More Gun Controls Does Not Work

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When it comes to gun control, the United States is one of the world's most extraordinary countries. It is one of the few countries in the world with a constitution that guarantees citizens' right to bear arms. The rising problem of gun violence, on the other hand, has sparked one of the most heated debates on the subject of gun control. In this case, gun control refers to the use of laws and regulations that govern the selling, alteration, ownership, and use of firearms by civilians (Moorhouse and Brent 103). The debate on gun control has been powered by contrasting viewpoints from individuals who defend gun rights and those who are anti-gun possession. In fact, after every mass shooting such as in Las Vegas as well as church shooting in Texas, they always spark the debate. The proponents argue that it is time to include more gun control. On the other hand, the opponents respond with claim that the gun control laws are trying to take away their gun. Thus, it would be irrefutable to indicate that the issue of gun control has become one of the most controversial issue concerning the quality of modern life. In this regard, the following paper seeks to provide an analysis indicating that more gun control does not work.

The employment of gun control is not a guarantee that there will be gun violence. In particular, countries that have tried to implement more gun controls laws have proven to be unproductive, as they have not reduced the death rate. In fact, the presence of gun laws has worsened the current situation in such countries. For instance, Mexico is renowned is one of the countries across the globe with one of the strictest gun control laws. Nevertheless, the laws have not proven to be effective in Mexico. This is because; Mexico is still one of the countries with high homicide rates across the globe (Dube et al 397). Consequently, this raises one of the big questions on the effectiveness of more gun control laws. In this perspective, it would it is clear that more gun control laws and policies have nothing to do with rampant gun violence. In particular, the last fifteen main mass shooting in the country happened strict gun control states. Thus, there are other varies reasons that lead to mass shooting. For instance, Eric Harris, one of the shooters at the Columbine High school was believed to have psychiatric disorder suffering from depression. From this analysis, it is clear that enacting more gun laws do not deter criminals from using their gun to perform mass shooting.

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The use of gun controls laws is unnecessary since the government should undertake on other critical issues. In particular, the government should spend much of the time educating people about the use of firearms and gun safety. Consequently, this is crucial as it helps in eradicating reckless shooting as witnessed in the majority of areas such as in Las Vegas and Texas in recent past. For instance, the government should undertake on educating youths who are prone to gun violence that the adults on the importance of using the gun as stipulated by the law. While providing education based on the proper use of guns, the government should undertake on screening activities (Jacobs). The screening activities help in ascertaining the mental condition of any gun holder. After performing adequate education and screening services, the government should ensure that they use universal background checks. They are vital since they help the government in establishing the past employment verification as well as a criminal record of all individuals right to possess the guns. It is worth noting to indicate that background checks act as the singles most effective means that keeps guns from criminal hands. Thus, rather than enacting more gun control laws and policies, the government should undertake on this single most important aspect that ensures criminals are not under possession of guns. Thus, it is imperative to indicate that it is the effort of the government towards providing guiding information related to gun usage and ensuring that guns do not get into hands of criminals, rather increasing the gun control laws since they do not help to cease mass shooting.

The other reason why the gun laws do not work is due to the most prevalent aspect of racism. Over the history, there have been various cases where the minorities in terms of races employ the use of guns as a way of protecting themselves from racism instigated attacks. For example, one of the renowned racist group that believes in white supremacy has been undertaking mass killing using guns. The racist group is known as the Ku Klux Klan. In this perspective, the group is aware of the existing gun control laws (Williams). However, they still go further to commit their atrocities using guns and other firearms. In this regard, increasing and heightening the gun-related laws would not help in solving the prevalent cases of racism. Thus, it is the role of the government to come with other means to ensure that racism is subsided. From the analysis, it would be irrefutable to indicate that more gun laws will not solve the cases of mass shooting and other heinous acts.

The other main argument is that gun control does not deter crime from happening, but gun ownership does. Studies conducted indicate that banning assault weapons such as guns do not significantly affect the rate of murder. In fact, the study reported that the states with strict gun control are associated with higher number killings (Andrés, Antonio, and Katherine 95). Enacting strict gun laws does not necessarily mean that criminal wills cease their acts. In fact, it is worth noting to say that criminals have reputations for not obeying the law stipulated. Therefore, heightening gun control laws and policies will have little or no effect in reducing the cases of murder reported.

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In conclusion, it is clear that gun-related violence has been one of the most prevalent aspect in our society. As highlighted, guns controls do not lessen murder cases and mass shootings. It is vital to indicate that it is only when responsible people own guns, then it is the time that gun-related crime will lessen. Waiting period and universal background checks are key aspects that the government should keen on addressing rather than increasing the gun control laws. The waiting period after purchasing a weapon is crucial as it cools off any intentions. As highlighted, also other ways indicate that increasing the gun control law does not help in averting gun-related crime. In summary, it is worth noting to indicate that gun control results to oppression of citizens, who feel that their lives are threatened by lawmakers.

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