Human Stem Cell Therapy

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Stem cells can be referred to as immature cells that have a ability for prolonged self-renewal and depending on their source, potential to differentiate into various cell kinds or sometimes all types of cells. Stem cell therapy is a kind of therapy procedure that utilizes the stem cells of a affected person to help in the repair of broken tissues and injuries. Recent scientific research indicates that neurons which are suitable for transplantation can be developed through culture from stem cells. In addition, the intelligence of an adult is capable of producing neurons from its stem cells when responding to injury. Stem cells are adopted in the remedy of a wide range of health-related conditions, injuries, and diseases. According to Strauer and Kornowski (2003), these prospects are evident in the application of stem cells when treating blood diseases, a type of therapy that has saved lives of children who have leukemia. In addition, stem cells have been used for tissue grafts during the treatment of injuries or diseases affecting the skin, eye surface, or the bones. There is still a lot of research and learning that require focusing on the use of stem cells for treatment. The current applications are sometimes exaggerated by media outlets and other stakeholders who lack full knowledge of the science and the existing limitations (Strauer & Kornowski, 2003). It is unfortunate that some clinics take advantage of the misconceptions to sell drugs to patients who have chronic conditions. This paper will delve into the benefits and limitations of stem cell therapy while also discussing some of the misinformation that surrounds the treatment.

Pros of Stem Cell Therapy

Treatment of painful conditions

Stem cell therapy can be used for the treatment of complicated diseases and conditions. For instance, it has been used for orthopedic injuries where bone-derived stem cells are used to repair tissues and bones thus reducing chronic pain. Also, Lindvall, Kokaia, and Martinez-Serrano (2004) indicate that the gold standard preferred treatment for ALS helps only in support and reduction of symptoms and not cure. Stem cells, on the other hand, have been known to reverse the effects of the condition. Although stem cells do not provide a cure, they change the symptoms more effectively than traditional managements. Transportation of stem cells also offers hope for conditions that are untreatable.

Autologous Transplantation

During stem cell transplantation, the transplanted cells are acquired from the patient’s body. This means that there are minimal chances of the body reacting or rejecting the stem cells. The ability of the body to replace its stem cells after processing implies that there is no rejection response and hence few concerns over the procedure.

Simple and Convenient

When compared to other processes, the autologous stem cell transplantation and the little liposuction can be considered simple and convenient (Lindvall, Kokaia & Martinez-Serrano, 2004). In prior methods, cord blood was essential meaning that the samples had to be taken right after birth. After, a painful method was used to take samples from the bone marrow around the pelvis. With the mini-liposuction method, the procedure becomes easy and painless.

Potential for discovering other cures and treatments

Stem cell therapy and researches have led to discoveries of other effective treatments for other illnesses such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases and also spinal cord and diabetes conditions (Politis & Lindvall, 2012). Scientists and doctors have the opportunity to test other countless medications and treatments without the use of animals and human testers.

Treatment of Cardiovascular Diseases

Diseases of the heart deprive oxygen from the heart and cause scar tissues that change the flow and pressure of blood. Since the stem cells acquired from the bone marrow of an adult have the ability to differentiate into other cells, they can be adapted to repair heart vessels. There are various ways that the stem cell therapy is used to help heart patients as outlined by Joggerst and Hatzopoulos (2009). First, stem cells are used to stimulate growth and repair of tissues of blood vessels. Secondly, to generate specialized muscle cells that helps in the growth of new tissues. Thirdly, they held in reducing overstretching of the heart cells thus restoring normal heart functioning and preventing heart failure. Lastly, they help in new capillary formation.

Healing of wounds and incisions

Stem cell therapy helps in growth improvement of healthy skin tissues, improves production of collagen, it also stimulates the growth of hair after incision or loss, as well as helping in the repair of scar tissues (Asahara, Kalka & Isner, 2000). One of the primary ways that stem cells facilitate healing of the wounds is through ensuring increased concentrations of collagen in the skin. This helps in shrinking the skin thereby, strengthening and tightening the damaged area. This mechanism is also used when treating injuries of the knee that are related to loss of cartilage such as the ones caused by osteoarthritis.

Cons of Stem Cell Therapy

  1. The use of stem cells acquired from the human embryo requires that there be a destruction of ova that are laboratory fertilized. According to Strauer and Kornowski (2003), many people argue that the destruction of the blastocysts is no big deal since it is just a mass of cells, while others who believe that life begins at conception claim that the whole process is unethical, immoral, and unacceptable.
  2. The two types of stem cells, embryonic and induced pluripotent have a tendency of forming tumors (Joggerst & Hatzopoulos, 2009). Since they are not similar and the embryonic ones are not from the patient, there are chances of being rejected. However, the adult cells do not display such a behavior due to their differentiation nature that is limited.
  3. Many hospitals and clinics take advantage of unknowing patients and administer stem cells o them without the control of proper health ministry's or guidance of knowledgeable doctors. This can be dangerous and fatal to the patients.
  4. The primary disadvantage of using adult stem cells is that they only generate cells of the source. For example, brain cells only regenerate into brain cells and not any other type.
  5. Researches on stem cells reveal that stem cell treatments are ideal for heart disease patients; however, similar studies also indicate that sometimes the stem cells can cause the arteries to be narrower (Joggerst & Hatzopoulos, 2009). This means that there has not been a comprehensive research on the use of stem cells and there is a lot that requires being studied on the subject before being declared completely valid.
  6. The research on stem cell therapy is likely to discover new treatments and technologies though they may not be useful for all types of ailments (Strauer & Kornowski, 2003). Also, like all other kinds of studies, use of stem cells in treatments may lead to unpleasant and negative occurrences and interferences with natural elements.


Stem cell therapy, I believe can be an effective method of treatment especially for the chronic conditions that cause a lot of pain to a patient. The most distinct advantage of stem cell therapy and research is that it can help treat many conditions that adversely affect people’s lives. These include; spinal cord injuries, the Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, diabetes, schizophrenia among others. However, with the many disadvantages and the fact that it is still a new type of treatment and research is still on-going, it is important that people learn more about the various advantages and disadvantages before using the treatment.


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