International policy of President Donald Trump

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 Just over two months into office, President Donald has faced several foreign policy issues ranging from turmoil in the Middle East and rising economic powers like China who pose an economic threat to the United States. President Donald Trump foreign policy places a lot of weight on the interests of the American people and the security of the nation. Peace and strength are the focus of American foreign policy under the leadership of President Donald Trump. The administration focuses on creating a peaceful world free from violent conflicts.  This paper is going to comprehensively analyze President Donald Trump's administration foreign policy.

 President Donald Trump administration focuses on defeating the Islamic state and eliminating the threats it poses to American citizens based at home and abroad. President Trump has already issued harsh orders and regulations on people arriving from most of the Muslims countries amid a lot of controversies. The administration has also published travel advisories to American citizens travelling to different nations because of possible terror attacks. Terrorist elements have in the past launched attacks on American interest in foreign nations, killing hundreds of American citizens, injuring more others and destroying property worth millions of dollars (New York Times). Over the past few years extremist terrorist groups like the ISIS have attacked various nations across the globe like France, Belgium and Germany. President Trump’s administration knows the risks of future attacks are real if urgent remedial measures are not put in place to counter terrorists at home and abroad (Forbes Magazine).

 The government wants to ensure security and peace in the troubled region of Syria. President Trump wants a quick and rapid resolution to the long-running conflict in Syria. His administration wants to make sure all ISIS strongholds like Raqqa are retaken. Also, top on the agenda of the President Trumps administration is the removal dictator Bashar Al-Assad. Syrian conflict and civil war have caused a severe humanitarian crisis in the region; the civil war is a source of millions of refugees spread in different nations like Hungary and Lebanon. President Trump considers terrorism as the biggest threat to the national security. His administration plans to eliminate terror groups like ISIS and destroy their recruitment Networks.

 The administration is determined to defeat ISIS through forming coalitions with allied forces from other nations.  The government aims at working with other partners to destroy recruitment networks for ISIS cut its sources of funds, share intelligence with partners and launch cyber attacks to destroy its propaganda machinery (Brookings).

 The United States president has had little to say about African foreign policy since he came into office. But a document turned in by the transition team working for the president to the United States department of state shows an African foreign policy that focuses less on initiating counter-terrorism measures and continuation of foreign aid programs that has been a theme for previous administrations. The United States government seems to be skeptical about continuing its counterterrorism measures in regions like Somalia given that the United States troops have been in that country for the last 20 years. Previous regimes have had trouble eliminating terror groups in several regions of the African continent. The Al-Shabab terror group has remained the biggest threat to the nation of Somalia and the larger horn of Africa together with neighboring countries like Kenya. The group has previously launched terror attacks in different place killing civilians and destroying property. President Trump’s administration is more likely to push Troops out of the country, but then it will have to train the local forces to handle the terror groups. President Trump’s administration will also end the hunt Joseph Kone rebel leader in Uganda hiding in Congo forest. President Barrack Obama started the operation of hunting down Joseph Kone. In the year 2011, he offered military assistance by providing 100 soldiers.  However, the operation of hunting down Joseph Kone failed to yield any results (News Week).

 President Trump’s administration is also likely to review its foreign aid program in sub-Saharan Africa. Previous regimes have put massive investments in Africa to counter problems of HIV and Malaria through the PEPFAR program introduced by former United States President George Bush. President Trump's government is aware of the massive corruption in African nations and is worried that funds are not being used for the intended purposes. The perception of corruption and embezzlement of funds is likely to see a reduction of foreign aids funds coming into Africa.

 The United States-Russian relationship had reached rock bottom during President Barrack Obama's administration. However, President Donald Trump seems to be warming up to Russia and even considering them as possible allies. His admiration for Russian President Vladimir Putin was evident in the run-up to the November 2016 presidential elections. The President has also not publicly criticized Russia for its involvement in the hacking of the United States election. He is even considering lifting trade sanctions placed on Russia for its support for Syrian dictator Al-Assad and the annexing of Crimea (CNN News). As opposed to the previous administration the current government seems to embrace the Russians. The president has also publicly opposed NATO an organization formed to counter Russian expansionist agenda. In fact, President Trump's appointee for secretary of state position, Rex Tillerson is a man who enjoys a very personal relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin.  The President has publicly heaped praise on the Russian president Vladimir Putin, describing him as a strong and intelligent leader (New York Post).

