Culture and People Displacement

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Sports have gained a lot of coverage in recent years, with most economies placing a lot of focus on them. Real, with the latest dynamic developments in the country, the area of sports is also taking a turn when it comes to the growing sector of most economies. Most developed and emerging countries around the world are also focusing on how they can outperform their counterparts in order to compete with other countries (Coakley, J. J., & Pike, E. (2014). It is through sports that most talents have been natured in the world and has also seen most countries transpired in the global picture of the world due to their competence in the level of sporting activities they engage. In the current global world, there has been emergence of very many types of sports that are both indoors and outdoors. With significance basis on the Rio Olympics of 2016 that were held in Brazil, the Olympics was an eye opener to the Brazilian economy and also to the rest of the world on the importance of hosting such a great global event. On the other hand, it can also be said that trend of movement and changes that came as a result of hosting the Rio Olympics were not all favorable to the Brazilians (Coakley, J. J., & Pike, E. (2014). It is with this emphasis that lays the foundation of our three-main thesis of discussion in the essay that are significance to the pre and post effects of the Rio Olympics on some group of Brazilians who were affected either positively or negatively (Horne, J., & Whannel, G. (2016). The first thesis statement will concern the displacement of people that came as a result of the Rio Olympics 2016. Secondly is to consider the aspect cultural diversification, assimilation and alteration that affected some group of people in Brazil. Thirdly it is also important not to underestimate the post challenges that came as a result of the Rio Olympics. The post challenges that are to be discussed not only affects the people in Brazil but also how the entire economy was revolutionized as a result of the mega Olympics (Jarvie, G. (2013).

It is important to begin our point of discussion by discussing the pre-effects that came as a result of hosting the Rio Olympics 2016 in Brazil that affected not only the economy but also the individual lives of people in Brazil. With this regard therefore, the basis of first argument is about the displacement of people that came as a result of this event. It goes beyond doubt and the normal understanding that for any country to host an Olympic event it must first prepare its stadiums that will be used for the participation in the various events that are supposed to be conducted during the Olympic. Construction of such stadiums require large parcels of land that may not be available and requires or forces the government to displace some people from the settled or even ancestral land in order to get the space for stadium construction. This displacement of people may not work well with most people as they may view it as a way in which the government wants to forcibly take away land from them. Furthermore, the same people may have an ancestral; attachment to their land and therefore they may be unwilling to leave their land. This may create difficulty for the government to move the people from their land in order to create that space. Resistance is then the factor that will result from the people as they may be unwilling to leave their land and settle in other places even if the government offers compensation to them. Resistance by the people will therefore create a form of conflict between the government and the people and therefore results in brushing shoulders between the two. The victims of such form of conflict are a group of people in Brazil called the Vila Autrodomo, this group of people face the same situation as explained earlier and resulted in conflicts between these people and the government. Although some group of people of the Vila Autrodomo were willing to leave their land in order to give the government space for the construction of stadiums and other infrastructure to be used during the Rio Olympics some group of the same people on the other hand were resistance to the government call. This therefore, meant that the government had to take some steps in order to forcibly remove the Vila Autrodomo from their land in order to create enough space. The government then uses the police force to try and eject people out of their land. As a result of this the resistant group of the Vila Autrodomo laid some resistance against the government. This resistance resulted in clashes between the people and the police. The conflict resulted in the injury of some people and others even died. Although such conflict never resulted in amicable solution that could satisfy both parties, that is the government and the people it resulted in the displacement of people in some forceful circumstances. With this conflict, the villages occupied by the Vila Autrodomo remain vacant as the people were forcibly ejected out to create the space for the construction of the entire infrastructure that was beneficial for the 2016 Rio Olympics.

