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The Early History Paintings of Johannes Vermeer

The early history paintings of Johannes Vermeer that are respected by many artists and commentators, are quite hard to compare to his later works. His early artworks gave him execution and broad vision that had never been shown by any other artist in history. His chiaroscuro was quite bold, although the objects still conventionally conceived lighting. The buildup of his paintings creates an unevenly dense surface that accentuate the presence of the subject. However, continuous overpainting shows some level of technical uncertainty. The technical prowess and fluency of the artist in his paintings hits an odd notes in his oldest works. Even though his modern subject of painting is different from his first works, its broadness of execution, spatial organization, and scale is evidently reminiscent of his first artworks.

The Techniques Employed by Johannes Vermeer

Although the artist made his experiments with techniques to create a three-dimension space illusion, research unveils that the larger part of his time; he worked with the traditional studio boundaries. The techniques that the artist employed were completely different from those used by the contemporary artists. Unlike Vermeer who painted while sitting, the artists of today would do their work while standing to enable them envision their arts’ totality. Just like Vermeer, Giotto di Bondone emerged during the social change era. During this time, the agricultural village life was displaced by the craftsmen, merchants, and traders and monasteries replaced by universities. Vermeer and Giotto did not only share the era and the artistic themes but also their chiaroscuro. They both used shading to illuminate their paints in three-dimensional spaces, which demonstrated the worldview instead of the traditional backdrops.

Peter Paul Reuben’s Unique Style

Peter Paul Reuben’s is another renowned artist whose works have been celebrated during the Italian renaissance. Reuben was known for his unique character of demonstrating his psychological and emotional state by being an enthusiastic humanist. Since his work was captured during the early renaissance, Reuben’s artworks do not only touch on the political issues during this era but also captures the religious attention of the viewers. Occasionally, the artist demonstrated his styles in art by pointing some of the common struggles and challenges that people endure when they are under a particular rule.

The Distinct Art of Leonardo Da Vinci

Similar to Reuben’s paintings, Leonardo Da Vinci’s paintings are well recognized around the world. The two artists’ works, having been done during the early renaissance are more than mere pictures to the viewers who view them in the museums. Both the artists have brought significant contributions to the world of art in the modern society. Unlike other artists who would paint the front and the background of their arts with the same details, the case of the two artists is completely different. Instead, they use a sfumato technique, meaning that they blurred the background and the edges of their images to attain a more realistic artwork. Besides, the same way Reuben used chiaroscuro to depict the men’s struggle in the Elevation of the Cross, Da Vinci used the same style to add contrast to his paints.

The Compositions of Diego Velazquez

Diego Velazquez is another great artist who lived in the early 16th century during the Italian renaissance. The compositions made by this artist observed the central symmetry of painting, where he produced a variety of formality in painting, disguised by the energy of symmetry in various elements. The artist also used different composition lines between his pictures to keep his paints with a more lively color scheme. It is also worth recounting that Velazquez employed various logical styles in mapping the social and political worldview. His audacity in handling portraits for the large-scale pictures is needed for a broader understanding of the paints during the ancient time.

Raphael's Color Schemes

The color schemes that Raphael used in his arts can be viewed comparatively with the ones that Velazquez used in his portraits. Despite the fact that these renaissance painters lived and worked in the 15th and 16th centuries, their contributions towards art influenced the paintings in the industry and they are still celebrated to date for their achievements. However, unlike Velazquez’s paintings, which do not show any evidence of personal and emotional attachments, Raphael depicted a lot of emotions in his work to an extent that whenever his viewers looked at his paintings, they saw a personality build up in the paints. Contrary to the renaissance painters such as Velazquez, Raphael painted life, which changed the artistic perception among the society. He changed the art of the world by influencing the viewers’ thoughts and feelings about painting.

