Benefits of using LED light to treat acne

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Treatment of acne using the LED machine is safe and effective because it is non-laser and no heat is generated (Pei Et al., 2015). As such, when using the machine patients should wear protective eye wear.  Failure to use protect eyes can affect the sight and users should not look directly into the LED machine. This is an essential precautionary measure for any individual who chooses to use the LED machine to treat acne. LED machines sold to clients have the same intensity like those used by experts, hence when buying one it is necessary to read the instructions and direction for use.  Based on the fact that the use of LED machine contributes to swelling as well as redness, patients should get services from certified experts to prevent such adverse effects. Before using the LED machine it is essential to look the one approved by Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as it is tested for right use.

Estimated dose and frequency for treating acne using blue light LED

Generally, treating persons with acne using blue light LED requires two times a week for a month. However, at a certain point during treatment, frequency reduces and it only takes approximately twenty minutes. The estimate does and frequency for treatment mainly relies on the severity of the acne on the face or other body parts. In addition, the frequency of treatment is determined based on the person’s response to treatment using blue light LED. The frequency for treating a person with acne also depends on when it is being done in an office or home.  The devices used in the office, for instance, are stronger and can be performed once or twice a week for 3 to 4 weeks. At home, blue light LED should be used often, that is, it should be done daily for 5 minutes. A number of patients see visible improvements with 2 to 4 weekly treatments. Therefore, monthly treatment is encouraged after first phases of treatment.  

Treatments needed to treat acne using LED

A number of weekly treatments using blue light LED may be needed to attain visible results. But the number of treatment is determined based on the severity of the acne. A majority of patients can see results in 2 to 4 weeks and for a monthly treatment.  Even though about 75% of acne can resolve in eight weeks, it is advisable that patients undergo 8 to 10 treatment sessions for optimal results. Every session takes roughly 20 minutes while the time between sessions is 7 to 10 days.

What to communicate to patients 

During treatment, clients should be informed that using LED to treat acne is effective, safe and pain-free. In addition, LED treatment is non-laser bases; therefore, it does not generate heat.  The doctor should also inform the clients that during treatment, a number of photographs are taken to make that the patient is improving steadily with every session.

Immediately after of LED light

After treatment, the patients should be notified on the issue of commitment and consistency to see any changes. Specifically, a patient should buy a blue light LED and use it regularly to see fewer acne breakouts and for existing one to heal. After treatment, the expert must advise clients accordingly when it comes to experiencing redness, swelling and burning in the treated areas. Nonetheless, this should not cause alarm because it is mild and likely to clear in a few hours. Patients should also be informed that they can experience changes in the skin color after treatment, hence, important to get treatment from a licensed dermatologist.  After the treatment, the patient should be notified that to rejuvenate the appearance of the skin, about four weeks is needed. Basically, the benefits of the blue light LED are accumulative and one session per year is enough to maintain the results (Calderhead & Vasily, 2016).

Between treatments of LED light

Between treatments, patients must avoid picking and touching the blemishes on the face. It is crucial to adhere to the dermatologist’s advice. In addition, between treatment, patients should be advised that acne scars are caused by disruption of the middle skin layer. Therefore, older acne scars cannot be affected by LED but can be treatment stronger energy approaches such as a laser.

What to do at home

According to Gold et al., 2009 it is not just safe but also effective for patients to use LED to treat acne at home. In addition, it can be combined with other treatments. Therefore, at home patients should use a suitable cleanser to prevent oil from accumulating on the skin. Nonetheless, harsh detergents can enhance the production of oil. Again, there should always ensure that skin is moist. Moisturizing the skin is important when it comes to ensuring that skin is flexible and the pores are open. Additionally, moisture ensures a healthy skin. Besides, bacteria and oil, dead skin flakes can block the skin. Therefore, at home patients must exfoliate their skin using the recommended products. Exfoliation is useful because it helps to loosen and free wrinkles as well as blemishes. The product used to exfoliate the skin should have the right pH and concentration.   If patients use the LED machine at home, they should protect their eye. The wavelength emitted by the machine can adversely affect unprotected eyes. As a result, patients should ensure that they have a protective eyewear before using the machine.                                                                  

In general, blue light LED can destroy bacteria from the pores, however, it is important for clients to cleanse, moisturize and exfoliate their skin to achieve healthy as well as blemish-free skin. Consequently, at home patients can use the LED machine to treat acne as it is a good option to clinical treatment. Nonetheless, the patients have to use the machine daily in their skin care routine. Even though some LED machines are incorporated with spot treatment and cleanser, at home patients can use it to complement the traditional approaches to treat acne to see optimal results. In any case, for mild to moderate acne, LED light can be good.                                  

Another thing that patients should do is to comply with dermatologist instructions, for instance, avoid sunlight from roughly two days after the treatment. Consequently, at home patients can combine LED light with other prescribed creams including chemical peels to get optimal results. When LED light kills acne causing bacteria, it can be integrated with chemical peels and vitamin A to reduce the main sources of acne.

Advice for follow up

Patients must understand that follow-up is necessary after the first series of treatment. As such, patients should go for monthly follow up to maintain the results. In other words, blue light LED is significantly effective if the patients follow through to the later. Furthermore, patients must be consistent and this can be determined during follow up. The treatment requires not only patience but also commitment, thus follow up can help the dermatologist know if they are following the advice. During follow up, patients can also be advised how to manage readiness around the affected areas. Results from LED light are long term, as such, to maintain the results patients should go for follow up treatment at least twice annually. Furthermore, during follow up patients should advise that LED light requires patience. Much as some patients have reported that the observed results after one treatment, blue light LED is not a cure. Rather it is a form of treatment and takes about four treatment sessions for one to see results.

Role of LED light in treatment plan using IPL, peel, facials, microdermabrasion to help acne

LED light is not only anti-aging but also noninvasive technique, which emits energy packets in the skin. As such, it can be combined with chemical peels, medical facials and microdermabrasion to enhance results. If the LED light is combined with these modalities it can be useful in the treatment plan to get optimum results. Owing to the fact that LED light has the ability to destroy bacteria causing acne, it can be integrated with chemical peels to reduce the main source of acne. Similarly, LED can be useful in treatment plans, particularly if combined with microdermabrasion. In fact, the LED light technology increases the efficacy of microdermabrasion. The LED therapy emits energy packets in the skin to kill bacteria related to acne. Each color of the LED light penetrates in different skin layers.                                          

On the other hand, microdermabrasion gets rid of dead cells that block the pores leading to an acne outbreak. Microdermabrasion entails getting rid of dead cells leading to a healthy and rejuvenated skin, which is attained by gentle scrubbing top layer of the skin. As a result, redness or irritation can occur based on the sensitivity of the skin. Therefore, with the right LED light it can easy irritation associated with microdermabrasion while diminishing blemishes any adverse effects. Intense pulsed light (IPL) treats acne by playing the role of photo-immunological, photochemical and photothermal (Faghihi et al., 2012). The IPL therapy has less selective harm on acne and accumulates large quantities of porphyrins. If porphyrins are exposed to LED light, it becomes active leading to the formation of oxygen that eliminates propionibacterium acnes bacteria, responsible for acne breakout (Patidar, Deshmukh, & Khedkar, 2016).


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