 The administration will also rebuild the United States Army through providing more resources. Rebuilding the military will enhance its capacity to respond to attacks both on the United States soil and in foreign nations.  The administration will embrace the spirit of democracy in resolving violent conflicts and will only use the military force as the last option. Under the leadership of President Donald Trump America will not go out to look for enemies, but rather turn its enemies into friends and even enhance previous friendships (The White House).

  Under President Trump, the United States has taken a back seat when it comes to global leadership. The administration focuses on championing for the interest of the American people and ensuring that all American citizens are safe both at home and across international borders. Trump's foreign policy is based on American interests and its national security (CBS News).

 Trumps administration intends to redefine global trade and economic policies. The administration will focus on foreign economic policies that will bring forth sustainable benefits for American families and American workers (Quartz News). Trumps stand is different from the previous American presidents who pushed for agendas that benefited the global economy and enhanced bilateral trade relationships between countries. For Presidents Trumps Administration, every single global trade negotiation should improve the living conditions of American citizens and benefit the American economy (Washing Post). President Trump intends to renegotiate the NAFTA deal.  According to the President if partners in the deal decline negotiate, then America will issue a notice to withdraw. President Trumps believes that American citizens have for a very long time been coerced and forced to enter into trade agreements that enriched foreigners and elites in the American society at the expense of millions of hard working Americans who toil to build their nation. The foreign economic and trade agreements have caused a close of manufacturing plants in major American cities. As a result, millions of well-paying jobs moved abroad, leaving Americans desperate and unemployed. President Trump wants any trade agreement made in the Trans-pacific Partnership to favor the American economy and American workers. The trump's government will crack the whip on those countries that fail to follow the stipulations of the agreement. To ensure this is possible, President Trump has appointed shrewd negotiators to lead and run operations in key dockets of the government (National Public Radio).

  America is now willing to form new partnerships and friendships with international partners who share the same interests. Trumps administration is urging NATO members from Europe to increase their spending in the military rather than relying so much on the United States to fight off threats. The government wants its partners in NATO and across the globe to play an active and direct role in military operations that are aimed at defeating elements that are a threat to the world security. President Trump’s administration is also forging alliances and renewing relationships with traditional United States allies like Israel and nations from the Arab League (Council on Foreign Relations). His government is considering its involvement in the United Nations Council on human rights because of the council's stance on the nation of Israel. President Trump has also enhanced the relationship between the United States and Japan and between the United States and South Korean (PBS News).

 President Trump’s dislike for Trans-pacific trade partnership is a well-known fact.  During the presidential campaigns in 2016, President Trump claimed that the trade partnership between the East Asian region was exerting unfair pressure on the united states economy and American workers (ABC News). The president was particularly critical of China. According to President, China has short-changed the United States in matters of trade (Market Watch). When declaring his candidature for in the office the president in the years 2015, President Trump accused the Republic of China of allowing in a lot of exports causing its currency to depreciate. President Trump intends to impose high tariffs on goods coming in from China to protect local manufacturers and businessmen (Business Insider). President Trump’s administration will also reduce the United States corporate income tax rate. The moves are aimed at enhancing the United States bargaining power with states like China. President Trump's government recognizes Taiwan as an independent country rather than a part of China. The United States government had historically identified Taiwan as a part of China (Boston Globe).

 President Trump's government is strongly against the nuclear agreement made with the nation of Iran. Just a day after President Trump was sworn in; the nation of Iran started launching nuclear missiles. The nuclear agreement bars the government of Iran from launching nuclear missiles.  President Trump has publicly accused Iran of supporting and sponsoring acts of terrorism around the world. President Trump is on record condemning the nuclear deal made between the world's major powers and Iran (Fox News). President Trump’s administration will take a firm stance on Iran compared to a reconciliatory tone adopted by the previous regime. The president has threatened to impose heavy sanctions on Iran if it fails to stop launching missiles containing nuclear materials. The current government is expected to take a very combative approach in addressing the issue of nuclear weapons in Tehran. Only time will tell how the current policy will turn out and how it will affect relationships between Washington and Tehran (National Review).

 During the 2016 presidential campaigns, the current United States president pointed out that American faced a significant threat from extremist Islamic groups and Nazism. He promised citizens that will rid America of the evils and dangerous elements. It is now time for the president to transform his promises and campaign statements into actionable plans.

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