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Short arms and shotguns are mostly used for entertainment, but handguns are used for self–defense in the United States. A third of the weapons owned by civilians in a country with a population of more than 250 million are purchased for home or personal security. In the late 1960s and the late 1970s, the rate of crime in the United States rapidly grew. The murder rate almost doubled, and the burglary rate almost sixfold. During this time, Americans rapidly compiled a list of tens of increasing proportions of violent crime activity involving private ownership of firearms and proposed different forms of firearm control acts to address the problem. They established four significant rules which include rules requiring individuals who wish to acquire guns to wait for “cooling off" duration amid buying the gun and receiving it. 2. Rules and regulation intended to forbid, or implement controlling problems on citizen procuring, Sale, making or ownership of firearms. The determination by cities and sometimes by the private charities to acquire firearms from citizens at a stated value without asking questions normally called "gun buyback programs' and rules demanding individuals interested in acquiring weapons to confirm and certify if they are banned unlawfully for a given reason.
Other types of effort are put in place to minimize or discourage the misuse of arms, like punishing due to armed crime committed or openly confronting the possible gun abusers.
Gun control rules are based on the notion that there is a consistent relationship between the rate at which crimes such as suicides and homicides and the availability of weapons to citizens occur in a given area. Zimring Cook, Reay Duggan, and Kellerman claim that: it is not always that population which is armed better are obviously commit more crime than less armed as there can be other factors to consider like wealth, income, age, and education (Polsby).

Strategies of gun regulation on civilians

Meridian Initiative launched in 2007, which saw the United States and Mexican government agree to a local safety structure led by a code of common accountability. Amongst its primary duty, America devoted to ensuring no unlawful marketing of ammunition and weapons in and out of Mexico. Accessing firearms in the Caribbean and Latin America is significant factors that influence killing tendencies.
United States government data points out the problem. The unit of Tobacco, Alcohol, Explosives, and Firearms (ATF) empowers law implementation officials to work together to track the trail of recovered guns the importer or manufacturer through the spreading chain to the first marketing purchase. A Large percentage of firearms recovered by Mexican law enforcement since 2007 came from United States importers and manufacturers ("Gun control strategy in America").
The United States management has authorized law implementation in the area to recover and inspect the basis of weapons lawbreakers use. Tobacco, Alcohol, Explosives, and firearms introduced an e trace technique. The national department has sponsored the ATF of the America state's platform since 2012 to offer firearm-making equipment and teaching law implementation in 25 countries. The American government has decided to deactivate criminal links by constricting their gun puzzles, due to the political complex structure of the governmental measures to minimize arms trading. Mexico forbids selling of handgun with 38 calibers and above and Colombia prohibits firearms in Bogota and Medellin. El Salvador, Brazil, and Mexico applied for gun payback programs.
Summit of America's leaders needed another tactic to address the drug war failure comprising high efforts of confiscating illegal firearms from criminal groups. From time to time, U.S associates have advised the management to restore the central assault –weapons ban and act against weapon traffickers. The action of United States will reinforce those local officials who wish to work with the United States.

Advantages of gun control on civilians

More gun control decreases suicide rates; if strict gun control laws passed, suicide rates could reduce according to advocates of firmer gun control laws. Several studied in the U.S have shown over the years that more people kill themselves by guns compared with other means put together. Harvard Injury Control Research Center found out that, in 2010, over 19,392 individuals committed suicide using weapons compared to 11,078 who used other methods to commit suicide. According to experts, firearms are not mostly used in suicide attempts, but they are deadly in the long run that's why they cause more deaths combined with the others (DeGrazia and Hunt).
Extensive gun possession makes weapons fall into the wrong hands: when it is easier for civilians to obtain firearms, it becomes easier for different types of individuals to acquire the weapons and obtain them. Some people should not access guns as they can cause mass deaths by just holding the gun. These people comprise; terrorists, criminals, mentally ill persons, school children who get bullied. An example is the instance of mass killing in San Bernardino, California where Islamic terrorist couple killed 14 people and left 21 injured.
Access to guns leads to violent crimes; a majority of violent misconducts that occur around the world occur with the help of firearms. It's thus obvious that restricting people from access to weapons will play an essential role in minimizing crimes. The United Kingdom has less violent crimes because it has tight gun control laws than in the United States. Crimes become violent when they involve a gun than when they do not.
Restraining gun control laws lessen murder cases in a place; as per the gun control advocates, areas that are strict in firearm control do not have as numerous homicides compared to places that have fewer laws (Spitzer). Like in the United Kingdom, attainment of a gun permit is very difficult unless one is a farmer, soldier or a policeman. The killing rates are less than in the United States where access to guns is effortless.
Guns in homes raises the chances of somebody in the house dying a vicious death; probabilities of a woman getting killed by a spouse or vice versa rises if a gun is available during domestic fights

Disadvantages of gun control on civilians

People have the right to own guns; firearm rights advocates in the United States, citizens have a right to own guns for self-defense. In the U.S constitution, right is found in the subsequent amendment. It states that ‘A well-controlled militia being essential to the safety of a free state, they should not invade the rights of people to retain and bear arms.' antagonists of gun control suggest that prohibiting people from accessing guns through preventive gun control rules not only invades their right but also prevents them from self -defense when the need arises (Myven).
Gun regulation rules do not stop offenders from accessing weapons and using them to commit crimes; will still offenders commit serious offenses even if tighter firearm regulation laws exist or not. An example is Mexico where stringent gun control rules live. Despite the rules, there is a high rate of vicious wrongdoings in the area in 2012; Mexico recorded 11,309 deaths which were caused by the use of guns. While the United States filed 9,146 homicides using weapons in the same year despite it being a nation with no firm gun control laws. This idea means that weapons don't kill individuals, but rather sick individuals kill people.
Violent crimes lessen with more people accessing guns; National Rifle Association says that confiscating guns from people does not make the society harmless. They suggest that violent crimes decrease more citizens under law acquire and own the weapons. In 2010, in the United States, there was a fall in the homicide rates to 52% also crime rates fall up to 48% in the same year. This drop is due to more citizens had guns legally.
Forbidding citizens from accessing legal arms makes the government too powerful; adversaries of gun control rules say that rules that hamper people from possessing guns can lead to giving too much control to the management, therefore, mounting the chances of government running people with dictatorship.
Banning citizens from legally buying guns give criminals business opportunities; when purchasing guns legally are restricted, it becomes impossible for citizens to purchase the weapons thus encouraging the creation of black markets where they trade guns illegally. To avoid this, the government, guns should ban guns entirely.

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