Pablo Picasso's the old guitarist

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Pablo Picasso painted the picture of the old guitarist in way back in 1903. He did it shortly after the death of casagemas, his best friend that died from suicide. knowing how it feels to be poor from his childhood and life experiences, Picasso used painting to portray the plight of the down trodden and poor in the society by creating a plethora of paintings. He understood what it was like to be penniless, since he experienced it al throught 1902. The work was created Madrid. The used smooth straight lines for the guitar string. Smooth curved lines for the guitar, continuous lines and three-dimensional lines for the human figure. Both the regular and free-form shapes have been used in work such as the guitar, a combination of more than one shape. The artist used obituary colors evident in the dress code of the man and the color of the guitar which is also symbolic. The texture of the artwork is wrinkled evident of the skeleton-like figure. The artwork has a dull color balance of the human image that is old and weak (Shankar, Rano, and Upadhyay-Dhungel 9).

The artist is trying to show how bitter and sympathetic he is about the state of the poor, ill and downtrodden in the society. The artwork is a symbolism of the problems faced in the artist’s society. This is evident by the skeleton like an image that shows poverty, illness and other problems faced by the society. Looking at the work makes me feel sympathetic towards the society because of the problems they faced. The work has a psychological value as it shows the problems faced by the society (Shankar, Rano, and Upadhyay-Dhungel 9).

Declaration of Independence by John Trumbull

Declaration of Independence is a painting in Capitol Rotunda in the United States that shows the draft presentation about the declaration of independence to the Congress. Declaration of Independence was commissioned in 1817 and was made by John Trumbull.  The work measurement is 12 inches by 18 inches. The artist used arbitrary colors such as black suits for the human figures negotiating about independence declaration and the walls of the independence hall white as the official color. Both regular and free-form shapes are evident in work such as rectangular shapes for the windows and the hall, while free forms for the human beings present. Smoothed curved lines, continuous thin lines are used for the painting on the wall. Contour lines are used on the edges of the walls, while tables and chairs are drawn using three-dimensional lines. The table where the declaration of independence is placed in front of the hall. The texture of the floor is shiny satin, and also the entire texture of the painting is smooth shiny (Trumbull 1).

The artist was trying to convey the message of how the United States of America attained its independence in, July 4, 1776. A flag is drawn on the wall of the hall which is a symbol of self-rule, while the wall itself is white as a symbol of peace. The way the artist has presented his work makes me anxious to know what happens next after the declaration of independence. Declaration of Independence by John Trumbull has a nationalistic value to the country because the issue of independence affects the entire country (Trumbull 1).

Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci

The Last Supper is an interesting painting that was done in the 15th century Leonardo da Vinci in the late 15th century. The work was initiated in 1495 to 1496, and it was mainly created for church and covenant buildings renovations by Leonardo’s patron. The work represents the event of Jesus and the Last Supper with his disciples. The consternation that happened when Jesus announced to his twelve disciples about the betrayal of one of them. Leonardo was conversant withdrawing of the vantage point that is measured along the horizon line beginning from the point where orthogonal lines vanish and ending where the diagonal proof point vanish. The outline of the wreaths was delimited by a double circular incision and discovered in three lunettes. Before composing on the cartoons, Leonardo made a clay model making it easier to visualize the shadows cast and light on the figures improving the appreciation of the whole composite (Pevsner & Jonathan 217).

The measurements of the Last Supper are 460cm by 880cm and covers the end wall of the dining hall at the monastery. Various types of lines have been used in the paintings of the Last Supper. Straight lines both vertical and horizontal have been used to demarcate the walls and windows of the room where the event of the last supper was taking place. The texture of the artwork seems smooth, and the faces of the both Jesus and the disciples have been painted in a fine texture. Different colors have been used in the different parts of the painting. For instance, the disciples are wearing clothes that vary in colors, some are in green and red, while the table is painted gray which is the actual color of concrete  (Pevsner & Jonathan 219).

The position of hands on the loaves of bread has been symbolically represented and can be interpreted as notes on a musical staff which were the feature of Leonardo’s writing that originated from a musical composition. The work makes me feel that Leonardo was creative and open-minded as he was able to create his work accurately using the various applications of the art of drawing. The Last Supper painting is valuable regarding religion, material, and psychological. For instance, the Last Supper artwork is used by Christians in the world in celebrating Easter holidays, and people sell these painting to earn money (Pevsner & Jonathan 220).

Ghent Altarpiece by Jan Van Eyck

Ghent Altarpiece overall structure was designed in the 1420s by Hubert, and his young brother Jan Van painted the panels in 1431. Ghent Altarpiece is one of the most important and renowned paintings in the history of art. Ghent mayor Jodocus Vijd and his merchant wife Lysbette commissioned the Altarpiece as part of the Saint Bavo Cathedral Chapel (Cornelis & Bruno et al. 605).

The actual measurement of the Altarpiece is 375cm by 260cm when the shutters are closed. Innovations can be seen about the detailing of the surface textures, particularly in the refractions and reflections. This can be viewed better in the fall of a light ripple of water in the fountain of life and the armor in the Knights of Christ Panel. Different colors especially dull colors have been used in this work. Smooth curved lines have used in the top parts of the paintings where kings crown reaches. Three-dimensional lines have been used to present the human forms in work. This image has been framed a rectangular shape (Cornelis & Bruno et al. 609).

Jan van Eyck has used several styles and techniques to communicate his message to the public. For instance, the landscape covered with vegetation, jewels and clothes are all painted with remarkable detail to mean that his work was directed to the public rather than private display, and worship. Ghent Altarpiece makes me feel that Jan Van Eyck had a diversified mind because the work seems diversified. The type of vegetation presented in the painting is noon-European. Ghent Altarpiece is valuable in aspects such as nationalistic, religious, and material. Ghent mayor Jodocus Vijd and his merchant wife Lysbette commissioned the Altarpiece as part of the Saint Bavo Cathedral Chapel (Cornelis & Bruno et al. 617).

Eiffel Tower by Alexandre-Gustave Eiffel

Eiffel Tower was originally designed by Emile Nouguier and Maurice Koechlin who were responsible for the idea of a centerpiece for the Exposition Universelle. Koechlin created an outline drawing of their scheme in May 1884 which he termed as a great pylon that entailed four lattice girders that stood apart at the base and joined at the top (Öchsner & Andreas 1).

The artist used contour lines at the bottom of the four lattice girders evident in the edges. Continuous thin lines are also evident in the artwork. Regular shapes such as triangles and squares are visible on the Eiffel tower. Warm color such as yellow is used in the background to create a clear view of the tower. The tower is symmetrically placed at the central position of the artwork.  The texture of the artwork is a delicate lace as it includes sketches of the real object (Öchsner & Andreas 2).

The artist was trying to illustrate the art of the modern engineer in the eighteenth century. The Eiffel tower symbolized modern art and more to come. Looking at the artwork makes me feel pleased by the artists who came up with the idea. The Eiffel tower has a national value since if constructed it will boost the infrastructure of the country (Öchsner & Andreas 3).


My favorite work is the Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci. The work makes me feel that Leonardo was creative and open-minded as he was able to create his work accurately using the various applications of the art of drawing. The details hidden in the painting have been the center of recent interest, but many individuals forget the incredible sense of perspective displayed by the work when focusing their attention on the hidden details. The nature of the day visible through the windows of the room promotes the feeling of serenity that is in the center of the piece near the figure of Christ.


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