Ecological study

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A scientific method to understand ecology

The aim of this research is to understand ecology using a scientific method. Ecology is defined as the scientific study of the interaction between an organism and its environment. It studies and analyzes how different organisms affect the lives of other organisms in a positive or negative manner. It also dives into the variations and adaptations of animals for sustainability to their environment (Kiessling, Simpson & Foote, 2009).

An analysis of ecology

An ecology is analyzed from the smallest unit, but we would explore the organisms, niche, population, community and ecosystem itself but for purposes of this study. To review the term again quickly; an organism is an individual animal, plant or single-celled life form (, a niche, on the other hand, is the fit of a species living in a specific environment at a specific period. A population is a collection of many organisms of the same species living within a niche while a community is a collection of many interdependent populations that live harmoniously in an environment. Finally, an ecosystem from this point of view is the agglomeration of all communities in an environment in which the communities interdepend on each other (Noss, 1990).

Biotic and abiotic factors of an ecosystem

The article outlines biotic and abiotic factors of an ecosystem. From its review, each family’s neighborhood is composed of different sets of animals and plants. Biotic factors are all living organisms in an ecosystem while abiotic factors are conditions such as availability of water, sufficient temperature, air for breathing, the soil and rocks. A lizard, for instance, needs a rock for basking. Since their bodies are exothermic, their solace is the presence of rocks to maintain their temperatures. Water mammals such as the whales cannot exist even a few seconds outside water.

Study of Ecology

This dependence between biotic and abiotic factors is a necessary ingredient in maintaining ecological niches and habitats in general (Kiessling, Simpson & Foote, 2009).

The case study on panda

The case study on panda indicates that human activities such as logging have led to declining in red panda population around the Himalayas. However, some other causes such as diseases from other animals of the same family also caused the reduction in the population of these species of panda. This is a classic example of the interrelation between biotic and abiotic factors of an ecosystem (Noss, 1990). Logically thinking, the disappearance of dinosaurs from the face of the world must have had been due to human activities that didn’t mind about ecological requirements of those reptiles. In the modern, white and black rhinos are heading towards extinction if great care is not taken. This is to mean that the future generations may not know what rhinos looked like unless by viewing pictures and films just the same way, the present generations do not know how dinosaurs looked like. Studying the ecology of any endangered species enables conserve the remaining species (Cooper & Frederick, 2010).

Ecology and its relation to biology

Ecology is directly related to study of biology since it a study of organisms, and basically, biology is the study living things (organisms), including their chemical, physical and evolutionary properties. Biology explores how organisms are adapted to their environments so that their existence is not rendered extinct. The article is the basis of my essay. From this article, specific information about ecology, definitions, and factors that play in an ecology, both biotic and abiotic, have been well explained. However, as the link to the article suggests, it just provides an introduction to understanding ecology. It lacks a detailed information on what ecology actually is. The article jumps into the case study of Red Panda and the risks that the species is facing extinction.

The importance of studying ecology

Ecology has specifically attracted my attention for its conspicuous nature. It is completely not ignorable to see the diversity around us. Ranging from the thickening rainforests just after outdoor to the tiniest species of fish and frogs living under water. The busy bees and anthill building termites to the big five animals of the world. The fauna and flora can never go unnoticed. More specifically, the interaction between wildlife has caught my attention. Just how the cat family in the forests hunts the gazelles without causing the extinction of one species is such an adorable process. The study of ecology makes us able to embrace diversities even in human beings and creates awareness on taking care of our environment (Noss, 1990). The knowledge of ecology directly affects us as human beings. When we grow foodstuffs, we need to understand how biologically, we can control weeds and pests. The processes of manufacturing fertilizers and organic manures is entirely dependent on the knowledge of ecology.

Personal opinion

On a personal opinion, the study of ecology is of extreme importance. In fact if both biotic and abiotic factors do not exist anymore, then we would be justified to say that no life anymore and essentially the world becomes void. It is important to know how sea animals depend on dry land animals and vice versa. From this argument, both the private institutions and the government should take responsibility for funding studies on ecology. However, the government should have an upper hand in this funding because we have already shown the importance of the study of ecology. It is evident that other disciplines, including medicine, engineering and environmental changes such as global warming depend on ecological components (Cooper & Frederick, 2010).


In conclusion, the study of ecology is more important than the study of many other sectors. For us to be able to comfortably support life, we need to understand the inter-relation between both living and non-living organisms and how their influence over each other affects human life, energy flow in an ecosystem and the complex food chains available. The study of ecology should, therefore, be fully supported by the government.



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Biology course book/ workbook CK12

Cooper, W. E.; Frederick, W. G. (2010). "Predator lethality, optimal escape behavior, and autotomy". Behavioral Ecology. 21 (1): 91–96

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