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posted by Laura Callisen 06 Dec 2021
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Creating an appropriate impression for a reader as well as a full understanding of a certain thing or phenomenon is what good descriptive essay topics are about. This term is self-explanatory as a descriptive essay should indeed describe a person, object, or anything you like. Though one must remember that detailed text is expected as a proper impression won’t be created otherwise.

How Great Topics For Descriptive Essay Should Be Chosen?

Any paper of this type leaves some room for creativity and freedom. Creating a written artifact that fully describes something and helps to form proper impression about it is an explanation of the purpose of a descriptive essay. Even though it does not possess all features of regular research papers, some rules should still be followed.

  • Clear language and absence of mistakes.
  • Vivid vocabulary as images and impressions must be as precise as possible.
  • Organized and logical structure is still needed as the incoherent stream of consciousness will severely affect reader’s understanding, any professional will confirm this as they do everything possible to avoid structural issues.
  • Appeal to your reader’s senses as much as possible by emphasizing how an object looked, smelled, or sounded.
  • Take your time and leave only the most impressive and precise description’s elements.

Choosing a topic is an important step. Ask your professor or teacher about a possible list of topics or ideas. If there are no topics to offer, just do thorough research and pick the topic you understand the most. Ensure that there are enough resources to support your thesis and start working!

Collection Of Descriptive Essay Ideas

While argumentative essay ideas require choosing some controversial issues and topics so that you can present your position and defend it using many facts, descriptive writing prompts just need certain things or person described without specifying your position or developing an argument. Your task presupposes presenting even more details. Look through this detailed list of descriptive topics for your essay. Select any topic, narrow it down and nail your class!

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Famous People

Informing your readers about persons who changed the course of history or contributed to humanity’s economic, technological, or cultural development is essential and makes good descriptive essay topic as everyone should have general background knowledge about our world and why it is in its current state.

  1. Helen Keller. People should know about her unbelievable strength under circumstances that would make many other people lose their minds.
  2. Nikola Tesla. This man undoubtedly is the inventor whose works changed the modern world and even though he was not praised for his work during his life, we should remember his contribution.
  3. Angelina Jolie. She is not only a talented actress but also an influential activist who helps many people in need. She deserves attention for her efforts. 
  4. Marcus Aurelius. Roman Emperor and philosopher should be remembered for his promotion of respect for other people, sense of duty, and control of one’s actions. These values are precious nowadays as well.
  5. Elon Musk. His entrepreneurship and engineering skills continue changing the modern world so your readers should be informed about what is going on. This is a person that creates the future and this is not an exaggeration.
  6. Albert Einstein. A detailed description of inventions and new knowledge this scientist shared with humanity would make great descriptive essay titles. 
  7. Winston Churchill. The Prime Minister’s contribution to the Second World War’s outcome as well as the country's development is immense.
  8. Bill Gates. This businessman’s company changed the world and his charity initiatives should not be forgotten as well.
  9. Mother Teresa. Her personality became a true charity symbol thanks to her selfless work throughout her entire life.
  10. Walt Disney. This film producer’s life work still contributes to developing happy childhood memories.
  11. Neil Armstrong. Stories about great explorers of the past won’t be complete without a man who was the first to explore a place beyond Earth.
  12. Henry Ford. This businessman changed the automobile industry forever and his contribution should be described in great detail. 
  13. J.R.R. Tolkien. This British writer’s masterpiece taught people how to dream on a new level and changed literature courses people study at any college.
  14. Wright brothers. Orville and Wilbur's success in creating the first working airplane made the world an easier place to live in. 
  15. Leonardo da Vinci. This name is associated with art, beauty, and mystery. Gathering information for a good descriptive essay will be a journey to remember.

Descriptive Essay Topic Ideas About Celebrities

When the instructor provides an option to write about my favorite actor within descriptive essay topics list, I always think about professionals who can help me write my essay or term project for another class and have fun dedicating more time to complete this descriptive essay instead. You probably would do the same in my shoes.

