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Laura Callisen


Hello there! I am Laura Callisen, and I fancy myself to be a modern “Renaissance person.” I suppose my 30-something self began my incredible journey after having been born in Stavanger, Norway and then immigrating to the U.S. (Utah, actually) at the age of 5. I am certain that this change was more of a cultural “shock” for my parents than for me, because I quickly mastered the language and was clever enough to “play the game” of public education in America. After graduating from Skyline High School, where I spent two years as the school newspaper editor, obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in English and journalism from the University of Utah was a natural culmination of my love for writing.

My inclination to be socially conscious led me to lots of community outreach and volunteering during my college years, especially in the areas of educational and housing improvement for the poor and a number of environmental crusades. My passion for philosophy and travel have now taken over, and I am enthralled with the widely varied value systems of all cultures in which I can immerse myself, if only temporarily. My life as a freelance writer allows a freedom I never want to sacrifice for a stuffy office!

My Articles

Narrative Essay Vs Descriptive Essay
It is really easy to confuse the narrative and the descriptive essay, because they are so often intertwined. Think of the last novel or short story you read. There was a plot – that was the narrative. Then, there were passages that provided descriptions of people, places, things, or events that appealed to our senses and gave us good “pictures” in our minds.
Posted by Laura Callisen 29 May 2015
100 Unique Cause and Effect Essay Topics
Cause and effect essay topics to make student’s lives easier. Choose any topic you like and write a perfect paper.
Posted by Laura Callisen 27 May 2015
Unique Research Paper Topic Ideas
Getting started on research paper assignments means first choosing a topic. Obviously, the topic has to relate in some way to the coursework, although sometimes in an English comp class, you will have total freedom in topic selection. And, as long as you will be spending hours and hours conducting research and writing about a topic, your first step should be selecting a one that interests you.
Posted by Laura Callisen 13 May 2015
100 Creative And Interesting Argumentative Essay Topics
Check out our list of great argumentative essay topics when you don’t know how to impress your professor with an interesting argumentative paper.
Posted by Laura Callisen 08 May 2015
What is the Purpose of a Persuasive Essay?
Everyone understands the definition of the word “persuade.” Basically, it means to attempt to convince someone or a group of someones that a particular position on an issue is the correct one. Thus, car manufacturers attempt to persuade that their models are the best on the market; soft drink makers try to convince us that their products taste the best; even advertises itself as the best dating service on the web.
Posted by Laura Callisen 24 Apr 2015
Creative Writing Prompts Examples That you Looked For
A lot of essay assignments leave options for students within generalized topic and type areas. For example, an instructor may simply say, “Write a persuasive essay on the topic of immigration reform.” The student is then left to identify a smaller topic within that general area, formulate an opinion on it, and then conduct the research and produce the essay.
Posted by Laura Callisen 22 Apr 2015
Interesting Compare and Contrast Essay Topics
No idea on what topic to write your compare and contrast paper? Find a perfect compare and contrast essay topics list completed by experts.
Posted by Laura Callisen 20 Apr 2015
What Makes Famous Argumentative Essays Famous?
Some essays, including argumentative essays are so well written that they become famous. Celebrities such as Steve Martin, Virginia Woolfe, Susan Sontag, Norman Mailer, have all penned essays that have earned them great renown. The question is this.
Posted by Laura Callisen 13 Apr 2015
Boring Essays? Change up Your Transition Words and Phrases for Essays!
What are transitional words for essays? These are words and phrases that provide a logical connection from one phrase, statement, or idea to another.
Posted by Laura Callisen 11 Apr 2015
Persuasive Essay Topic Ideas – Everybody's Got an Opinion!
The persuasive essay can actually be an enjoyable experience, if you have a topic about which you feel strongly. Before you “put pen to paper,” however, you need to understand the purpose of a persuasive essay and how you construct one that is effective and compelling. The persuasive is not the same as an argumentative essay.
Posted by Laura Callisen 07 Apr 2015
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