Medical Test

Sophomore (College 2nd year) ・Biology ・MLA

Question 1

Fertilization outcomes in
Select one:
a. diploid chromosome number
b. metaphase I alignment
c. meiosis
d. gametogenesis

Question 2

Primary spermatocytes are
Select one:
a. Sertoli cells
b. diploid
c. haploid
d. Leydig cells

Question 3

The embryo imbeds in the uterine lining called the
Select one:
a. endometrium
b. epididymis
c. seminal vesicles
d. endometriosis

Question 4

Pregnancy or the use of oral contraceptives effects in
Select one:
a. low levels of FSH & LH
b. low progesterone levels
c. excessive levels of FSH & LH
d. low estrogen levels

Question 5

Home pregnancy tests detect
Select one:
a. progesterone
b. estrogen
c. human chorionic gonadotropin
d. fetal antigens

Question 6

Embryonic stem cells are
Select one:
b. homologous
c. undifferentiated
d. enucleated

Question 7

What type of hormone enters the cell's nucleus and interacts with the DNA of the cell?
Select one:
a. peptide
b. steroid
c. pheromone
d. transporter protein

Question 8

What part of the body produces six hormones with wide-spread effects?
Select one:
a. hypothalamus
b. anterior pituitary
c. pancreas
d. posterior pituitary

Question 9

What structure is the link between the endocrine and nervous systems?
Select one:
a. pituitary gland
b. hypothalamus
c. adrenal cortex
d. sympathetic nervous system

Question 10

What are chemicals produced by the body that are known to influence the behavior and physiology of other members of the species?
Select one:
a. oxytocin
b. neuromodulators
c. pheromones
d. prostaglandins

Question 11

An example of 2 opposing or antagonistic hormones would be
Select one:
a. Estrogen and Testosterone
b. Calcitonin and Parathyroid hormone
c. Follicle stimulating hormone and Leutinizing hormone
d. Thyroid stimulating hormone and Thyroid hormone

Question 12

How do non-steroid hormones regulate processes within a cell?
Select one:
a. non-steroid hormones don't regulate cellular processes
b. by triggering impulses from nearby neurons
c. by direct interaction with the DNA
d. by using a second messenger to trigger a series of chemical reactions

Question 13

What is gluconeogenesis?
Select one:
a. production of glucose from fats
b. production of glycogen from glucose
c. production of glucose from glycogen
d. production of glucose from amino acids

Question 14

Immature eggs which are matured monthly by the female reproductive tract are referred to as
Select one:
a. oocytes
b. zygotes
c. ova (plural of ovum)
d. spermatocytes

Question 15

What hormone is produced by the corpus luteum?
Select one:
a. estrogen
b. progesterone
c. human chorionic gonadotropin
d. follicle stimulating hormone

Question 16

Where are immature sperm stored and matured in the male reproductive tract?
Select one:
a. urethra/penis
b. seminal vesicle
c. vas deferens
d. epididymis

Question 17

What is the function of Sertoli cells or sustentacular cells in the male reproductive tract?
Select one:
a. secrete testosterone
b. become sperm through meiosis
c. produce semen
d. nourish sperm

Question 18

What occurs during the differentiation phase of development?
Select one:
a. cells specialize for particular functions
b. tissues and organs form
c. cells are rearranged into 3 layers
d. cells divide without growing as they travel down the fallopian tubes

Question 19

What is the role of apoptosis during development?
Select one:
a. nourishment of tissues
b. formation of the shape of the body
c. formation of organs and tissues
d. disposal of damaged/old cells

Question 20

What is the role of the chorion?
Select one:
a. It produces HCG to prevent the endometrium from breaking down
b. It produces estrogen and progesterone to prevent the endometrium from breaking down
c. It produces HCG to nourish the developing embryo
d. It produces estrogen and progesterone to prevent ovulation in the ovaries

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