Attributes of Racism and Sexism

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This paper will compare and contrast the characteristics of racism and sexism and the similarities and differences between the two terms. Racism or bigotry may be described as the product of difficult communication within a specific social sphere characterized by a race-based viewpoint, racism, stereotyping, and segregation. Sexism or discrimination based on sexual orientation can be described as prejudice or discrimination based on a person's sex or gender identity. A significant similarity in these factors is that both racism and sexism are forms of discrimination imposed on people who do not have any other choice; they do not have the choice or opportunity to choose to be a man or woman or belong to a specific race. Both racial bigotry and sexism can be viewed as a type of prejudiced preference, which might be characterized as an aversive state of mind toward an individual who comes from a particular gathering or community, simply due to their place with that gathering, and is consequently accepted to possess the questionable attributes doled out to that specific gathering (Sedlacek, Brooks, Christensen, Herman, & Merritt, 1974). This is on the grounds that both racial supremacist and sexist dispositions depend on the perspective that, individually, there are intrinsic contrasts amongst white and black colored people, from one viewpoint, and the males and females, which for every situation make it regular for the women to be subordinate to the male community. For example, blacks and women have to go through a stereotype which refers to them as being mediocre regarding both intellectual and emotional dimensions as compared to whites and males (Thomas, 1980).

One specific article expresses that sexism and racial prejudice are related to comparable psychological procedures. It has been published that according to the viewpoints of Maite Garaigordobil, Professor of Psychological Testing, the individuals who are exceedingly sexist, regardless of whether antagonistic, considering ladies to be the sub-par sex, or big-hearted, trusting that ladies are the more fragile sex, likewise have racial bigot inclinations (Science Newsline, 2011). The University of the Basque Country (UPV-EHU) examine group trusted that racial bigot mentalities depend on summed up thoughts regarding some specific social gatherings and might also turn up to be an identity attribute. The review incorporated 802 individuals from the Basque Country and these people belonged to the age range of 18 to 65 years. The results demonstrated that both racial prejudice and sexism are firmly connected and that these two aspects depend on basic convictions regarding connections amongst various social gatherings; be that as it may, these two procedures are not free from some basic difference (Science Newsline, 2011).

One of the most exceptionally huge distinctions is the reliance connection amongst the different sexual and racial identities. Normally, the connection amongst the males and females is altogether distinct from the differences amongst the whites and blacks. An observation on the start of humankind would bring out that females and males needed to communicate with the end goal of reproduction so that the survival of the human species could be ensured. The majority of the males, due to a few social and nostalgic reasons, cooperate much of the time with the females; however, it is not strictly necessary for all the whites to do as such with the blacks (Glick & Fiske, 1996). There are men and women belonging to each of the racial communities; consequently, there is not any race which depends upon the individuals from whatever other race as a means to survive. On the off chance that the individuals of various racial communities intermarry and give birth to youngsters, then, over the era, the racially constructed contrasts would potentially be obscured, and the problem connected with discriminated separation in light of racial identity will, apparently, wind up noticeably uncertain and vague (Glick & Fiske, 1996). In any case, one should not utilize a similar parallelism regarding the issue related to sexual orientation: if the males and females continue wedding and interbreeding, even then there is not any possibility of reproducing unisex individuals. This aspect has called attention to one other vital distinction amongst sexism and racism. Racially identified contrasts are socially constructed concepts and these can be "deconstructed"; sex contrasts are somewhat an aspect of the socially constructed concept which additionally is irrefutably organic (Glick & Fiske, 1996).

The racial identities or communities cannot be viewed as organic integral of each other, but rather the two genders are. In this way, it establishes that there certainly is a race which is not quite the same as an individual's own race for making this workable for that individual to possess a racial personality; there is no need for this kind of identity to have the presence of a specific race (Sedlacek et al., 1974). The sexual character of human beings, notwithstanding, is plainly predicated upon the presence of a specific sexual orientation, in particular, the inverse one. Any man and woman from any racial groups may lead to reproduction though one of them might be racially blended. In this sense, an individual's sex is a win or bust matter. This claim attempts to mean that ladies supplement and it can be suitably communicated by the expression, 'Behind every successful man, there is a woman.' The females should keep up or outperform regarding the properties that make the ladies normally suited to act as steadily supportive and drawing out the best from a man. A lady's need ends up making her normally suited for the homely atmosphere and bringing up kids and, in this manner, regular for the lady to play a supporting role (Rosenstand, 2002). The conclusive mark suggests that it is normal for the blacks to be around cannot be expected. It can be illustrated as an instance that the females should have a more prominent ability compared to the men for turning out to be understanding, empowering, and thoughtful. In this way, it is accepted that a man can be benefited and thus, gain advantage by connecting himself with the correct lady, due to the fact that the correct lady, so the view goes, will act as the consistent wellspring of help and support, through empowering the man to exceed expectations in his activities and operations (Rosenstand, 2002). The females, therefore, are thought to assume a critical part in the self-advancement of men and, in this way, in the males developing a positively oriented impression of themselves. Not a single one of these concepts and aspects can considered to be correct for the issues related to blacks and whites. This is the reason why there is not any adages stating such that behind every white person, there is a black person. This has yet not been imagined that by partnering with the correct dark, the whites will be able to upgrade their odds of exceeding expectations in their activities and operations of becoming the most proficient as the whites.

The contentions and debates regarding race and racial identities have frequently been contrasted with the discussions around sex or gender based-issues due to the fact that both of these contentions concentrate on the patterned marks of discriminated segregation and injustice. There are indeed several similarities amongst sexism and racism. But one need to properly identify one clear distinction. Originating from the background of discussions related to the naturally accepted roles of men and women, it can be stated that the racial identities do not biologically supplement each other, but the two distinct genders do. Therefore it can be concluded that racism and sexism have a number of similarities as well as differences amongst them and it cannot be denied that these concepts have a prominent presence in the form of socially developed constructs.


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