and do some background research on the company that you wish to work for. Answer questions thoroughly in the interview, but be concise. Be prepared with some questions of your own. Express interest in the job at the end of the interview and follow up with a brief thank you.

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