Advantages and Disadvantages of ICD-10

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In the question under consideration, the symptoms observed from the affected individuals in the organizations include localized itch in infested fingers, development of allergic reaction and relapsing fever for those who had multiple bug bites. It is also worth noting that the occurrence of the symptoms in patients was after forty-eight hours. Possible codes that can be related to the bug infestation icd10data, (n.d) A00-B99. Rationale: Some of the patients had a relapsing fever, possibly from a bacterial infection. The bug could have been causing an infectious bacterial disease. However, the resulting bacterial infection caused was still unknown, but since the patients were new to the infection, it was classified as an initial encounter T78.40. Rationale: Some of the patients showed an allergic reaction that was triggered by coming to contact with the bugs. However, it only affected hypersensitive personnel and patients who were at the health facility at the time of the attack. S60.468A. Rationale: The itch on the finger could be an injury on the finger, which could have been caused by the bug biting the patients. The alphabet A at the end of the code shows that it is an initial encounter. Z16.342. Rationale: According to data from icd10data, the infection caused on the fingers was resistant to several broad-spectrum micro bacterial drugs. The swelling of the fingers did not reduce even after the patients took some antibiotics. G47.00. Rationale: The code defines sleep insomnia, whose cause is unspecified. It excludes any insomnia caused by any drug or substance consumption. Some of the patients experienced secondary insomnia possibly due to the phobia of the bug infestation (icd10data, n.d).

Advantages of ICD-10 over ICD-9

Improved research

Goyal, Gluckman, and Tcheng, (2017) suggest that the use of ICD-9-CM limited research as it had become outdated and could not keep up with the emerging healthcare data needs. However, the cleaner logic and the greater detail of the codes in ICD-10-CM offered a chance to discover previously unknown medical phenomena. For example, ICD-10 includes a lot of information on trauma and injury service evaluation which are not in CD-9 (Goyal et al., 2017). These modifications make it possible to classify an injury and its severity accurately and correctly correlate with cause and outcome. It was a recommendation by World Health Organization The United States is a registered World Health Organization member. The members of the organization are mandated to promptly notify the organization and other members on any public health emergency that could be of international concern (Goyal et al., 2017). Since most of the member states had upgraded to ICD-10, it would have been difficult to share information with codes based on ICD-9 classification.

Optimization of health IT performance

According to Goyal et al., (2017) by adopting ICD-10, the health IT performance has been realized. Using this coding system, data can be retrieved in an electronic format much faster than in ICD-9. Additionally, SYNOMED CT mapping is more efficient. It enables the coding system to have a better multilingual vocabulary of different clinical terminologies that can be used by physicians in a different location. Examples of patent-centric healthcare facilities

Montana Cardiovascular Disease and Diabetes Prevention Program

The Montana Cardiovascular Disease and Diabetes Prevention Program (CVDDPP), was formed in 2008 by Montana Communities to help prevent cardiovascular diseases and type 2 diabetes. It is a 10-month program which is run by lifestyle coaches who are registered nurses, exercise specialists, and cardiac rehabilitation nurses (Fass, 2017). The program runs for sixteen weeks and has additional six months follow up classes. The program has shown impressive results from the participants since they are consistent with Diabetes Prevention Program. For example, Over 2700 participants who went through the program between 2008 and 2011, each participant lost an average of 12 pounds (as cited by Fass, 2017). They also had stable blood sugar levels.

Western New York Beacon Community

The Western New York Beacon Community is one of the 17 beacon communities and has over 15O high-risk patients enrolled in the telemonitoring program (Fass, 2017). These patients have devices in their homes that they can use to monitor bodyweight, glucose and blood pressure. The data is sent directly to the nurses at the healthcare facilities, who continuously write reports and make recommendations for the patients. The use of virtual records has been the main reason for success for the Beacon community since it creates an avenue for consultation between the nurses from different facilities and with the patients.

Patient-centric technology


Morilla, Sans, Casasa, & Giménez, (2017) define telemedicine as a method of using technology to deliver medical services to patients who are in remote geographic locations using telecommunication technology. Using telemedicine as a method of patient-centric healthcare is considered to be one of the most successful patient-centric technologies because by constantly engaging patients through telemedicine can assure patients that their doctors are available and concerned for their well-being (Morilla et al., 2017). Apart from that, through constant communication with the patients, the patients can easily maintain their appointment dates, and any other follow up schedules to ensure they are on track.

Patient check-in kiosks

Patient check-in kiosk is gaining prominence in most hospitals. The kiosks consist of intuitive touch screens which have been programmed to engage the patients as they wait to see their physicians. The kiosks are designed such that they automatically guide patients through a series of logical questions to gain information about their medical conditions (Sharma et al. 2015). In the same device, the patients can book appointments, or locate their appointed physician through the map option. Though many can view this as a basic non-essential feature, it has been proved to save patients a lot of time when locating available staff in large health facilities.

Mobile technology (mHealth)

Mobile Health (mHealth) is the use of mobile technology to achieve health goals. Mobile applications are developed to help with tasks such as access to information, time management, booking of appointments, keeping and updating health records and patient management and monitoring (Sharma et al., 2015). Ways in which Health Information and Management System can improve the patients.

Faster service delivery

Weaver, Ball, Kim, and Kiel (2016) argue that a properly indexed HIMS ensures a fast and efficient service delivery. The success of each subsequent visit of a patient depends on the ease with which information from the previous visit can be retrieved. As a result, a lot of time can be saved during the subsequent hospital visits creating a pleasant experience for the patients.

Lesser errors in patient’s records

At times mistakes happen during data entry for patient records, especially with paperwork and filing systems (Weaver et al. 2016). However, HIMS system can be crowd sourced giving the patients an option to access their medical records using their portal. The system enables them to easily identify any errors that may in their electronic health record (EHR)

Easy and transparent payment method

Fass (2017) points out that often patients may feel dissatisfied during payment especially if the services they are paying for have not been documented. However, in facilities using HIMS, they can easily access their bills, verify the medical procedures being paid for, check for any outstanding balances as well as print the payments and medical certificates. Such transparency of the billing process makes a patient satisfied with the billing process.

Applying patient-centric principles to health care

All team members to be considered caregivers. Irrespective of the roles of the staff members, all the staff in the organizations should consider themselves caregivers (Fass, 2017). In this principle, all the housekeeping officers, accountants, nurses to the CEO of the organization should not lose sight of this. The culture should be developed and even when new people join the workforce, they should be educated and trained of the same. Considering families and friends of the patients as essential part of the care team It is important to appreciate the role family and friends play in supporting the patient both physically and emotionally. It is common that when patients are in pain or discomfort, they may not always get all the instructions correctly. In such cases, including a trusted family or friend can play a great role in sharing information and guidance required for proper care of the patients. Transparency in sharing information between patients and caregivers A true patient-centered care is based on mutual trust between the patients and service providers (Fass, 2017). Both parties should be honest with information so that informed decisions can be made for the patient’s benefit. But to get to this point, the health-giving organization should build a culture of protecting the patient’s information.


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