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What Is a Good Topic For a Research Paper

July 22, 2015 - Posted to Writing

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What is a good Topic for a Research Paper?

This question is posed by college students on every campus, every semester, for every course in which research papers are assigned.  Here are some important tips about both finding a topic and organizing yourself to produce a paper that will result in a solid grade.

Where to Find Research Paper Ideas

No matter what course you find yourself in, there are several ways to find research paper topics that will be acceptable to your professor.

  1. Look through your textbook. Are there any topics covered in the content that interested you when you read about them? Make a list of them as a first step. Later, you can complete the task of organizing research paper topic ideas, so that you can make a final selection.
  2. Look through you lecture notes – did the professor hit upon any topics that get you excited? Put them on your list.
  3. Another option of where to find research paper ideas is Google. You can simply run a search for research paper topics in your course name and you will get a huge number of sites that will offer lists of potential topics. Read through some of these and put on your list those that spark an interest.

You may have noticed a common theme here – your interest or excitement. And that is the whole point. You will not do well on a research paper if the topic is not really of interest to you. The whole process will be sheer drudgery!

Narrowing Your Choices

So, now you have your list. What next? Read through it and choose three topics that you believe are the most of interest to you. Often you top choices will be controversial topics for research paper ideas, because those topics are the ones about which we can get excited. Once you have those three, Google each of them. How many sources can you find? And are those sources ones that will be acceptable to your professor? No sense dragging over to the library if scholarly resource materials are available online!

Access a few of the resource sites for your three topics, read through the material, and make your final decision based upon the one that still remains of most interest to you.

Producing that Research Paper

Finding good research paper topics is obviously only the very tiny first step in the production process. You “know the drill” quite well by now. You will be conducting all of that research, making certain that you are keeping track of what information came from which source (you know – using citations in research paper writing is required and they must be accurate), organizing all of that information into your sub-topics, and the writing the rough and final drafts will consume a lot of time. But, at least you have a topic you like!

Getting Some Help

Even when you like your topic, producing that paper can be a real “time thief” from lots of other work you have to do. Plus, you may be struggling with the actual composition. You may get expert help from some research paper writing services in these circumstances, and certainly is a service that has stood the “test of time” to become one of the most well-respected and trusted  writing companies in the industry.

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