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Cell Phones

Cell Phones




Cell Phones

Owning a cell phone is no longer a privilege since it has become a norm even to children. Both young and old people are carrying cell phones everywhere since they are affordable and readily available in the market (Goggin, 2012). In addition, they are easy to use and have variety of uses such as texting, calling, socializing, and gaming among others. The technology has facilitated interactions on the online platforms especially the social media, banking, ecommerce, and other activities. These improve the quality of life of many people since they can perform several functions. Mobile phones are not distractive if used properly and people should own them to enable the live connect to one another and live quality lives.

Cell phones have become important gadgets in everyday life since they connect people regardless of their distances. Although their use is forbidden in some places such as exam rooms, meetings, and other gatherings, people should own them to enable them pass messages to their relatives and friends. This way, they can communicate, chat, and inform each other about emergencies in case they occur. According to Goggin (2012), phones that can connect to the internet have more uses other than calling and everyone including students should be allowed to own them. There are several services that one can get when connected to the internet such as e-learning, e-health services, e-business, and any other uses. With a Smartphone, one can do many things without walking for distances if one requires a service that can be accessed online. Teachers can upload teaching materials for the learners who can access them via their mobile phones. With mobile phones everything is made easy and people shown own and use them appropriately.

Cell phones have other uses such as tracking and giving directions thus there is no problem in owning one. Some gadgets have locating and tracking features that can help in tracing someone in case he/she gets lost, kidnapped, or gets involving in an accident. If a user does not know a certain place properly the phone can offer guidance and take one to a familiar place. Again, one can call relatives and friends and inform them of the whereabouts after which they can trace the person. Children may also get lost especially in towns and public places and can have phones fitted with tracking software to enable their parents to trace them. During incidences of kidnappings the police officers track the caller’s mobile phones as they demand for ransoms and locate their hideout (Watson, McCarthy & Rowley, 2013). This way they can save the victims before the kidnappers harm them. Calling has been made easy since somebody does not need to go looking for a phone booth to contact people. One can do it in a car, park, school, and other places. Cell phones should not be considered as distractive and people should be encouraged to own one but use it appropriately.

Cell phones are very useful in times of emergencies since they facilitate a victim in getting help within the shortest time and save the situation. As long as there is strong signal, one can use a phone anywhere in case there is some crisis and facilitate intervention. Even, in health facilities where people may be required to have their cell phones off or put them in silent mode they may be useful for communicating with various people including relatives (Watson, McCarthy & Rowley, 2013). The use of wireless technology is one of the greatest technological advances in the world. People can do many things without necessarily travelling to towns or other places to give or receive information. For those that want to use their cell phones for online businesses, it is advisable they acquire advanced ones that connect perfectly to the internet and accept the apps required. More so, some of them act like computers and can be very useful in doing many activities including online banking and shopping (Goggin, 2012). Contrary to the belief that cell phones may cause distractions and disruptions of vital activities due to calls and messages, the gadget are important for enhancing socialization via the social media. The users only need to use them moderately and respect their work to ensure that they do not waste time chatting instead of concentrating on important activities such as reading. While addressing gatherings it is vital for people to ensure that they minimize the use of mobile phones to reduce distractions. If used in the right manner, the gadgets are allowing people to keep in touch with one another and reduce conflicts.

Cell phones are now a necessity for any people globally because they need to be in contact with family members, business partners, and other functions. Advanced phones can have several other functions such as storing and sharing photos and videos especially via the social media such as the Facebook. The advancement in technology has facilitated communication between various parties helping them to share ideas and knowledge among others. If used properly, cell phones are excellent gadgets that can help solve many issues and facilitate business activities. For his case, cell phones are important and every person should own one but use it appropriately.


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