  1. Michael Jackson. People who change entire generations’ musical tastes deserve admiration so writing a perfect descriptive essay about King Of Pop is the least you can do.
  2. Brad Pitt. American actor, as well as film producer, is also known for his humanitarian causes’ support.
  3. Tom Cruise. This actor became worldwide known for a reason and his life deserves attention. 
  4. Arnold Schwarzenegger. His life is filled with so many interesting events that you can keep your audience occupied for hours. 
  5. Leonardo DiCaprio. His diverse career means exciting research for you and also very motivating to write about.
  6. Jackie Chan. Impressive filmography and peculiar style as well as hard demanding work throughout the entire career made this actor and director well-known across the world.
  7. Scarlett Johansson. Critical acclaim for multiple roles in blockbusters is well deserved.
  8. Keira Knightley. This beautiful actress won multiple awards due to her talented work so that reviewing some films will be a nice background while writing.
  9. Julia Roberts. Her impressive career and beautiful personality provide many descriptive writing ideas so you have many options.
  10. Ian McKellen. Not many actors can perform absolutely different roles on so believable level and this is the talent’s proof.
  11. Sandra Bullock. Being among the highest-paid actresses in the world is sufficient proof of an actor's talent and she is a producer as well.
  12. Jason Statham. Creating a specific style and portraying certain characters’ types requires constant hard work to maintain a high level and reach new standards. 
  13. Jennifer Aniston. Her iconic roles are known to almost everybody but it does not mean there is nothing else to write a descriptive essay about. 
  14. Emma Watson. Career choice determination and constant work since childhood contributed to Emma’s success in the industry.
  15. Henry Cavill. Even though his international recognition began not so long ago, all roles he portrayed are impressive and intriguing for every student. 

Descriptive Topics About Places

Writing about countries or cities that you never visited in descriptive paragraph topics feels like almost a rehearsal of future visits. It is also beneficial as both you and your readers will know more about interesting things that require attention or some specific customs that must be followed. You can also choose a specific focus for descriptive essay prompts, whether it is the place's history or cultural peculiarities.

  1. Paris, France. 
  2. Tahiti, French Polynesia. 
  3. London, United Kingdom. 
  4. Rome, Italy.
  5. Phuket, southern Thailand. 
  6. Barcelona, Spain. 
  7. Bali, Indonesia. 
  8. Sydney, Australia. 
  9. Machu Picchu, Peru.
  10. Dubai, the United Arab Emirates.
  11. Niagara Falls, the United States or Canada.
  12. Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. 
  13. The British Virgin Islands, United Kingdom.
  14. Yellowstone national park, the United States. 
  15. Tokyo, Japan.

Descriptive Ideas About Objects

Lacking ideas for descriptive essays on any topic you like? That’s not an option as you can just think about any object or thing you like and share your vision with readers.
Your favorite car.

  1. The most unusual smartphone in the world.
  2. Classical artwork that you admire. You may choose contemporary art as well so descriptive topics opportunities are endless. 
  3. Describe a sailing ship and how it operates.
  4. Write about a house from your dreams.
  5. Introduce a paper book that you could not resist buying.
  6. Describe a PC that could run the most demanding computer games and how to set up this device.
  7. Discuss different bicycle types.
  8. Describe an altar related to any religion you want and present this construction’s functions and purposes.
  9. Describe the most innovative spaceship nowadays.
  10. The most impressive sculpture you have ever seen in your life.
  11. Describe your table. If you think that it is among the worst ideas for descriptive essay, you may be wrong because the ability to describe even mundane objects using coherent structure and vivid language are what your teacher expects.
  12. Complete research and write about the most unusual device used by any tribe of your choice.
  13. Write about a device that is irreplaceable in everyday life. Many people would write about a coffee machine for sure.
  14. Describe the funniest signboard you have seen.

Descriptive Essay Prompts About Memories

While you may think that personal memories are among descriptive writing topics that should be completed only individually, you still can pay for essay online as writing experts will find the best words and apply creative approaches based on the information you are willing to share.

  1. The happiest day in your life. 
  2. Day when you had to go beyond your limits and capabilities to accomplish your task.
  3. What is the earliest memory you have from your childhood?
  4. Describe associations that Christmas evokes in you.
  5. What was the most memorable pastime you had with your parents?
  6. Do you remember what motivated you to choose your current career path? 
  7. What are the most precious personal memories associated with holidays?
  8. Describe your feelings when you managed to achieve something important or very difficult.
  9. Describe the worst memory you are willing to talk about and what was its life lesson for you.
  10. Childhood warm memories examples. You may describe one or several associations and events.
  11. Do you remember a situation when you would act differently if you had the chance to live it again?
  12. Describe one usual day at school.
  13. Share your memories about the best journey in your life.
  14. Talk about your feelings when you make something with your hands.
  15. Describe a situation when you intentionally limited your wishes or lowered expectations.

Use Our Best And Unique Topics for Inspiration

While you have multiple examples of descriptive essay topics now, sometimes there is no time for gathering information and organizing everything into a coherent paper. Just remember that you always have a professional ready to assist with any stage whether it is just research or an entire essay’s completion.

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