Culture is an important aspect that describes the way of life of most people and the value that culture impacts in the life of an individual is in direct proportion to the moral and success of an individual. Culture is an aspect that affects an individual, society and also the association of the people in the country at large. The development and acquisition of culture by very many people is as a result of their cultural identity as well as a result of their association with other people. Each community all over the world has defined and distinct set of cultural practices that uniquely identifies members of the community as well as acts as their kingdom pillar in terms of their political social and economic life (Hylton, K. (Ed.). (2013). Culture can also be said to be a factor that can be learned from other people and gets assimilated into it to an extent that the new culture becomes part of your life cycle. Interaction with people from different backgrounds, communities, countries, states, nations as well as continent result in adoption of new culture through learning as well as isolation of other cultural practices. In discussion based on the Rio Olympics 2016, it can be argued that the hosting of the Olympics event by the Brazil economy was significant enough o affects the cultural [practice for most communities who are inhabitants of Brazil. Not only this but also the people who came for sport competition and participation as well as those who came to cheer up their teams were influence by the Brazilian culture. As a result of the interaction of people during the Olympics there was the adoption of new culture by the people through their sharing and actions. The tourist who came for the Olympics came with them their specific cultural practice that influence the life of the Brazilians as well as shaped the direction of their cultural practice. It is important to note that when people meet there is often the adoption of the cultural practice from the most dominant and vibrant group than from the minority group (Hylton, K. (Ed.). (2013). Having mention this it will therefore translates that the Brazilians were influence by the pop culture that came along with the Americans from the United States as well as the people from the European countries, as a result of their dominance. The adoption of the pop culture by the Brazilians resulted in their way of life that range from the basic family issues to the bigger economic factors that in way contributed to the economic development in Brazil. It is important to note that the influence of culture in the lives of people goes a long way in determining the changes that the economy will take and the turn around that the people will take to reshape the destiny of their lives. It is important to also note that at some point there could be cultural differences as a result of conflict in the cultural practices. Some cultural practices that are acceptable to some communities may not be acceptable to other communities and therefore adoption of any new culture should take into consideration the harmony that is likely to be generated from the diverse cultural practices that the communities have. As from the first argument on the displacement of people, an aspect of culture can be inferred in the same concept in that as a result of displacement and change in location of the people the Vila Autrodomo were forced to interact with other people that forced them to assimilate new culture. On the other hand, their change in location also affected the group of people that they met and they influence their way of life as they interacted and adopted their culture as they adopt theirs.

Revolution of many economies has come as a result of sporting events that have taken place in these economies. Economic progress can be achieved as a result of sports and countries engaging in sports or have hosted sport events have been able to make great mileage in economic development (Noll, R. G., & Zimbalist, A. (Eds.). (2011). It is with no doubt that economic development that accompanies sporting events is very great and is significant enough to create economic progress. With regard to the Rio Olympics 2016 held in Brazilian, the economic progress that Brazil achieved as a country cannot be comprehended. First it is significant enough to mention the revenue that comes along with the visitors and the athletes who attended the event. Many people all over the world were excited to have had the view of the Olympics while in Rio and therefore forced them to have their way to Rio (Mullin, B. J., Hardy, S., & Sutton, W. (2014). Brazil as an economy was able to make a lot of money from the tourist revenue and charges that came along with hosting such a mega event. Secondly, it is important to note the infrastructural development that comes along with the host of the Olympics. The country had to construct stadiums, improve road networks, air networks transport, railway transport and other infrastructural development that were essential for hosting the event. This infrastructural development is significant enough that it revolutionized the Brazilian economy to be among the developed economies of the world. Other infrastructural development was the installation of lightning in nearly all towns as well as improvement of the social amenities that made it easy for the event to be a wonderful one (Noll, R. G., & Zimbalist, A. (Eds.). (2011). It is therefore important to note that economic progress that comes as a result of sporting activities is significance in the development of any nation. Apart from these economic development, the individual lives of the people also change for example the traders in the country were able to make enough living from the sale of their products to the tourist thus improving their lives. It can therefore be said that economic development is a significant positive post effect of the Rio Olympics to the economy of Brazil as it greatly influences economic development of the country.

Having discussed the three-thesis statement that regarded the displace of people, cultural influence and the post economic effects of the Rio Olympics it is important in our conclusion to have a great acknowledgement of the three factors with regard to their influence in the lives of the people as well, as the economy at large. The first acknowledgement is to the displacement of the Vila Autrodomo community that significantly influences their lives. Although this factor was necessary as the hosting of the event deem so, it is also important to note the positive events that came along with it. Even though some negative effects can be associated with it, it is important to note the positive effects that created. Diversification of culture can be acknowledged as a positive cultural factor that is significant enough to impact the lives of the people. Cultural diversity is healthy for the peaceful coexistence of the people in the country. The influence of other culture on the inhabitants has been of great importance as far as economic integration is still a factor that is regarded important to any economy. Acknowledging the economic progress that the Rio Olympics impacted on the Brazilian economy goes a long way in changing the lives of the people and being the engine of the economic progress.


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