Management of the Neutral Therapy Clinic

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To make sure that confidentiality in relation to client information in the neutral therapies clinic, the following 2 policies were implemented, namely medical confidentiality and privacy in health.


Records on the patients’ health will be kept confidential and the administrative functions will be:

  1. Meet all the requirements where applicable.
  2. Be accessed by only the authorised personnel.
  3. Be considered as a valuable asset to the clinic


The purpose of this policy is to:

  1. Ensure that a set of rules and guidelines that limit the access to patient’s information are formulated.
  2. Ensure that a set of rules and guidelines that limit the access to patient’s information are followed.
  3. Ensure that anything patient discuses with a doctor is kept confidential. It is commonly referred to as patient-doctor confidentiality.

Management is responsible for:

  1. Making sure that every practitioner in the clinic adheres to the policy.
  2. Managing the confidential record keeping of patient’s health records.

The employees are responsible for:
1. Every employee is responsible for making sure that they adhere to this policy.


Records will be retained for various administrative functions and handled with at most privacy through the following conditions:

Be accessed by only authorised personnel.

Be considered as part of the property of the health unit.

Be collected, used, and disposed of within the concept of informed consent.


The purpose of this policy includes:

  1. To guide all the practitioners in the neutral therapies clinic on how to collect, record, store, and use the information they receive from a patient concerning their health.
  2. To formulate the procedure of receiving the consent by the patient.
  3. To let the practitioners know that the patients have a legal right to their health records.

The management is responsible for:

  1. Every staff member has the responsibility of seeking consent from the patient before giving the patients’ health information which is private to another person or institution.

The employees are responsible for:

  1. Each employee should understand the patient is entitled by law to his/her own medical records.
  2. They should also respect and seek consent before using and sharing any patient’s information.


The cohesion among the practitioners and staff will be achieved through:

  1. Facilitating mutual respect among all the staff.
  2. Establishing mediation teams.


The purpose of this policy includes:

1. To ensure that not only the practitioners in the neutral therapies clinic abide by the rules and regulations.
2. To create a good working environment.
3. To establish mechanisms where the employees can resolve disputes or any conflicts of interest before they cause any harm to the operations of the clinic.

The responsibility for the management include:

1. The management staff should ensure that each and every person in the clinic is working without frustration from his/her co-workers.

The responsibility for the employees includes:
1. The employees have to abide by this policy by respecting one another, solving conflicts early, and not letting their differences affect the clinic’s operations.


The environment will be maintained and the responsibility of everyone will be:
1. To set up rules on environmental observation.
2. To make sure that all the rules are followed.
3. Make sure that the eco-friendly initiatives are up to the required standards.


The purpose of this policy includes:

1. This policy will work to ensure that the neutral therapies clinic does not in any way affect the environment negatively.
2. The establishment of a proper disposal system for any waste materials including solid, gas, and liquid waste.

The responsibility for the management includes:
1. The management is to make sure that required sanitation equipment are available, as well as, every employee adheres to this policy.

Responsibility for the employees

The responsibility for the employees includes:
1. All the employees are expected to respect and protect the environment.


People of all cultures will be respected and this will include:

  1. Fostering respect among the staff despite their different cultural backgrounds.
  2. Respecting and treating patients of different cultures with respect.
  3. Encouraging a culturally diverse team.


The purpose of this policy includes:
1. The cultural diverse policy will work to support, as well as, develop the cultural competencies of the practitioners and the patients.
2. Create and provide a culturally responsive working and health receiving environment for the practitioners and the patients that are both culturally and linguistically diverse.

The responsibility of the management includes:

1. Management should make sure that the different cultures from which both the employees and patients served in the clinic are respected.

The responsibility for the employees includes:
2. Every employee should respect others, as well as, the patients they serve despite their different cultural backgrounds.

Task 2

2.1. As the practice manager, the processes and strategies that I would put in place to ensure that all the required policies and procedures are well understood and implemented by all the staff include the following steps:

Publishing the set of rules and policies and making sure that each staff member has read it.
Establishing a mediation team that will seek to solve matters before they get out of hand and reach the top management.
Officially establishing coercive strategies and these not only include temporal suspension but also official expulsion.

2.2. It is crucial for every member of the neutral therapies clinic to observe the legal and ethical obligations. Through the points noted below, the staff at the clinic will not only be monitored but also examined for their adherence to the established rules and policies.

  • Employee sign in and out attendance sheet.
  • Customer satisfaction and suggestion box.
  • End of week debriefing meetings.

2.3. Below is attached a customer complaint handling policy from Kogan Travels retrieved from the Internet.

From a critical analysis of the above-presented customer complaint handling policy, the following strengths can be concluded:

  • The objectives of the policy are well stated.
  • The company’s commitment to upholding the policy can be noted.
  • The purpose to which the design was created and implemented is well stated.
  • The methods through which the complaints can be sent to the company are well put down.
  • The document is well reliable as it is located on the company’s official website and also AFTA & ATAS Accredited.

Task 3

Hypothetical dialogue

Task 4

The reception team managed my appointment and booking effectively. The staff members were welcoming and they stack to their scope of practice. I was warmly met at the clinic and my practitioner introduced herself properly to me which made me relax and feel comfortable. The practitioner made sure that my consent was informed as she gave me a consent agreement form to fill and sign. The practitioner used a good set of communication skills which not only included verbal communication but also the use of gestures. Where I could not understand the practitioner I had an opportunity to ask clarification questions. However, I managed to identify 2 potential hazards when observing the physical layout of the clinic and they include the lack of a fire exit and assembly point, as well as, the lack of fire extinguishers. In my clinic, I would implement a policy that will make sure that all the available fire extinguishers are refilled on time and a fire exit and assembly point is created. My experience at this clinic was good, it is only the fire safety precautions that need to be improved.

Part B

  1. The 2 possible consequences of a practitioner breaching their duty of care with a customer include suspension and expulsion.
  2. To ensure effective hygiene practices in the clinic are applied the following steps will be implemented:
  • The installation of disposal bins.
  • The use of latex gloves by the practitioners.
  • Constant running water in the clinic.
  • The availability of sanitising agents in the clinic.

Work Cited Kogan Travel Complaints Handling Policy and Procedures. 2018, Accessed 03 Jan. 2017.

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