Diana's 12-Week Weight Loss Plan

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A clinical examination establishes her level of fitness and helps to prepare the appropriate exercise schedule for her. For Diana to achieve her weight-loss objectives, she needs to have a definite target, for instance, the goal can be to lose two pounds a week. Further, she should be positive about the entire process since she cannot shed off excess weight in few weeks, losing a few pounds should be viewed as an achievement (Larsen et al., 2110).

Client Evaluation

As a professional trainer, I shall begin by assessing Diana’s strength. This is done by taking the following measurements. Calculating Diana’s “Body Mass Index” (BMI), the “Basal Metabolic Rate” (BMR), the “Target Heart Rate,” and the “Daily Calorie Requirements” (Jankowska et al., 41-43).

1. The BMI = (Weight/height X height) x 703

Height of client in inches = (5 x 12) + 5= 65 inches
Weight = 165 Ibs
BMI = (165/65 X 65) X 703 = 27.5

2. The BMR = To calculate the BMR, I will use the “Harris-Benedict equation”

BMR = 655 + (4.35 x 165) + (4.7 x 65) - (4.7 x 37) = 655 + 717.75 + 305.5 – 173.9 = 1504.35 kcal/day

3. Diana’s “Target Heart Rate” at 60% and 80% using the “Karvonen formula”

Target Heart Rate = ((maximum Heart Rate – Resting Heart Rate) % Percentage Intensity) + Resting Heart Rate
Maximum Heart Rate = 220 -37 = 183
At 60% intensity, Target Heart Rate = ((183 -70) x 0.6) + 70 = 137.8
At 80% intensity, the target heart rate = ((189 - 70) x 0.8) + 70 = 165.2

4. Diana’ DCR= 2393 calories

The second step is to assess Diana’s strength training, flexibility, and cardiovascular. Diana used to exercise consistently (jogging and light aerobics) before having kids. However, she has stayed for 9 years without actively exercising, which indicates a sedentary lifestyle. Diana needs to change her body in the next 12 weeks to look and feel her best.  Therefore, before developing the 12-week plan, I will conduct the above-mentioned elements. They are important to developing the right category of exercise.

Test: The Actual Exercise

Test   A: Cardiovascular

This   particular test focuses on Diana’s Cardio abilities. She will be required to   run for 15 min on a treadmill. After the lapse of time, I will record the   distance covered, to establish her strength and potential (Velez, Golem and Arent 1065).

Test   B: Endurance

This   particular test establishes the strength levels of the upper, midsection, and   lower parts of her body. Diana will take 2 min for maximum push-ups, followed   by 2 min of sit ups then 2 min of squat (Velez,   Golem and Arent 1065).

Test   C: Stability

Diana   will be required to stand on one leg for me to determine her level of   stability (Velez, Golem & Arent, 2010).

Test   D: Flexibility

Dian   will sit with the legs stretched then test how far her fingers can touch her   toes (Velez, Golem and Arent 1065). The tests outlined above are effective in establishing the kind of training program that Diana needs.

The Actual Training Program

I divided the entire training into 3 phases based on the evaluation outcomes stated above. Since Diana needs to cut her weight in 12 weeks, she will be required to train 6 days per week. She will be doing it continuously from Monday to Friday then Sunday will be the rest day. The program is tabulated below.

Phase 1: The first 5 weeks: Endurance and Hypertrophy

1.The purpose of   this phase is to reduce the body mass, enhance cardio, and muscular   endurance. 
  2.It sets the   foundation of more intense training in phase 2 and 3
  3. Monday- the   following should be done in 3 sets of 12 repetitions: “high bar close stance   squats, barbell Bench Press, Conventional deadlifts, weigh pull ups, overhand   bent over row, dumbbell shoulder press, and standing barbell curls”. 
  4. Tuesday: - This   should be done in 5 sets of 5 repetitions, “close stance squats, barbell   bench press, and deadlifts (conventional style).” 
  5. Wednesday: -   this should be done in 3 sets of 5 repetitions. “conventional deadlifts,   weighted pull ups, overhand bent over row, dumbbell shoulder press and   standing barbell curls.”
  6.The entire   process should be repeated for Thursday, Friday and Saturday in the same   order. 
  7.There should be   3-minute timed rest between sets. 
  8.The routines   should take approximately 40 to 40 minutes per day (Velez, Golem and Arent 1065).

Phase 2: Week 6 to week 10: Basic Strength

  1.  In phase 2, the training intensity increases to enhance strength and endurance. 
  2.  This should take 5 days a week. 
  3.  Monday:- Diana   should do 3 sets of 8 repetitions of the following, “high bar close stance   squats, barbell bench press, conventional deadlifts, weighted pull ups,   overhand bent over row, dumbbell shoulder press and standing barbell curls.” This should be followed by 60 second timed rest. 
  4.  Tuesday: - she should do 3 sets of 8 repetitions of “leg press (close foot placement), incline barbell bench press, military press, supinated pull ups, bent over   rows, bent over row, and hammer curls/ close grip bench (superset).” This should be followed by a 1-minute rest after each set. 
  5. Thursday: - 3 sets of 12 repetitions of “leg press (wide foot placement), military press,   bent over row, and hammer curls.”
  6. Friday: - 3 sets of 1 repetition of “squat, bench press, and conventional deadlifts.” This should be followed by 5-minute timed rest. 
  7. Saturday: - 2 sets of 30 second wingates with 2-minute rest after each set (Velez, Golem and Arent 1065).

Phase 3: Week 11 and week 12: Strength and Power

The exercise shall take place for 3 days a week.

  1. Monday: -The following should be done in five sets of 5 maximal intended velocity repetitions. “Squats, barbell bench press, and deadlifts.” 3-minute rest time between sets.
  2. Wednesday: -   3sets of 5 repetitions for the “squat and barbell bench press.” 1 set of 5   repetitions of the “deadlifts, pull ups, bent over row, and barbell   curls/triceps extension.” 6-minute rest time after each set
  3. Friday: - 5 sets   of 5 repetitions of “squat, barbell bench press, and deadlifts.” 5-minute   rest time after each set (Velez, Golem and   Arent 1065).

Nutrition: Eat the Right Food Types

Diana should eat more vegetables, nuts, foods reach in healthy fats & oils, fruits, drink lots of water, and eat meats & seafood. She should consume more starch, no sugar, and drink more water. Nevertheless, for her to achieve her 12-week target, she should avoid snacks, cereals, bread, ice cream, processed foods, 100-calory snacks, and alcohol (Larsen,et al., 2105). The following template is an ideal meal plan.

Breakfast should have proteins, little fat, and a piece of fruit. Lunch should have little protein, vegetables, and at most 2 thumb-size servings. Dinner should have proteins, vegetables and a little fat. In addition, snacks should have protein and fruits/vegetables. Furthermore, Diana should get enough sleep (7-9 hours) since it helps in changing her body composition (Larsen,et al., 2113).

Works Cited

Jankowska, Ewa A., et al. ""The 12-week progressive quadriceps resistance training improves muscle strength, exercise capacity and quality of life in patients with stable chronic heart failure."" International journal of cardiology 130.1 (2008): 36-43.

Larsen, Thomas Meinert, et al. ""Diets with high or low protein content and glycemic index for weight-loss maintenance."" New England Journal of Medicine 363.22 (2010): 2102-2113.

Velez, Amelia, Devon L. Golem, and Shawn M. Arent. ""The impact of a 12-week resistance training program on strength, body composition, and self-concept of Hispanic adolescents."" The Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research 24.4 (2010): 1065-1073.

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