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Web Page Design – It’s Not Just About Hype, Color, and Media!

April 29, 2015 - Posted to Study

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Web Page Design – It’s Not Just About Hype, Color, and Media!

The importance of an Internet business is not even up for discussion anymore. Even if a company only has a brick and mortar presence, it will have a website to promote itself – its products and its services. Consider, for example, local restaurants. Customers get online to read their menus, to check their hours, to print out coupons, to check out new items and even look for job opportunities. Now, consider those businesses that have a nationwide or even global client base and that depend more upon Internet sales than brick and mortar ones. It is even more important that the website be attractive, interesting, and yet functional. In this respect, then, all good website design must include the following:

  1. Attractive and pleasing to the eye: This means that there is not an overload of color, glitz, and distracting flashing pop-ups. It means that there is a color scheme, some white space, and that media is used to provide humor, inspiration, and/or information. It means that there are classy ways to obtain visitor information without being intrusive.
  2. Easy to Navigate: The design should be such that visitors can easily link to all of your pages and those links must be clearly placed at the top of the home page. Individuals should be able to navigate to all of those pages with easy and speed.
  3. The Site Design Should be Compatible with all Devices: Visitors should be able to access the site from any device with ease, and site design must accommodate this in every way.

Now, suppose your design is great and meeting all of the above criteria. Your next concern, and it is a big one, is your website content writing. While this may not have been as important as your visuals in the past, it is absolutely critical today. People are far more discriminatory about what they read on your site, and you need to be mindful of what makes good content. Here are a few content writing tips that will make you more popular, that will improve your SEO rankings, and that have the greatest potential to convert visitors into customers.

  1. The text on the pages of your site must be carefully produced and placed. You must find the sweet spot between too much content on a page and too little. You must also be very careful about how that content is written. If you are too “highbrow,” you will lose your audience; if you are too “slangy” and use inappropriate language for your customer base, you will lose your audience. It is important to keep language simple, clear and understandable.
  2. Content writing for your site should not be construed by anyone to be a “hard sell.” No one wants to be pressured in a brick and mortar store, and no one wants it on a website either. And the website is a far easier place from which to extricate oneself than a showroom floor with a salesman physically present. Visitors who feel pressured will simply leave and not come back.
  3. Leave places for your visitors/customers to leave comments, ask questions, and contact you. Do not just ask for their personal information and leave no way for them to talk to you.

Let’s Talk About Other Web Content Writing

If you do not have a business blog and a social media presence, you are a “dinosaur,” and you have to correct this immediately. Web-based marketing is not conducted in traditional ways, and people will not just come to your website unless they know you are there and that you have something important to offer other than just selling a product or a service. The goal of content marketing is to develop relationships, to make your brand well known, and to stop focusing only on the sale.

A well-developed and continually maintained blog will draw more visitors than anything else. Yes, you can buy ads on search engines, and they are effective when you offer something for free, because it will bring traffic to you, but long-term customer relationships are built by other methods. Here is what your blog can do:

  1. You can post interesting, humorous, and educational stuff – well-written “stuff” that people want to read. If you cannot do it yourself, then yo get someone who can.
  2. You can link your blog posts to social media profiles and accounts you have and draw people to your blog to read the great stuff you have there.
  3. You can give people the opportunity to respond to your blogs and to engage in conversations about its content. And you can respond to them. You can encourage readers to share your posts on Facebook, Pinterest, etc. by providing buttons for them to do so. You can “tweet” teasers about a post with a link to it.
  4. You can place one or two (NO MORE) keywords in your posts that are the most popular when people search for your product or service.

Don’t Make Typical Content Marketing Mistakes

Here are a few things to keep in mind as you develop your web presence through ads, articles and blog posts and don’t make content marketing mistakes.

  1. Don’t be verbose and sophisticated in your language or style. After all web content is not the same a college research paper writing. Your tone should be informal; you should engage with entertainment, humor and information.
  2. Don’t sell your product or service with your content marketing. That’s why it’s called “content” marketing – you are selling your content and, by the way, there is a link to your site.
  3. Don’t forget to use some media. An engaging picture or photo will draw interest and break up the monotony of the printed word.

Web design and content has become an extremely sophisticated operation these days. More and more, we are learning what brings traffic to websites, and more and more means are becoming available to do just that. Stay on top of this – it will be the difference between growth and stagnation.

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