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Gastroparesis is a medical disorder that interferes with the normal impulsive motion of the stomach muscles. The powerful contractions of the muscle tissues usually force the meals all the way through the digestive tract; however, if an individual has gastroparesis, there is the slowing down of the belly motility, or it utterly fails to work thus thwarting the belly from proper emptying. Some medications, for instance, opioid pain relievers and antidepressants amongst others can result in the slow emptying of the gastric and motive the same symptoms. For the persons who already have the disorder, such medicines may worsen their condition. Gastroparesis can avoid the usual digestive process, leads to nausea and vomiting, and even tamper with the levels of blood sugar in the body and nutrition.


The causes of gastroparesis are broad and different; the reports from one study showed that out of 146 gastroparesis patients: 36% of them were idiopathic, 13% were post-surgical, 29% had diabetes, 7.5% were suffering from Parkinson’s disorder, and 4.8 were having the collagen infections. Any sickness of the metabolic, connective tissue or neurological source has the potential to interrupt the gastric neural connection. The regions of the stomach may indicate different levels of dysfunction, such as pylorospasm, fundic relaxation failure, postprandial antral contractions weakening, and gastric hyperalgesia; nonetheless, seldom there is the particular restriction of the gastroparesis to the stomach. If there is the occurrence of the stomach function perturbation, it will indirectly affect the role in various areas along the gastrointestinal zone due to the intricate enteric impulses and the neuronal transmissions which subsist all over the scheme of gastrointestinal (NORD, 2017).

The cross-talking capability of the GI track is necessary for the good digestion coordination; for that case, gastroparesis is a multifaceted, multifactor, persistent, digestive disorder condition with possible hereditary, immune, physiological, psychosomatic, and social interplays. There has been the documentation of the disease to occur as a consequence of the viral gastroenteritis that slowly resolves in a period of one to two years. Conversely, any infection of the upper gut of parasitic, viral, or bacterial basis has that likely of disrupting the gastric motility, for extended periods. In the individuals with gastroparesis and those with unsolved unending nausea and vomiting, one recent research showed that 80% of the 121 sick persons had structural anomalies of the enteric nerves on full-thickness of the duodenum’s tissue biopsies (NORD, 2017).

The gastroparesis examples are inclusive of post-vagotomy, insulin-reliant diabetes, chronic liver, persistent pancreatitis, and anorexia nervosa and bulimia. The medications that are in association with the total parental nutrition, bone marrow, and even the transplanting of organs, may also induce gastroparesis. Additionally, the paraneoplastic disorder, gastric dysrhythmias, mitochondrial diseases, and visceral neuropathies can also influence the medical condition.

Morbidity and Mortality

The disease demonstrates a gender bias as it affects more women than men as almost 80% of the idiopathic manifestations are females. There has been a report on the prevalence of the delayed gastric emptying in diabetes of type 1 to be 50% and ranged between 30% and 50% in the diabetes of type 2. There is the recognition of the post-surgical gastroparesis as unintentional vagal nerve spoilage or entanglement due to the surgery of the upper abdominal. The overall survival in individuals with the idiopathic gastroparesis is considerably lesser than the expected appropriate age and sex as per the computation of the Minnesota white populace (Bharucha, 2014).

The observation in the review of many case series is that the rate of mortality in gastroparesis patients is between the ranges of 4% to 38%. According to the same study, a large outpatient-based faction of patients monitored for approximately two years reported the highest mortality rates in the diabetic individuals with gastroparesis necessitating dietary support. In the study of 86 diabetic persons, roughly 25% had perished by at least nine years later of follow-up; the gastroparesis was not in association with the death after the modifications for other infections. However, it is unknown whether the increment in mortality is due to gastroparesis.


The major regular symptoms of gastroparesis are queasiness, a sensation of fullness following the eating of only a small portion of food, and even vomiting of the non-digested foodstuff many hours later following a meal. There is also an acid reflux which is a condition whereby the contents of the stomach push back up to the throat. Moreover, individual experiences the stomach pain, bloating of the abdominal and even loss of appetite (NIH, 2012). There may be the aggravation of the symptoms through the taking of fatty foodstuffs, larger amount of foods rich in fiber, and even drinking carbonated beverages.


The diagnosis of gastroparesis is through medical history, physical examination, blood checks, tests for ruling out the GI tract problems, and even the gastric emptying controls. There may be the performance of the initial tests for the ruling out of the other reasons for the slowness in the emptying of the gastric, for instance, the GI tract obstruction before the taking the additional tests for the confirmation of the diagnosis of the disease. Such tests are inclusive of the regular blood tests, an upper GI endoscopy, abdominal ultrasound, and a barium GI sequence with tiny-bowel-track-through. In the upper GI endoscopy, there is the running down of a thin, elastic pipe from the throat to the stomach and the small intestinal. Attached to the tube is a tiny camera for the searching of the abnormalities and impediments in the GI tract. The reproduced sound waves generate the abdominal picture during an ultrasound.

There is also the gastric emptying scintigraphy test which involves the taking of an insipid meal that has radioactive material in small amounts. There is an exterior camera to scan and show the location of the radioactive material in the abdomen. The radiologist then evaluates the gastric emptying rate at an interval of one hour four times after the meal. There is also the SmartPill which is a tiny electronic gadget capable of measuring the gastric pH and even the intestine’s transit time. The other diagnostic tests are the electrogastrography which serves as a screening tool and can detect the precise gastric electrical rhythm anomalies, together with the use of ultrasound that uses transducer for the creation of images (NIH, 2012).


Treating gastroparesis starts with the identification and taking care of the underlying conditions, for example, if it is due to diabetes, and then there should be its control. Most people can manage the disease by the changes in diet such as taking of smaller foods but more often. The sick should avoid the fibrous foodstuffs like vegetables and fruits as they can cause bezoars. They should also take about 1 to 1.5 liters of water on a daily basis and shun carbonated drinks. People can also take medications that motivate the stomach muscles and even those that control nausea and vomiting. The gastroparesis patients who are not able of taking any food or liquids may use a feeding tube placed in the small intestine (MAYO CLINIC, 2017).


Taking the preventive measures can always assist in easing the symptoms of gastroparesis, diminish the unwanted effects, and even improve an individual’s well-being. Not only should people recognize the symptoms, but should also know the causes and complications of the disease so as to assist in preventing delays when it comes to the attaining of apt treatment. People should always ask their physicians about the dangers involved before undergoing any surgery and weigh them against the benefits and if possible look for alternatives so as to evade the onset of the disorder. The diabetic individuals should maintain a good control of diabetes as keeping the blood sugar under management can assist in the emptying of the stomach (IFFGD, 2016).

Special Information

Gastroparesis is characteristically a never-ending condition with prospectively dangerous side effects. Some individuals can lead a comparatively usual life by just being extra careful by the frequency of eating and the types of foodstuff they take. Nevertheless, for others, ongoing medications and even surgery may be indispensable for them to have a standard existence. Gastroparesis usually diminishes the quality of life of an individual and if not managed can even result in the fatality. The persons who possess both gastroparesis and diabetes should be particularly attentive and follow the treatment and preventive measures as given by the physician as diabetes worsen and complicate the situation of the gastroparesis patient.



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