The Artistic Skills of Artemisia Gentileschi

Artemisia Gentileschi is one of the few women who managed to feature in the Italian art world. The artist painted in the European courts, where she made friends with great people. Her artistic skills were not only instrumental during the reconnaissance period but are still recognized in the today’s art. The artist’s paintings were mostly natural with a complex mixture of colors, something that many critics attributed to her father’s aid. However, Artemisia’s subject matter and her father’s worldview were completely different. Even so, it is worth to add to the account that his father, Orazio Gentileschi, influenced her interest in artwork and painting. The unione that the artist applied in her paintings gave her work a fantastic appearance in three dimension.

Jacopo Tintoretto's Unique Concepts

Jacopo Tintoretto was one of the great artists of the Italian renaissance. Michelangelo, whom he copied most of his drawings when he was training, majorly influenced Tintoretto’s interest to art. Throughout his practice, the artist focused on synthesizing Michelangelo’s drawings and trying to apply the same coloring in his drawings. The factor that makes Tintoretto the last of the great painters of the early renaissance and different from Artemisia was his ability to bring out unique concepts in the colors that he used, which the earlier artists apparently did not achieve. Nevertheless, both the artists’ works appear to be copied from the respective skills of those who influenced their interests to art.

Baldung Grien's Contributions to Art

Baldung Grien was a German artist who lived during the 16th century. He was a stained-glass designer, a printmaker and a painter. The works of Durer, whom he trained at his workshop, influenced his painting. The artist was highly versatile and prolific and his large contributions to art included the allegorical and mythological compositions, portraits and religious works. The artist’s allegories are viewed as his most important contributions, where female nudes pass messages related to concepts of death.

Tiziano Vecelli's Versatility

On the other hand, Tiziano Vecelli, famously known as Titian, was another artist and a leader of the 16th century Italian renaissance. Just like Grien, this artist was another versatile painter who depicted nude portraits in his religious and mythological subjects. Both Grien and Titian’s chiaroscuro had a profound influence not only to the Italian renaissance painters but also to the next generations of the western art.

The Influence of El Greco

El Greco is probably the most famous artist of his time. Besides, even after more than 500 years after his death, his contribution is still felt in art. The artist was not only among the most influential artists but also among the only artist in the west to move the perception and mentality of the world through his unione in art. Ideally, he could be counted among the few old master painters who enjoyed the widespread popularity.

Lucio Fontana and the Artistic Worldview

Conversely, Lucio Fontana is another theorist, sculpture, and painter from Italy, who was famously known as the founder of Spatialism. The artist, just like his counterparts like El Greco, played a significant role in changing the artistic worldview of the painters and the viewers. Despite working after the early reconnaissance, the artist shares several artistic styles and concepts with the early painters.

The Artistic Themes of Giotto di Bondone

Giotto di Bondone emerged during the social change era. During this time, the agricultural village life was displaced by the craftsmen, merchants, and traders and monasteries replaced by universities. Giotto’s Lamentation used the artistic themes to put more emphasis on his artwork. The influence of chiaroscuro in his painting brought a lot of significance in his exhibitions. He also used shading to illuminate his paints in three-dimensional spaces, which demonstrated the worldview instead of the traditional backdrops.

The Crucifixion of Saint Peter by Merisi Da Caravaggio

Merisi Da Caravaggio painted The Crucifixion of Saint Peter in 1601 for the Cerasi Chapel. The art depicts Peter as being heavier than what his aged body would suggest, and his lifting of the cross needs the intervention of three men. It apparent that the painting’s unione Caravaggio used is starker than the confusing miracle of Michelangelo fresco exhibited in the Vatican city of Rome. The artist could also be targeting the theme of oppression that those in power put on the innocent and the staunch believers as a sign of superiority of a particular power. The impact of the artist’s work is largely felt in the society today, through the campaigns against social injustices. Of course, if the artist would be alive today, his artwork would still be relevant to the contemporary world since the themes he addressed in the art still affects the society today. Michelangelo’s painting is one of the painting of the early centuries, which used similar art vocab.

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