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Distinctly, the hospitality enterprise has undergone extensive transformation in the manner of method to marketing. The development has been necessitated by the improved competition among the gamers in the market as well as the changing preferences and tastes of the clientele. In this regard, J.W. Marriott Hotels is one of the predominant entities that has embraced the concept of integrated advertising communication strategies as properly marketing planning models.

Part 1: Integrated Marketing Communication Strategies in J.W. Marriott Hotels

1. The new target market for J.W. Marriot Hotels is the interstate vacationers seeking luxury lodging in the United States.

Bearing in mind that the management is eager to fulfil the needs of the customers in this special market, the hotel plans on several modifications of the existing product offering. Provision of high speed internet connectivity in the hotel rooms and the open areas within the facility; the development of international cuisines; the provision of airport pick-ups and transfer services and enabling online bookings to the hotels by enhancing the web-based services such as payments on the hotel’s website. My ‘Big Idea’ is the integration of social media into the marketing communications of J.W. Marriott Hotels in the quest to reach out to this new target market.

2. Taking into consideration the operation of the AIDA framework in the derivation of the objectives for marketing communications; the following key concerns shall apply:

- Attention. Creating a vibrant campaign to promote brand awareness of J.W. Marriott Hotels using social media platforms.
- Interest. Trigger the desire of the customer to gather information about the luxury accommodation package through highlighting the benefits using multi-media channels.
- Desire. Developing an emotional connection between the brand and the customer through creating an appeal to the ethos, e.g. by designing special accommodation packages for the family.

3. Profoundly, the marketing communication objectives outlined in the section above can be achieved through the implementation of an appropriate promotion mix.

- To create attention of the brand to the customers, J.W. Marriott Hotels should consider using advertising, direct marketing, and publicity as suitable promotional tools. For the case of the advertising model, social media (online) platforms would be effective since the target market is based in the American market. Direct marketing is effective in the sense that the entity could reach the interstate tourists by establishing marketing engagements in strategic markets such as Washington and California. In the same view, publicity as a promotional tool can be implemented by the use of international media networks to promote awareness of the brand.
- The move to trigger the interest of the customer towards the product on offering requires personal selling, advertising, and sales promotion. In this regard, the marketing agents are required to interact directly with potential customers and share information about the benefits of the luxury accommodation package by J.W. Marriott Hotels. Advertising on multi-media platforms would be essential in informing the target market about the customer ratings of the product on offer by the entity. In addition, the sales promotion tools would be appropriate for facilitating first-hand experiences of the customers with the benefits of the luxury accommodation package.
- Undoubtedly, the desire of the customers to enjoy the product through developing an emotional link can be achieved through personal selling and advertising. Clearly, the establishment of the personality of the brand, J.W. Marriott Hotels can attained through online interactions and personal engagements between the marketing agents and the customers. Markedly, the entity should ensure the presence of customer care assistants on the online platforms such as websites and social media. As such, the ‘personal touch’ added to the marketing model helps to create a strong emotional relationship between the customer and the hotel. In the end, the development of customer loyalty is seen in form of repeat customers and increased referrals.

4. In the media strategy, the media choices shall be Good Morning America television program and social media networks.

Thus, the use of the two promotional tools will boost the brand’s reach, J. W. Marriott, to the given target market that consists of middle-class or urban dwellers in the United States. In view of the Good Morning America show, a majority of the middle-class American families have a following to the program based on the content that is aired bordering on consumer awareness and holiday destinations across the U.S.A. From the backdrop, the advertisements on the show will reach a high number of the market segment in focus for the luxury accommodation package. Social media sites; such as, Facebook and Instagram will be reliable advertisement tools since they will share information about the product offering as well as its benefits to the customers.

Part 2: Special Topics (Areas) in Marketing

1. Indeed, the product offering by J. W. Marriott Hotels on the luxury accommodation package for the middle-level income domestic tourists in the United States is suitable for B2B marketing.

One of the strategic B2B markets for J.W. Marriott is the government institutions across the United States. Another key B2B market is the private companies. Agreeably, the government institutions and the corporate organizations usually organize for holiday tours for their members of staff. At the same time, these organizations also hold conferences and multi-stakeholder forums for several days at given locations. Essentially, J.W. Marriott Hotels has an opportune moment to engage the government institutions as well as the corporate bodies on the benefits of the luxury accommodation services for their staff during the holiday seasons and the business conferences.

2. While undertaking an in-depth review of the application of the Harrison, Hague, and Hague model of segmentation in B2B markets; there is a clear line that emerges therein.

For the case of J.W. Marriott Hotels, a quality and brand-oriented segment would be most suitable for the B2B engagements. In America, the corporate scene as well as the government institutions are keen on providing the best employee benefits that are available in the market. This is critical for the image of the image of the company or organization towards its employees and the public. Therefore, the luxury accommodation package by J.W. Harriot should be focused on establishing a strong brand image and provide first-rate services to the client regardless of the prices to be set. Fundamentally, the B2B markets in focus for the hotel are ready to meet the costs of providing the state-of-the-art accommodation to their members of staff with ease.

3. A Marketing Information System (MkIS) is a vital tool used in the decision-making function by the management of a business organization.

For J.W. Marriott Hotels, the information contained in the MkIS can be grouped into the following categories.
- Information on sales which is usually organized in graphical formats: this information is essential for providing the trends in regular sales and can give a clear picture of the demands of a particular market segment that requires review.
- Information on the prices with respect to the given product lines. The purpose of this type of information is to facilitate effective comparison with the main competitors in the market. Therefore, J.W. Marriott Hotels can utilize the price information contained in the MkIS database to monitor unique trends in the market.
- Stock level information about the performance of crucial accounts held by distributors. Certainly, the information set on the stock trends in the hotels, J.W. Marriott, is paramount to the determination of the stock requirements of other outlets or chains. Arguably, the MkIS serves as an important tool for the management of the operations in the marketing departments as well as other portfolios in the organization such as sales.

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4. Majorly, the assessment the effectiveness of the strategic marketing plan for the J.W. Marriot Hotels can be evaluated through a review of the financial as well as the performance metrics.

In this regard, the appropriate financial metric would be the sales trend whereby a downward or upward movement indicates an increase or a decrease. Performance metrics focus on the service delivery, customer satisfaction, and brand loyalty. Strategically, the service delivery can be assessed through measuring the time taken to respond to an order by the client. At the same time, customer satisfaction can be evaluated through collecting feedback from the client. On the other hand, the efficiency of the brand loyalty can be measured through an analysis of the referrals and repeat customers.

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